Friday, February 28, 2014

World Financial, RV, GCR Update From St. Germain

This resonates with me, though I refuse to hold any date-specific projections. That being said, my gut tells me we are right on top of "IT"   DT the ET

The Golden Light Channel 2-27-14

Dear Friends,
161988917816980490_kIHAFnpC_fWas feeling discouraged tonight as times have been tough lately with a death in the family, 3 blizzards this winter, severe health challenges, and difficult financial times. I’ve really just been hit from all angles. I’ve been following some of the RV intel, and decided to bring in some of my own. I connected in with my higher self and Council of Angels and did not get a clear message. 

Then I decided to connect with St. Germain (who I rarely connect with), as he seems to be involved in general with our coming prosperity. Below is a message I received loud and clear. It is a very brief message but also quite helpful. He “showed” the message to me partially as a vision which is how I receive a lot of my messages.

 After the message he pointed me towards a site online and I then was led to Tolec’s recent video describing imminent shift to 4D (possibly otherwise known as “the event”), and also found his recent financial update from 2-22-14 pointing towards imminent major financial changes. In the video he describes how in the higher dimensions, 75 years can equal one minute of time on Earth, as the higher dimensions are outside of time (the Council of Angels reiterates this frequently.) Please listen to Tolec’s video as he discusses time in the higher dimensions as the March 4th date of bank shutdowns from St. Germaine could be way off target. I am not one to usually give predictive channelings but this is a critical date according to St. Germain. 

It all seems to be adding up now and I hope that this information will cheer you up as much as it did me.


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Le Compte De Saint Germain  

Goldenlight: St. Germaine I know we haven’t really talked much but could I bring in a message from you now? I’ll share it online if you wish.

St. Germain:I’m busy with this Reval. It is really happening. It has a million moving parts. Not to mention this dying cabal monster. The whole thing of bringing in a new currency directly following the reval has been the trickiest part of it. That’s really happening too. We don’t want to give the cabal any more power than they used to have or have left (which is not a lot).

Goldenlight: Ok is the RV real?

St. Germain: Yes absolutely! You saw yourself when you called the bank they are now trading IQD which is in preparation (for the reval). 

(note from Goldenlight: I called my local bank last week to ask if they were exchanging Iraqi Dinar/IQD and the rep said yes, and read me the current rate from her screen; the rate she quoted is the pre-reval rate as obviously it has not happened yet, and was around .00086 USD = 1 IQD. I was quite excited when I heard this as previously the IQD has not been a tradeable currency and banks would say “we do not trade the Iraqi Dinar”. When the rep at the bank said they traded it, I was surprised.) 

St. Germain: We’re about 3/4 of the way done. We’re trying to get the new UST notes in place so that we can shut everything down (around) March 4th then when we’re back up and running you can exchange your dinar AND your FRN (federal reserve notes) for UST notes which are backed by gold.

This is very important because we don’t want the cabal stealing the money back after you cash in with bailouts or bail-ins or whatever… and so we’ve gotta get them offline and get you guys online and the March 4th is the deadline; that’s when the changeover occurs… it has to go by that date at the latest, then after that it’s a whole new world and prosperity will flow like manna from heaven. Don’t you worry your pretty little head now its going to be just fine.

Goldenlight: Thank you St. Germain, I really appreciate being able to tune into you like this… it has eased my mind so much thank you very very much!

St. Germain: Its been my pleasure dearest.

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