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Recent Solar Storms And Their Impact On Us

I think this article is even more germane now than it was last year as the solar downloads have increased exponentially.  Two years ago this current level of incoming energetics would have fried our nervous systems.  Please pass this info on where appropriate.  Thanks,   DT the ET

By Susan Bird On 12-13-2013


A Spike in Solar Activity

A Flaring StarThere has been a recent spike in solar flare activity as our sun approaches the peak of the most active phase of its solar weather cycle. The surface of the sun has erupted with over 60 class M and X Solar Flares since Oct 1st, compared to less than 50 flares reported for the previous nine months of 2013.

Solar flares are the most violent events in the solar system. These powerful bursts of light and radiation can release one million times more energy than the largest earthquake. While the high energy particles and radiation produced by the flares are dangerous to living organisms, we are well protected from the effects of most solar activity by the Earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere.

The energy from a solar flare travels at the speed of light to reach Earth in just eight minutes. It is absorbed by the upper part of our atmosphere called the ionosphere, which expands and becomes more ionized. Intense solar flares can cause a surge of electrical currents in the ionosphere which disturb GPS and communications signals.

A Rise in Coronal Mass Ejections

AFire - Version 2The recent solar flare activity has been accompanied by several coronal mass ejections, which describe another solar phenomenon that impacts the Earth. CMEs burst from the Sun like a volcanic eruption, sending billions of tons of charged particles into space. These particles reach the Earth within one to three days, and they interact with our planet’s magnetic field to generate auroras and magnetic storms.

Both of these kinds of massive explosions release huge swathes of energy into the Solar System. When the eruptions occur on the surface of the Sun facing our planet, their energies are directed towards the Earth, which is why we feel the effects of some solar events more than others.

While radiation from solar flares and CMEs cannot pass through the Earth’s atmosphere to physically harm humans in overt ways, they can cause significant effects on more subtle levels. Solar events have been shown to affect the Central Nervous System, impact brain activity, and alter human behavior. Solar activity appears to also have an effect on human consciousness.

The most serious effects on human activity occur during major geomagnetic storms. It is now understood that geomagnetic storms are induced by coronal mass ejections.

Solar Cycles & A Shift in Polarities

106814The Sun naturally cycles through an 11-year period of low to high activity which culminates in the full reversal of its electromagnetic field. The activity cycle ramps up towards ‘solar maximum’ just prior to the Sun’s reversal in polarization. This time of changing polarities is characterized by an increased level of solar turbulence resulting in a rise in the number of sunspots and in larger and more frequent solar flares and CMEs.

At the completion of the solar cycle, the electromagnetic field of the sun will flip and change polarity. The north and south poles will essentially switch places. While the field reversal is a big event for the solar system, this change in polarity is rather routine. Scientists on Earth have been observing this phenomenon for the past 24 cycles.

The polarity shift will have certain effects throughout the Sun’s domain, which is called the heliosphere. This domain extends well beyond Pluto, however the largest effects the Earth can expect will be stormy space weather around our planet.

More About Solar Flares

X3SolarFlare_sdo_2013309A solar flare is a magnetic storm on the Sun which results in a gaseous surface eruption. In addition to releasing radiation, solar flares can sometimes kick up massive eruptions of charged particles and magnetic plasma in what scientists call a coronal mass ejection. These tremendously hot, high-energy particles and gases are ejected thousands of miles from the surface of the Sun.

When aimed in Earth’s direction, strong solar flares can potentially disrupt satellites and power grids, as well as pose a hazard to astronauts on spacecrafts. They can also spark dazzling shows of the northern lights, otherwise known as the aurora borealis.

Space weather trackers classify solar flares in three groupings: C, M and X. The weakest types of solar flares are Class C storms, Class M are medium strength but are still quite powerful tempests, and Class X storms are the most powerful type of flare. While ‘Class X’ denotes the most intense flares, a numeric description provides more information about its strength. For instance, X2 is twice as intense as an X1, an X3 is three times as intense, etc.

Powerful Autumnal Sun Storms

In October and November of 2013 the sun erupted in a flurry of sun-storms including numerous Class X events. Between Oct 23rd, and the morning of Oct 28th, there were three X-class and more than 15 additional M-class flares. The most powerful solar flare of the year registered at X3.3 on Nov 5th, which was followed by X1 flares on Nov 10th and 19th.

The solar flares and some of the accompanying coronal mass ejections unleashed waves of charged particles that made their way to our Earth to be absorbed into our ionosphere. These waves served to supercharge the Earth’s aurora borealis and some of the larger flares disrupted short wave radio communications.

The X.3 Class event made even more impact on our planet than usual because it was both a powerful and fast flare (quick to rise and to decay). The quick burst of energy caused a surge of electric currents in the ionosphere which created a magnetic field strong enough to be measured from the ground. This rare bump in the magnetic field from a solar flare is called a magnetic crochet.

How Solar Flares Affect Us

A study in the New Scientist magazine indicates a direct connection between the Sun’s solar storms and the human biological system. This impact is more pronounced after an X class solar flare. The conduit which steers Earth’s weather through the Magnetic Field on Earth is the same conduit that facilitates the influx of charged particles from the Sun through the magnetic (auric) field around the human body.

The increase in the frequency and amplitude of geomagnetic sun storms is causing large-scale planetary changes which include earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tornadoes, and windstorms. There is also indication of human disturbance as result of the solar activity.

Geomagnetic Activity Impacts Human Consciousness

Solar activity is known to influence human consciousness. On an energetic level these flares are bringing in new codes of light which are assisting the Earth and ourselves to upgrade to the lighter energies of this New Age of Aquarius. The influx of higher frequency energies is ‘quickening’ our evolvement as conscious, spiritual beings.

