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A Karen Doonan-Fest: Two Videos And A New Channelled Message!

 Recieved By Karen Doonan On 2-5-15

Navigating NEW Roads In The New Earth
The New Earth energies now continue to expand and to deepen, this blog is a follow on from the radio show (please click here to listen) where I spoke about the role of the human logical mind in relation to the heart.  I have often used the analogy of the human vehicle and a car and this is the analogy that I place in front of you.   Many are confused as to the role of the human logical mind in the New Earth and this confusion is LOVED by the human logical mind. As I stated on the radio show the human logical mind LOVES puzzles, the old 3d earth created reality placing a puzzle before you at every opportunity. In TRUTH there is NO puzzle to solve, ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE.

So let us use the analogy of the human vehicle and a car. Within the old 3d earth created reality you were TAUGHT to place your human logical mind in the driving seat.  It has sat in this seat DRIVING your human life experience for eons, remember that you exist in multiple dimensional timelines, all overlaid on and through each other in the NOW. So the re-enforcing of the driver is constant within these timelines.  As a passenger in your human life experience you have relied on the human logical mind to drive you through the various experiences, indeed you have been TAUGHT by the old 3d earth never to challenge the human logical mind, it has so much experience at driving that you “default” to the paths that it chooses, believing that you have no say in the actual movement or direction of your vehicle.  Much like driving a car if you do not drive  very often then you get behind the wheel you may feel a bit “rusty”, if it has been a very long time you may lack confidence in your actual ability to drive.  You may at this moment believe that you have no idea where you are in relation to your human life so there is little point in climbing into the drivers seat, for the human logical mind has not only sat in the drivers seat it has also demanded a planned out route prior to allowing the car to be driven down said route.

In the New Earth NO sat nav’s are allowed, they are not TRUTH, pre-programmed routes that take no account of changes and updates and offer limited OPTIONS for your destination. Indeed so free is the New Earth, so much choice and variety is there that there would not be enough maps, remember there are 7 billion people on this planet, that would be 7 billion maps alone even if everyone had but one choice!! Anyone who has ever relied on a sat nav to navigate them to their destination will relate to the madness of some of the routes,  indeed many people end up more lost and confused using sat nav than they do navigating by road signs or indeed their own inner guidance and directions.
I have spoken with people who have used sat nav’s and when faced with listening to the sat nav or adhering to the road sign in front of them have deferred to the sat nav, I use this analogy deliberately for at this time upon and within planet earth the road signs are the SIGNS and SYMBOLS from your SOUL that are helping you navigate the new roads that are now available to you in the New Earth.

The HEART in relation to the human logical mind has sat in the back of your vehicle, it may have had plenty information and have much  to share but the human logical mind has been so intent on the “rightness” of its path that is has demanded that the heart stay silent “no back seat driving, thank you!”.   What the HEART can “see” is the fuller picture, again going back to driving a car, when you are intent on driving your car and getting to your “destination” you tend to filter out the scenery, if it is a road that you have little experience driving you will keep ALL your concentration on the road AHEAD, you will actively filter OUT any information that seems irrelevant to your journey.

 This negates the pleasure of the journey, for the HEART is sitting in the back seat of the car taking in the scenery and taking in the fuller picture. It may well have noticed a sign that is a different way to the destination that is less crowded, less stressful and is more pleasant, but the odds are that with the human logical mind driving the heart will be asked to be silent and indeed the human logical mind may pick up speed to show who is “DRIVING” and in control of the vehicle.

I use this analogy deliberately to help you at this time, the emotions that are arising within your human vehicle are attempting to further blind, you are not driving down a well lit road at this time, many of you are driving in deep snow or in a hailstorm. The hailstorm and snow being the analogy for the emotions that you have been taught to keep deep within the heart space.  Much as you use more fuel if your car is overloaded with “baggage”,  you have driven your human vehicle like this for eons. The human logical mind persuading you that you may need the “experience” so you place it in the trunk of your car. For many of you the trunk of the car is now full, the “experience” (which is your emotionally reactions to events in your life) may now need to fit in the glove box or indeed sit at your feet, so little room is there in your vehicle.

