Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Everything “Thing” Is A frequency


Channelled By Karen Doonan, 02-10-2014

Within the old 3d earth reality you are TAUGHT to “hold on” whether this be to possessions or people is irrelevant for ALL is a frequency and it is the FREQUENCIES that you have in your life that support or hinder your expansion at any one moment. For many of you at this time this may be a further illusion that you are struggling with. Surely possessions are a part of the human life experience? Well, yes and no. 

 How often do you look through you wardrobe or your possessions and connect with these frequencies to check if they still resonate?   For many the answer will be “never” or “hardly ever” as the old 3d earth created reality has you running about chasing your tail, at all moments trying to teach you that you “do not have enough time”. This is a deep teaching for you create your reality from moment to moment, as you move through the transition process you will NATURALLY begin to align with NATURAL time which is NOT the same frequency as that which you are TAUGHT to align with from within the old 3d earth created reality.

The NATURAL expansion of your energy signature will see you begin to dissolve the frequencies that no longer resonate and this appears in your outer waking life in many different ways. It may see you no longer in contact with those you would consider “friends” or “colleagues”. It may see you begin to have a “clear out”, by this I mean you may wake up one morning, look around your house and decide to spring clean. The overlay if you will is the “throwing out” of possessions, what you are doing in TRUTH is getting rid of any frequency that no longer resonates. As I have guided in previous blogs, frequencies that are near to each other in bandwidth will RESONATE, those that are too far apart from each other FREQUENCY wise will repel.

So if you have the sudden urge to get rid of clothes, books, music, furniture etc view this as the expansion that it is in TRUTH.  Many of you may look around and be unable to let go and that is perfectly fine, I am not suggesting for one moment that everyone begin to spring clean! when you are READY to release then these overlays will begin to appear in your outer waking life, for at ALL times the universe is supporting your expansion in TRUTH.

Change is a NATURAL part of the human life experience and change is what you are TAUGHT to fear within the old 3d earth paradigms, for if you embrace change then you LET GO of frequencies in order to experience different frequencies, the old 3d earth reality KNOWS this and works to stop this NATURAL process at all moments of all moments.

When it comes to change within the human vehicle this may also trigger you at various levels for as you move through the transition process you may now be starting to notice how YOU are changing. It may be that you have decided to change the way that you style your hair, it may be that you change the COLOUR of your hair or you may change the clothing that you decide to wear. EVERYTHING is a frequency, everything is by design, when you dye your hair you are aligning with a frequency and adding this to your energy signature.  If you got up this morning and put on a blue t shirt then you may think to yourself “ok I just thought it was a good idea”, in TRUTH you are aligning with and adding the FREQUENCY of the colour of your t-shirt to your energy signature.

It is not for no reason that many people will wear blue when they have meetings in the corporate world, ladies you may place that blue scarf round your neck thinking it goes really well with your blouse, guys you may think “ok I will wear a blue shirt today” but the colour BLUE suppports the frequencies within the throat chakra. You will find yourself wearing blue when you have a need to “voice” something.

 At this moment upon and within planet earth the FREQUENCIES are re-organizing and re-shaping themselves, I would guide you to allow the flow, whether it be to change the way you dress, change your routine or change the music you find yourself listening to.  How comfortable you are with these changes will show you how entrenched in the routine of the old 3d earth you are, your SOUL is guiding this expansion and is trying to show you “NEW” in various ways, it is YOUr choice at all times whether to allow the flow or hold on to that which may appear to be FAMILIAR. 

You are not here to live a life of familiar, you are here for expansion and growth or you would never have incarnated onto this planet at this time of vast expansion of the PLANET’s energy signature in TRUTH.
Mother Earth is now in full expansion and she asks that you walk with her into this expansion in TRUTH.

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