Simultaneously, the uptick of geomagnetic activity is exerting influence on our physiological state of being. Sun storms affect the Central Nervous System, brain activity (including  disruptions to our equilibrium), human behavior patterns, and all of our psycho-physiological (mental, emotional, and physical) responses.

Psychological symptoms of geomagnetic disturbance may include nervousness and unfounded anxiety.  People may find themselves to be unnecessarily worried, jittery, or irritable. Some may become unusually forgetful or feel ‘ungrounded’ for a period of time. The more physical kinds of symptoms may include dizziness, lethargy, exhaustion, nausea, and queasiness. Some people may experience heart palpitations, while others might endure periods of prolonged head or sinus pressure and headaches.

Clearing Our Cellular Memories

slide_213299_766578_free - Version 2The solar flares and photonic waves emanating from the sun are changing the fabric of our physical reality as they exert a powerful effect on our cellular level. The bombardment of these waves of energy are causing our cellular memories to awaken and clear.

Unprocessed emotions we have accumulated from past traumas and experiences are stored in our bodies in the form of low frequency energy as cellular memories. Photonic waves from the sun consist of higher frequency energy that serves to elevate the lower emotional frequency of our cellular memories.

As these cellular memories are re-calibrated to the higher frequency, we may find ourselves spontaneously and inexplicably releasing lower emotions of sadness, anger, and grief. A sudden episode of release can last up to twenty minutes, and may include the sensation of the body heating up to experience a sudden “hot flash”. This kind of clearing can manifest as a surge of unexpected feelings surfacing from out of nowhere and just as suddenly dissipating.

Awakening Our Soul Purpose

20131110-x1.1flare - Version 2The elements of our Divine Blueprint are interwoven within our cellular memory. The recent infusion of photonic energies is amplifying our cellular memory, causing various elements of our Divine Blueprint to leak into our waking consciousness. As a result, many people are beginning to remember their Soul Purpose, and are suddenly driven to make changes in their lives to realign with a sense of higher purpose.
In a real sense, many of us are are waking up to recognize the magnitude of our full potential. Those who are already in alignment with their Soul Purpose are able to take more deliberate action to realize their potential. Others are gaining the clarity and information necessary to make course corrections to align with their authentic purpose.

Instant Manifestation

Another ramification of the influx of photonic energy is that this higher frequency increases the
power, speed, and manifestation capacity of our thoughts and emotions. We are literally able to exercise ‘instant manifestation’. Whatever we think, we create… instantly. We have never before experienced this heightened level of manifestation potential.

Since photonic energy blends with the vibratory frequency of our thoughts, it is vitally important that we place our attention and intention on what we want to create, rather than what we do not want to create in our lives. We manifest rapidly in the direction of our thoughts, so we must consciously decide where to direct our attention.

For those of us in the process of positive change and transformation, this ‘amplified’ manifestation energy is most advantageous. However, those who are stuck in patterns of victimization and anger will continue to manifest even more negativity until they are ready to release old ways of being to shift towards a higher, more positive vibration.

The good news is that we may exercise free will to decide how we choose to use this rich and accessible resource of electromagnetic energy.

Out with the Old and In with the New

The increased frequency and intensity of solar activity is helping to break apart old patterns that are no longer needed so that new patterns can emerge. This is a dynamic and inevitable process of change that has caused many people to feel agitated and uncertain, particularly over the past few months.

Many people are experiencing the growing pains associated with a sudden necessity to reinvent themselves and their lives.

This period of high intensity energy and upheaval is reminding us that sometimes we have to ‘destroy’ our current lives to allow the next, great, best thing to happen. By releasing old patterns we free our energetic and creative resources to fuel new, better, and more authentic ways of living.

Additional Affects of Recent Solar Flares

As the heightened solar activity persists, new symptoms are emerging. Dimensions of time and space
are beginning to ‘wobble’ erratically and seem less stable. Some people find themselves losing track of time; the day may seem to simply disappear as time accelerates. Others appear to lose words or their train of thought when speaking. Words, actions, and conversations can be rapidly misinterpreted and relationships may inexplicably shift (for better or worse) instantaneously.

A number of people are having difficulty sleeping. They toss and turn during the night, and describe having intense, unusual dreams. Others report that when they close their eyes at night, the world around them spins.

Some of us are feeling intense power surges in our bodies followed by a drop in energy level. There are reports of nausea, body aches, pains, and dizziness. Some people are feeling a sense of overwhelming grief, while others are experiencing euphoria. There are reported cases of visual disturbances, inner ear issues, buzzing in ears, throat and thyroid issues, and cold feet.

Solar flares have also wreaked havoc on technological instruments such as computers, which has interrupted the steady flow of work and communications.

If You Are Sensitive to Solar Storm Activity

If you are experiencing any of the aforementioned effects, be patient and understand that this is a process of our Soul’s expansion. We are being offered a unique and powerful opportunity to consciously participate in the rapid advancement in our evolution as energetic beings. Our auric/energy systems are being re-calibrated to resonate at a much higher, lighter, finer frequency.

The more informed and aware we are of the changes taking place, the more empowered we are to embrace this process as a necessary step towards the betterment of our lives. We are growing in the direction of mental, emotional, and spiritual awakening, with the extraordinary help of the Sun!

On a practical, physical level, we can mitigate some of the more challenging effects of our energetic evolution by getting extra rest, drinking lots of water, and giving ourselves time and space to process our experiences. For those who live near the ocean, a walk on the beach (or better yet, a swim!) will help to balance the incoming energies. And of course from my perspective… spending time in the water with wild cetaceans is the best remedy of all!

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