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Archangel Michael On Why Things Seem to Take So Long

Posted by Steve Beckow On 2-22-14

Lest anyone think that they’re the only one squirming in their seat, wondering when the major events

I promised you I would post his comments. He answered me candidly and at great length and I feel quite satisfied with his explanation. That doesn’t mean that you need to be.  We’ll probably respond to things differently.

He did go into why the Reval has taken so long. While he didn’t say this precisely, nonetheless, built into it was an extensive sting operation which cleaned out dishonest bankers, foreign exchange people, corrupt senators and congressmen, etc. Unless they were cleaned out, we might not be able to hang on to our earnings. He can’t say too much more about that or he’d be signalling the recalcitrant ones. But he did discuss it.

I believe that most of that work has now been done. But I can’t speak about those matters as if I somehow know more than you. I’m as impatiently awaiting events as you may be.  But here is what he felt he could say on the broad subject of the seemingly-slow pace of events.

are going to happen, no, I’ve been squirming as well. And in my last personal reading with Archangel Michael, I had an opportunity to ask him: What is happening? Why so many apparent delays, seeming changes in plans, etc.?

Before I leave, let me add a note to concerned readers who interpreted my comment that the Reval and the Global Currency Reset are different as meaning that we’ll have to wait for the one after the other.

Not to my knowledge. The fact that they’re different events doesn’t necessarily  imply that there will be a significant wait between the one and the other. To do so would be to open up the possibility that many people would exchange their dinars and then buy other currencies. That isn’t what is wanted. But again I have no “insider” knowledge on the matter.

The Reval is the signal for the Reset, the release of Prosperity-Program funds and other funds which are not generally discussed because doing so would put those involved at risk.

If this discussion were not intended to be made known, I don’t think he would have spent this much of a part of a personal reading going over the ground. And I did ask his permission to post it. Thanks to Ellen for her transcription.......

                          Archangel Michael: We are pleased to talk about this.

First of all, one of the reasons that we do speak of what you think of, and what we think of, by the way, as events, such as disclosure, or the flow of abundance, is to plant the movement and the seeds, the will, the desire, the cooperation, the acceptance, the partnership, in the minds, hearts and consciousness of the lightworkers and light-holders.

You are the ones that are holding the vision.

Our relationship has certainly, in some ways, become more fruitful, more close, more malleable, but in other ways it has become more difficult, as we have entered, really, into more clear, more joyful, relationship and partnership with you, with each and every one of you, not merely those like you, my brother, who sit at the helm, but with all of the lightworkers, all of the love-holders, all of those even who have been sitting on that proverbial fence.

Now, one of the things that occurs with this instigation of events … and we have always said it will be a series of events. Please do not forget that.

And there’s more attention needed to what is occurring and to the, for example, number of encounters that are taking place between humans and your star brothers and sisters. Perhaps on your blog you should send out the clarion call for those reports, for those anecdotes, so that your readers — and my readers, by the way — come to realize how many have been stationed upon the planet.

[Consider the clarion call to have gone out. Send your accounts to "Contact Us" and tell us if we can use your name or not.]

And that it requires a huge adjustment period, not only for the humans but also for your star brothers and sisters. And this, in many ways, was a work-around by your friends who protect and guide you as well in many ways, and who are now working with you in a beautiful river of pink to calm you down, to lift you up, and to assist in partnership and to eradicate these residual seeds of concern, worry, and fear.

It is not the lightworker community that we are speaking of. It is the collective.

So, yes. Your lightworker community, and those to whom you are responding and who are receiving the information are ahead of the wave.

But also, by being part of the wave they are holding the energy. They are co-creating situations with us, in partnership, that will allow these events to come fully to fruition, but to assume that the events have not already been put in motion and are not underway would be incorrect. Are they obvious? Are they front-line news? In most situations, not. But they are very apparent if you choose to bring your attention to them.

And yes, although the channel has said it in a casual way [prior to the reading], the most significant shift has been in the hearts and the consciousness and the ability, the perceptions of those who are on the front lines, so to speak.

When we entered, can we say, more fully into a sacred partnership with you, with all of you, it was a change and not just a significant or massive change in terms of our rules of engagement. And I mean this for all of us, for the Company of Heaven, for your guides, your guardians, your star brothers and sisters and far beyond.

Because what it meant was that we work with you. And previously a great deal has been done for and to the collective of humanity. Certain events and situations have been manipulated in order to, shall we say, tilt energy in certain ways that would still not interfere with free will but would allow for Gaia to continue on, and for humanity to continue on their path of Ascension.

When we are working more closely in tandem — and I say this with the collective, and individually — then it becomes more of a cooperative venture. Now, I am not going to pretend — and none of us, dear heart, are going to pretend – that your capacities and abilities and role at this point in time is on the same playing field, shall we say, as we are.

