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The Light Collective: On Embracing Love

Channeled Tazjima Amariah Kumara 2-17-14

Great winds of change are currently sweeping around your globe, reflected in some of the most violent and unsettling weather patterns of recent years, if not decades. You are now well within the transitional zone betwixt and between one paradigm and another. Yet still do the powers that controlled the old paradigm seek to hold back humanity and the planet from going forth into ascension.

As a mighty tide cannot be held back, so does the sweep of the solar and cosmic rays continue to penetrate the miasma perpetrated by those who would keep the illusion alive. The darkness cannot prevail and only continues due to certain portions of the population refusing to let go of their preconceptions and old belief systems, either out of fear or disbelief that change is possible or desirable.

Yet, though darkness seems to prevail especially in some areas, the light has penetrated deep into the hearts of many and has woken there a yearning and a knowing that all things are possible if a dream is held long enough. The dream in the hearts of many is the cry for freedom; freedom from tyranny, freedom from poverty, freedom from fear and most especially, the freedom to be, to manifest the highest good for each individual soul.

We work with you just beyond the edge of your waking consciousness and walk beside you in your dreams. We are the Light Collective, a gathering of light beings, ascended masters, galactics, elementals and angelics who desire to aid the highest dreams of humanity, the goal of bringing heaven to earth.

Even among many light-workers there is a misapprehension that ascension means leaving the planet and going “elsewhere”. This is not so, for the planet is destined for great things. GAIA is steadily progressing towards her own ascension, moving through the fourth dimension and on into the fifth. Those who wish to accompany her on her progress into the higher, lighter dimensions will heed the necessity to prune away any ballast of unmanifested thoughtforms and beliefs that prevent their own ascension.

Truly the process that you have come to call “ascension” is actually de-cension, wherein the Soul of each individual gradually takes dominion over the earthly vessel, the physical body. Even now your bodies are being prepared for this process, but you can hasten the process somewhat by re-tuning your consciousness to carry a different frequency note than what you have been accustomed to while sojourning in the heaviness of third dimension. This transmutation occurs as you embrace you in the warmth of love of self.

For many people this would seem to a selfish act, yet we tell you, as we have through other scribes and messages, that until you love self, you cannot move on to love others unconditionally. The love of self is foundational to the process of de-cension. In releasing all judgment and hatred directed towards self, your consciousness and your lower bodies will begin to undergo a purging process. This process allows for the release of the darkness within, the unmanifested thoughts and fears stored in your physical and etheric tissue to be released.

This release will be experienced as various pains and symptoms. Many will be concerned that they should seek medical help, yet most physicians and health providers will offer much relief from the clearings.

Many of the forerunners of ascension have been experiencing these purgings for years, even decades, so these words of ours are nothing new. Indeed, most of these stalwart souls are weary from their sufferings and struggles to understand what was going on with their bodies and their minds. Yet, now, with the transition in a new year and newer energies, these same stalwarts begin to sense a lightening of their burdens. For these ones are some of the most sensitive and aware beings on the planet; through long lifetimes they have prepared for these times when they would be the ones to move an entire planet out of darkness. Through the experiences that they have undergone, their souls have prepared for these times and now their fondest dreams are beginning to manifest… the world is ascending.

Not only is the planet ascending through the dimensions, but a momentous decision occurred on the eve of December 21, 2012; it was the decision, at soul level, for the entire human collective to ascend, also. The next morning, our scribe woke up with a smile on her face for she knew that she had chosen to remain to assist those who were coming after the forerunners, those who had yet to wake up and comprehend that nothing would ever remain the same in their lives.

Now that over a year and some months have passed since that momentous event, it is evident that more of the population is stirring from their long sleep. Still there is much confusion and in most, little knowledge of what is truly going on, so it is up to those who are awake to hold their center and to beam forth the light that flows through their heart centers out into the world.

It is a misnomer to think that you need hold onto to anything in this world, whether it be a belief system, a material object, a relationship, a job or a bit of land. The ancient aboriginal cultures of the planet understood this and knew themselves to be stewards of the land, the animals and each other. In community they found strength, in the land and its creatures they found wisdom, and in their hearts they found connection to the many worlds that exist beyond the power of human senses to be seen, heard or felt.

