Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Message From My Higher Self And SaLuSa - Be At Peace

Channelled by Multidimensional Ocean 2-18-14  

Dear ones, we encourage you once again to go within and take stock of your inner state. This is a rather difficult thing to do, as one must face the energies within, as well as the tension built up within. This often translates as muscular tension, mental unrest, emotional roller-coaster and a general sense of fatigue.

We encourage you to do things slower than you usually would, to sleep longer, and to eat healthy, natural foods in order to replenish your body with the energy that it needs. The additional and longer cold in the northern hemisphere is adding on stress and muscular tension in your lives. Make sure not to neglect your body, to give it plenty of exercise and plenty of gentle loving care.

Do not be afraid of probing your own inner tensions, manifesting through your body as muscular tension and sore points in your body. The first step in liberating yourself from this toll is noticing these energies and releasing these negative spots by just acknowledging them. No need to “do” anything, just probing them is enough to send a nervous signal to your brain to let go. 

The body, throughout the years, gets accustomed to holding on to tensions, misplaced energy, and with time, it sends the signal through your spine to your brain that that tension is normal for you, since it has been there for X amount of years. So the brain in this case usually just ignores it, and upgrades the system as tension being normal. It takes a more conscious effort to signal your brain that the energy built up is not normal in certain parts of your body, and that it needs to let go of it.

Those energies are often caused by physical tension, and fatigues, but very often these are a translation of mental and emotional reactions to people, situations, events, reactions, etc. When you meditate, ensure that  those body tensions are sensed and released as this is the best time for you to come back to yourself, and to your being.

1932355_10152014947259023_26823166_nAcknowledge that you are a great, and ancient being, who has chosen to embody the life of a living being of Mother Earth at this time, and that this period is only transitory for you. 

Acknowledge your true nature as a star being, a being of love. Do not allow fear or confusion rule your being when possible. You are an eternal light for all to see, you are part of the great collective of the One, you are timeless, limitless, love and creation at once.

Many of you are facing personal difficult times for the past few months, and still much of this and worse is ahead of many of you. This time is upon us to make us understand that  nothing lasts for ever in the universe, and that you must let go of expectations, of ego, of fear and allow the path to open in front of you as it was meant to be for you.

We love you very much, and salute your courage and determination in these times of global doubt.

Come back to your breath, body, and feelings, and you will find your place in the great scheme of things in this universe and in the heart of the one.

I am SaLuSa form Sirius, and wish you a  blessed  night. May you be at peace always.

Thank you


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