Of course our abilities and our capacities, and yes, even our ability to turn on a dime [responding to an earlier comment I made], are there and will not be altered. But you have always had teachers, professors, gurus, or individuals who will who will take your hand and lead you and allow you, through your own process, to learn and to understand and to become rather than do it for you. Otherwise, there is no progress, there is no evolution, there is no becoming, there is no significant shift.

And so that is a great deal of what is going on right now. And from our perspective, from the Mother’s perspective, the idea and the reality, in and out of form, of truly incorporating the divine qualities, of immersing yourself in her clarity and her purity in sacred union, also with us, is far more important than what you think of as a government announcement about the presence of extraterrestrials.

Unless the clarity is fully present, that message doesn’t get incorporated in the way that it needs to.

So then your question to me is really, “Michael, I understand what you say. And if that is the priority, if the priority is the divine qualities, if the priority is the Ascension and the spiritual awareness, the heart expansion and the consciousness, then why bother talking about anything else?”

Steve Beckow: Or why bother talking about it months and months and months ahead of time.

AAM: Because we’re planting the seeds. It has need to be in the collective consciousness.

SB:  Can you not just say that we’re planting the seeds now?

AAM: If we are to say that — and we are going to exclude and carve out the tsunami of love because that shift has already begun – the collective tends to focus on events because of the way that you’ve been programmed at this time.

If we say to you, as we did in ’92 and ’93, we are planting seeds, then there is a tendency of the human collective, that is in the very midst of their Ascension process, to say, “I’ll put this on the back burner and I will see what happens in the Spring.”

They do not pay attention, and they do not react. And if they do not pay attention, if they do not get involved, if they do not re-act and pro-act, then where is our partnership?

SB: And where is our progress.

AAM: Exactly.  We have just talked about the multitude of thousands of star brothers and sisters on the ground, and yet that is completely overlooked.

SB: I don’t think we’re aware of it, Lord. The multitude of galactics on the ground. I don’t know any. [In fact I did bump into one in a drugstore a few days before. But we did not exchange words.]

AAM: Look around you, dear heart. Look into their eyes. Notice the features, the attitudes, the body language, the behaviors. [In fact that is what I noticed. He was more gallant than most people in society are.]  They are all around you.

SB: Really?

AAM: And part of the adjustment is that they are getting used to you. They are not so actively involved with you — and again we mean the collective — because there is so much discordant energy in the air, but they are attuning themselves, and the humans are attuning themselves, and receiving that vibratory adjustment as well.

But yes, dear heart, they are all around you. And that is why we say a clarion call to your audience saying, “What have you noticed of late?”would be useful, because it would be of encouragement.

SB: Okay.

AAM: Similarly, there is the beginning of the flow of money.  The small number of lightworkers and loveholders has grown, but it is still a very small number, for the fruition of what we would call the flow of abundance in every connotation and meaning of the word.

Now, if the collective of lightworkers and loveholders were not holding it, then it would not be creating pressure on the dam for us to open the gates, to expose those who have been double, triple, quadruple dipping.

It would not bring that to light because it would still go on in back rooms and there would be nobody saying, “Wait a minute. There is an inconsistency here. There is something going on here.”

The deepest desire of those who have been behaving in ways that are not completely of integrity is to not be caught.  So it stops them. They think, all right, I have been to the well three times, four times. I had better back away now.

So you are playing that function. This is the most important thing for lightworkers to understand.  We are in this cooperative venture.  And that is why we speak of what you think of as identifiable events.

The time lag is because of the universal law, the structure of your universe, which we would never tamper with.  The Mother would not allow it anyway.

We are not going to interfere with free will.   So, are there recalcitrant factors still at work?  Yes.

SB: But remember, you said earlier there were no hold-ups on the Reval?

AAM: There are no hold-ups on the Reval. The Reval is well underway.

SB: But now you’re saying that there are recalcitrant elements that are in fact holding it up.

AAM: But that doesn’t mean it isn’t underway, dear heart. It doesn’t mean that the flow hasn’t begun. It has.

SB:  Okay.

AAM: Use this very practical example. You need a hundred dollars, and you need it urgently. And in the old days you would go to the bank, and there would be a long line. And you are so frustrated and agitated and nervous because you have to get to the grocery store by 5.

So you are anxious and you are waiting and you even fantasize that by the time you get to the teller there will be no money left in her till and you will have to go to another line or you will have to wait. That is exactly what is going on with the Reval.

SB: Okay.

AAM: So it is not that it is not present. It is simply that it is underway and slower. Can it be stopped?  No.

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