Many who actively work on the ley lines, hold meditation events, work with crystals and walk the planet doing ceremony to clear the energies… these ones are the shaman, the Druids, the priests and priestesses of ancient cultures long vanished from the face of the earth. Yet in these beings lie the gifts and wisdom garnered from many lifetimes on this planet and others, brought here with the intention of using them to clear the way so the way to the New World would be made manifest for all life. For a few these gifts have unfolded and they are busy with their mission; for others, the time of manifestation still has not yet come. Do not fret, dear one, if you have not yet discovered your path and mission. Know that by being here, being awake enough to seek words such as these, that you are opening to the full potential of what you are.

Again, we return to the reason that one who seeks to heal the world must first heal self. If you are always seeking to change that which is outside of self, you will neglect what is within and you will be unable to open to the fullness of energies that are meant to flow through your own bodies. Your physical body, whether it be fat or thin, beautiful or plain on the outside, is a creation of the highest order. It is a vehicle that has been designed to be able to carry all dimensional levels available within this Universe, from the highest to the lowest. It has been designed by Creator to be adaptable and to be able to transform into a crystalline light body with the application of cosmic rays.

And so it is transforming, but only when and if the consciousness that is you, residing within are in full accord with the process. Do you realize just how powerful you are, dear ones, that you and you alone can prevent your ascension by merely resisting and holding yourself in denial of your own inner beauty, wisdom and intelligence? It is so. And so it would be deemed wise, not to just have the intent to “save” yourself, but rather to fully embrace the change and open to love, the love that your Higher Self has ever held for you as an emanation and extension of Self into the lower worlds.

See yourself an extension of your Soul that has penetrated into third dimension like a finger stuck in a thick pudding. As you open to the soul and wisdom of your Soul, your presence begins to clear the opacity of the pudding and the light is able to penetrate deeper into the shadows below. Soon all that is hidden has been revealed before the penetrating light of the Great Central Sun and the cosmic rays sent from across the Universe even to this tiny blue-green ball of life in a forgotten spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy.

You may think that as an individual you are unimportant, but even as you are an extension of the Soul, you are connected to a monad or family of souls and to a myriad of light beings, angelics, galactics and other beings that you cannot yet comprehend with your limited rational mind. Yet, as your heart and higher mind wake and unite, the inner wisdom of your soul will become more and more available to you. No more will there be a need to plan or outline what is to happen in life, but you will be able to stride forward and meet whatever comes into your experience with the fullness of your inner love and joy.

In discovering the strength of your center and your connection to your origin, you will discover a
peace within that cannot be shaken, no matter what circumstances arrive at your door. And you will know what to do as you listen to the unspoken wisdom of the heart and higher mind.

Our beloved sisters and brothers, you are a part of us as we are a part of you. We are bound together through bonds of love. We stayed behind to act as your supporters even as you sallied forth towards your chosen missions, and so we stand beside you now as the veils are thinning between the worlds and between the dimensions. Some of you can already sense our presence, even see us… and in the coming days your abilities to hear us will ever increase. We are meant to be together when you are able to walk across the rainbow bridge, stable in your energy bodies, and filled with the love of self and all life.

Open to the love that wishes to flow through you. It is as an ever-flowing river, powerful and free. Only you can open the door to love, by being willing to release all that is not love and not you within your own consciousness and within your own bodies. Allow the waters of life to wash clean all that remains of impediments and barriers. And we can assist you with guidance if you give us permission, for you live upon a planet of free will. We cannot interfere where we are not invited or wanted.

Know that you do not need to become worthy to receive the love that you are. You only need open to love as a blossoming rose open to the sunlight. Allow the warmth of that holy love to warm your frozen heart and free you from the ancient bonds of fear and hate; let them melt before the warmth of the golden Sun that resides within your own breast, as you call forth and open up the connection to your Soul and Higher Self.

In the blessed tide of the Day of Love, we come to bless you with our love that we give you freely, without condition, for all love in the higher dimensions comes without conditions. So do not seek to place limitations upon yourself but look to free yourself from all expectations and allow for the love within revealing what comes next on your journey. By letting go, you will free yourself and others from the unconscious barriers that you place upon your own pathway.

You are here to enjoy and live life to the fullest. Embrace what has been given to you and discover the opportunities that lie within any challenge that might come your way.

We end this now with our sincere gratitude for the work that you are all doing for the benefit of the entire Universe. If you do not know it by now, your world is not the only experiencing the process of ascension, but yours is an important and unique linchpin in that same process. We love you with an enduring and unending love. Feel it, dear ones, in your heart of hearts and know that we are One.

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