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The Inner Earth Sun

A new-to-me channeller from Middle Earth (NZ) with some interesting news about what's going on 'down under."


                 Channelled By Soluntra King

The Inner Earth Sun is the heart of our Mother Earth, and she is a bright star and has a Sun in her heart just as we have the Sun within each of us, from the Source, all One. As we connect more deeply into our self and our own inner Sun, so to do we connect deeper into the Sun within the Earth, for we are one with the Earth and our heart is one with her heart. As too are we one with the Sun in the sky as it is a mass of divine beings illuminating life, the more unified us. As we awaken our DNA light codes we remember our self in the Central Sun and Greater Central Sun…


The Inner Earth Sun has now become the doorway that we move through into the higher dimensions and other realms. This has only occurred in early January 2014 after enough openhearted souls linked on Earth with love to assist in transmuting the old control matrix. (See more in ‘We are the Stargate’. )

The Inner Earth Sun has changed rapidly in the last few years. I had always connected into the Inner Earth Sun in my daily connection to Source through the outer Suns, Sun within my heart and Earth’s Sun, her heart. But the Earth’s Inner Sun was brought to my attention in a big way in 2006 when I was aware of how connecting to it created the Earthsun Body. The Earthsun Body is created by connecting to the Inner Earth Sun though the Soulight Chakra, half way between the Solar Plexus and Heart chakras, and then the Sun in the Heart Chakra. As they merge within it creates the Earthsun Body that connects all our bodies to the all the Earths bodies and we become like a tuning fork. So, connected to all the Suns through all our bodies and one with the Earth, giving one the ability to handle and hold the higher Light octaves.  The Soulight Chakra and Earthsun Body are gifted to us to use now as we make the transition; as our physical body becomes Light.
The Inner Earth Sun is so important to us as we connect deeper into the stillness within our self and our own heart and the center of our Mother Earth and her heart. The Inner Earth Sun changed greatly at the opening of the Ninth Wave and end of the Universal Underworld of the Mayan Calender in March 2009 and it went for Silver Liquid Light Plasma to Platinum, its and our vibrations really stepped it up.

The Sun also started sending out new light codes at the end of the Universal Underworld, October 2011 and since the Big Shift December 21st 2012 the Sun and Second Sun have merged in the Sixth dimension and higher. Before the great shift we used to connect to the Galactic Center outside of our self and through our heart. Now, the Galactic Center is one within our heart, the cross-over point. We shifted through the doorway of the Sixth dimension and beyond but we are still in the process of anchoring the higher dimensions into the physical and manifest world, spirit and matter as one, and this is still an ongoing process.

Now we are stepping it up again, and it is important to connect even more fully with the Inner Earth Sun to integrate the higher dimensions within our self and the New Earth.
If you wish to do this then it is important to be connected to the Suns and be in your Earthsun Body and through the Galactic Center then take yourself into the Inner Earth Sun and allow… you move through the doorway… (Please see to Connect.)

From the Tulum in the Yucatan Peninsula, at the vortex there in 2004 I was told by the Inner Earth Sun; ”Beloved you connected with me ALTZELTEL the Sun in the centre of the Earth, code keeper of the New Earth that has been held by me for five cycles of the Earths spin. Now I have come up for the New Earth. The codes are set to fully go off when the world is in the darkest hour".

From Pena Del Bernal in central Mexico, in 2005 the Toltec Guardian comes to me, he wants to tell me much of the Toltec ways; 

"The Sun and Moon are not the most important, the Second Sun is in our awareness and we honor it also with the Earth and the beings of the Inner Earth. We come from the star that became one with the Sun and created the Sun in the Earth. The Sun in the Earth is the Inner Earth world and is more brilliant and radiant. We come from this star and returned to it. The Mayans, us and others did not go to the stars but the Inner Earth. Your job now is working with the Inner Earth and that aspect of you that is of the Inner Earth, for that is what you are and where you are going, the Inner Earth is the New Earth."
The Inner Earth's magnetic core and Sun stabilizes the universal electromagnetic energy as well as our Earth's. When the energy becomes less at the core then the tectonic plates shift and volcanoes explode to create more energy at the core of the Earth and Inner Sun to maintain harmony with the Universe. At this time for us to assist in the shift in cycle and the earth changes to be harmonious for all, then the Fire Keepers are now called on to remember their mission(if not already) and to work with the Fire in order to feed this element back into the core of the Earth. In ancient times Fire Keepers were necessary and knew what was going on with the Earth and our place in the Universe, as the stars were aligned with the vortexes of the Earth.

Now it is time to do this again and so any fires that you have that are made in a sacred way will assist the Inner Earth Sun to become stronger and thereby keep our position in the Universe in harmony. Some of you may do Agno Hotra and some of you may often have a ceremonial fire, but if you are unable to do this then a candle is sufficient as you connect to the Greater Central Sun and Central Sun and Sun and you become the vessel of Light that you are as you are the conductor and transmitter of the fire and solar rays into the Inner Earth Sun.
The connection with the Inner Earth Sun is important now. As we go deeper into outer self and the stillness, we connect deeper into the Earth. We are one with her and our connection illuminates the Inner Earth Sun as it brings harmony within the Earth and balance. This means  major earth shifts are not necessary as we are in the center of our self/the Earth and we have moved into the higher dimensions. 

The Inner Earth Sun has merged with the Central Golden Solar Disc in Mysore Palace and the alignment through the Light Ships and Galactic Federation around Earth is in a holding pattern to maintain balance as we make the shift. On the Solar Eclipse 1st August 2008 the Inner Earth Sun merged with the Golden Solar Discs as they were re-calibrated in higher light codes and a great shift occurred with the 888 in the middle then the Lunar Eclipse 17th August 2008 where in the love and oneness higher light codes integrated through our hearts.

Please see my book Light Code Activations for information and exercise on the Earthsun Body that is created by our union of the Inner Earth Sun and Sun within as well as about the DNA and Light Body and activating them.

You may also reference the Mayan Calender , about the Liquid Light Plasma and Journey of the Ninth Wave end of the Universal Underworld (when the Inner Earth Sun shifted from silver to platinum Liquid Light Plasma), RA and about the Suns and the Inner Earth on my website.

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