In order to work in the New Earth energies you are asked to pull over into a lay-by in order to LIGHTen your “baggage”.  This allows the car to travel further and uses less fuel.  This will of course trigger the human logical mind, it may well be on a route which it states must be driven within a certain time frame. So pulling over may trigger all sorts of teachings that seek to KEEP YOU ON THE ROAD.  But moving into the New Earth is to drive down new roads, in order to have new experiences and to ENJOY the journey. Many of you at this moment in this analogy are in the lay-by. 

Many of you are in a full blown argument with the human logical mind that is anxiously pacing back and forward, challenging your every movement at LIGHTening your vehicle. Indeed as soon as you got out the car and went to open the trunk of your car the logical mind may have gone “hold on, what do you think you are doing that, we may need that, put it back”.

At this time you are asked to fully align with the HEART space, to LISTEN to your heart, for the heart has been sitting watching this journey from the back seat. The heart KNOWS TRUTH and knows that thereare different experiences open to you.  As you unpack your car KNOW that if it is something that is needed your HEART will let you know, it will gently touch your arm and nod for you to keep hold of it. If it is not needed the HEART will help you unpack it  and throw it away.

Now in this analogy the human logical mind is in great panic so you need to find a way to get its attention without causing more panic and without upsetting it further. A bit like a toddler it will at times throw itself on the ground and start screaming that no one is listening.  Much like reacting to a toddler in full flow, know that if you interact with it then you give it power, you would not interact with toddler throwing a tantrum, you would ignore the behaviour and then when the toddler calmed down explain to it what is happening.  This is the same analogy with the human logical mind, when it stops having a tantrum then indeed let it know that you are grateful for its help in driving but it is now tired and the HEART is going to take over driving. 

The human logical mind may show its relief.  Get it working WITH YOU, get it to take some pictures of your new route, give it something to do to keep it occupied. The New Earth is not about getting back in your car and driving off WITHOUT the human logical mind, the human logical mind comes with the human vehicle, it is part of it.  It has been TAUGHT to be in a certain role that was never its actual role. It is there to help you reference this human life experience, it is not here to drive. So place it in the back seat and give it something to do that does not involve driving and watch how the whole experience of driving down new roads and having new experiences unfolds into a pleasant and joyful experience.

LIFE IS A JOURNEY is not a quick “a” to “b” or you would not have incarnated into a human vehicle. It is a UNIQUE and very PERSONAL experience, who drives the experience is YOUr choice at all times. How fast you move through your journey is YOUr choice at all times.  KNOW that your HEART will keep you safe for the HEART is created before any other organ in the human vehicle for a reason, the HEART has always been your inner guidance system.  Let your HEART drive your human life experience and have TRUST and have FAITH in the HEART space for it will connect with you, through you and around you at all times, it will explain and guide you and it will alter its course when needed and show you why. It will not just take off in one direction and have you holding on to your seat in fear.

The HEART KNOWS that any road journey is a more pleasant experience when you can stop for some rest, to change direction or to take in the scenery. Indeed the HEART may stop to view some amazing scenery and refuse to move until you accept the beauty of the scenery. ALL scenery is a reflection of SELF for the HEART works to mirror your LIGHT at all times. The HEART space has an inbuilt map, this map was placed there by YOUr SOUL prior to incarnation.  It cannot get lost from this route, it is the REASON that you incarnated into human form onto this planet. The human logical mind is not privy to this map, this is a SOUL journey that is taken in human form upon this planet.

So at this moment, take a breath, look around and understand that you have merely paused to LIGHTen your vehicle, to have some nourishment and to get your bearings. The journey will then commence and at a pace that you have never experienced in human form before for prior to this moment upon planet earth the heart was relegated to the back seat. Let the journey unfold, if you listen to your HEART it may share with you where you are going, the words “home” will be used often. For your SOUL sits in the HEAVENS and at this moment your heart is showing you how to recreate this upon planet earth, HEAVEN CREATED on EARTH is YOUr SOUL mission at this time upon and within planet earth in the UNIVERSE of 3.



If you appreciate Karen's channelling work and want to know more about how these messages were brought through here is a link to a very recent radio interview she did with Maartin Horst of ET First Contact Radio.  It's a bit long but stick with it for the channelled gems...DT the ET

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