Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dress Rehearsal is Done! We Go Live As We Enter March!


Written By Lisa Gawlas On 2-26-14

When I woke up yesterday with an email from telling of an X4.9 class flare that
had just erupted from the sun, I strapped myself in, knowing things are going to get intense, but not knowing exactly how.  I expected the headache that always comes when the sun spits so strongly, but didn’t happen.  The moment the readings started, I knew where all that energy went… straight to the heart of Gaia.

Just before my day of readings started, something within me felt reduced to zero point.  Like a still point where nothing prior to that moment existed.  Part of me worried/wondered if I am going to be able to “see” and connect that is how empty I felt.

The moment my first lady showed up, I knew something was different in the field of Light, holy intensity batman!  The entire earth I call Eden raised her vibration to a whole new level.  As I sit here trying to pull together all the elements that came thru in a vastly different way thru each person, 2 hours later (grumble) I finally see the bigger interconnections!!

My first lady was probably the most telling, these huge feet (and not human feet either) coming out of the west and walking toward her center, each huge footstep on the earth sent ripples across the land, like an earthquake happening from the surface spreading outwards.  The energy being released from each slow and purposeful step was like nothing I had ever felt before.  And the sound… an echoing thud just as the foot met the ground.

The feet themselves were kinda like elephant feet, only enlarged 10 times.  Like I said HUGE!  I kept feeling a connection to giants, but other than feet, I could not see any body.  The feet however, were in golden energy.  More like a pencil drawing than anything with solid mass.

What I understand today, given the rest of the connections yesterday, the earth herself, the keeper of your DNA frequency is sending out waves of energy to prime your pump (so to speak.)  Serious activation’s from the cave of creation deep within Gaia.

In one of the readings the message that ties in here is “boots on the ground and in the midst of downloading your marching orders.”  Sounds a bit militant to me, but it isn’t really.  Or maybe a little bit it is.  From the depths of Gaia, we are being activated, all the incoming energy that we have been enduring since the turn of this year, is now coming fully online for use.

Another powerful image that sits with me this morning and goes along hand in hand with the big vibrational feet, a tsunami.  Before a tsunami ever becomes a wave, ever becomes visible, the ocean itself draws back into itself.  An energy retreat deep within contracting ever inward… and the wave builds, enlarges, increases in speed and velocity… we are in that moment NOW.

The true, pure emotional vessels of spiritual giants reclaiming its existence on earth.

Even as I see this again this morning, that tsunami wave, which is us, is not water colored but gold in energy.  A high frequency magnetic field of spiritual bodies hydrating the landscape of Eden with love and purpose.

Here is a little word of caution, Tsunami’s, when they hit land masses, look destructive as they clear the way for the new.  New growth cannot happen on top of any of the old.  We will see this massive wave happen in people’s personal lives, old and antiquated structures, including belief systems.  On the other hand, for those who have released any and all aspect of the old world, you’re going to see growth in your personal and expanded life like never before.  YOU are the wave of intense growth hydrating and nourish Eden with your love creation.  Do not give your attention to what is passing away, look only at what is growing in its stead.

Like the true energy of a Tsunami, this is not a time to be passive, you will be bowled over by sitting still. March allows the footing in your Self knowing that YOU are the tsunami and forget riding the wave, but Being the wave with purpose and direction of flow.

We have spent January and February deep within our biology change.  March is going to experience the earth breaking open in ways so unexpected, releasing your vital energy back to you for full-scale use in your personal and collective worlds.

The very last glimpse I got before the field shut down was new magnetic lines running across our sense of direction.  We are no longer moving from past to future, for on this new world, neither exists.  We are now moving from west (harvest) to east (new beginnings) and it is going to take us some orientation of living this way.  Hence the fields of March!!  Making the phrase “Being in the Now” more important and more real than ever before!!

Dress rehearsal is done, we are Now going Live!!
Hurray???  lol
Tsunami ((((HUGZ)))) to everyone!  ….gulp!
Lisa Gawlas

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