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This is a new channelled info source brought to my attention by Suzanne M. at the goldenageofgaia...Gracias, amiga!  DT the ET

 IBOC COMMUNIQUE Session 1- Excerpt

Received By  Gesanna On 1-10-13

So, there you are on Terra, immersed in all its chaotic swinging to and fro in every aspect of life, trying to maintain a balance within yourselves while endeavoring to consciously do the divine activity that you agreed to do while, conversely, the negative faction endeavors, simultaneously, to undo it all for you.

Our advice to you – stay out of their way and stay out of their fray. Do not give heed nor attention to their influences or concepts of who you are, of what your life is all about, of how you should live it. Instead, embrace the soul memory of who you are as a Volunteer on Terra, and engage your divine activity, your “divine job”, consciously, deliberately. Ascending Souls, embrace who you truly are as a Source-Being evolving to a new understanding of yourselves and of a new way of life in a Higher Dimensional reality where your new Home awaits you.

For a few minutes each day, visualize the light-energy that you are anchoring into the planet becoming stronger, brighter, whiter, lighter, because your conscious focus adds another degree of power to that which is already being done through you without your conscious focus. Visualize this light-energy anchoring into the planet’s core, and radiating out from there to surround it in a field of Higher Dimensional light that is literally transmuting the entire planet, all of nature included, into its pure pristine state of existence as an ascended planet.

Your conscious focus on this also helps keep strong your personal connection to the Higher Dimensional Realm, your Home.

We suggest this same activity to all Ascending Souls as well. The more, the better. This will help to vibrationally attract you to your new Home in the Higher Dimensional Realm.

Now, when we suggest that you do this to the planet, for assisting the ascension of the planet, we do not mean that you do this for any soul dwelling on it, for “personal salvation”, so to speak, is not your business to engage – that’s why it is termed “personal”.

Like a fish in water, every soul is directly immersed in this light-energy, and every soul is capable of knowing whether or not it is time to embrace that light for its own evolution, or its own ascension, or not at all. Every soul knows exactly what it is doing, what it needs for its own evolution, and when. It is not up to any of us to assess, judge or decide that for another soul, consequently we do not anchor the light into them like we do into the planet. The planet is enfolding every soul in the light-energy and each soul can partake of it or reject it. That is free will. Your job as Volunteers is to be a provider of the Higher Dimensional energy, anchor it into the planet by way of your embodiment which, in-turn, vicariously makes that light more available to all souls who are ready to open up, let it in, and engage it within themselves, for themselves.

That is all for now.
I am An T'na of the Intergalactic Board of Council
(From IBOC session #1)

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