Saturday, February 8, 2014

Telepathic Communication

Good job by Sandra and a nifty little Pineal Activation practice that even I could do...DT the ET

Channelled Through Sandra Walter On 2-8-14

Telepathy is an energetic transfer of ideas, creations, or light intelligence from one being to another. When a being is utilizing form to express in denser levels of consciousness, communication is very physical. We used five senses in 3D communication: see, touch, smell, taste, hear. We add a sixth sense when we utilize 4D dynamics of the pineal gland – seeing visions beyond the veil. When we engage with 5D and above, we begin to use a pure telepathic communication combining the pineal gland, the pituitary gland and the heart center.

Let go of any collective attachment to spirituality or expansion of consciousness being accessed solely through the pineal-pituitary complex. It was – and still is for some – an obsession to open the third eye. Detoxification and focused meditation support the activation of the pineal.

There is a natural detoxification occurring for the planet and all of her life. That is an external factor we cannot avoid. When we support the process by detoxing internally through purification of the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels, our journey in the body becomes easier.

The old paradigm valued visions of the astral plane of consciousness. Astral visions can be strongly connected to the mind level, which is why we have had so much interference in that realm. It used to be difficult for HUmans to discern between mind-level visions/emotions, and lovelight intelligence. Our dream-state was about playing with the astral, and much of that information was lost when we arose in the morning. It was an important function of the survival dynamics, the karmic structures and the duality game.

Our relationship with the astral plane is becoming less of a dense mystery, and much more present. We level up and out of relating to the fourth dimensional plane of consciousness as dream-state, or phenomena. As we go through astral collapse (magnetic deterioration of the low 4D planes) we have an opportunity to expand our consciousness quickly via telepathy and teleportation.

True telepathy can be unnerving to the body vehicle at first. It does create clearing affects (doesn’t everything along this journey), as well as the challenge of translating telepathic communication into 4D comprehensive ideas. With practice, deciphering the messages, images and energies of telepathic communication becomes a natural state.

In my current experience, telepathic communication in 5D – 8D involves complete surrender to the unknown. 5D telepathy utilizes heart-pineal-pituitary centers, with intel being felt as it arrives, right through the heart center or high heart area. We may use the mind for interpretation after information is received, or as it arrives, to interpret its application to our individual lifestream.

Telepathic communications may be received as light language, symbols or detailed  impressions in the third eye, however 5D telepathic transfers are received through the heart center. A flash or wave of feeling energy will come in; this is a light-packet of information which contains volumes of information. They may be accompanied by visions to assist your reception.

6D – 8D telepathy goes beyond what I anticipated because it does not engage the mind-level at all. Telepathy in 6D-8D holds nothing to appease or comfort the mind or emotions. It is a communion of beingness which conveys vast knowledge and creativity in zero point time. My Higher Levels and I are experimenting with bridging these worlds in a way people will understand. The great challenge is, as always, How do we teach nonlinear in a close-to-linear way, so all may engage with this beautiful Ascension process?

Telepathy is similar to art: You receive what your unique expression desires. Some may be deeply moved by a piece of music, while others rush to turn it off. Some see a vision and find grace; others fear its unfamiliarity.

Metaphor is the interdimensional language of the Universe, delivered from the heart. As we move quickly into life without illusion, transparency through telepathic communication pulls the veils off everything. We know, we feel, we receive, we transmit through our powerful Source-point. The Mastery journey now provides a view without density, which brings about new challenges. It is what it is; try not to dwell on the revelations if you desire to receive more of them.

We used to experience a gap in communication. This was a side-effect of density. We tried to communicate and there was no response from the higher realms; they tried to communicate and there was no response from us. We’re at the point in our Ascension process where we can dissolve those barriers and experiment with telepathy in a strong way. This means the grounded teams will be more conscious of the work they are doing, making it less of a guessing game. It will be a great confidence-builder and provide clarity for those in service.

Everything is birthed, adjusted and radiated from the Heart outward. We awaken the crystalline structures of the heart and command/support the replication of those structures into every cell of the body. Heart first, replicate outwards. Work with your Higher Self and Mastery/Guidance realms each day on operating from the heart center. Telepathy will become second nature as you work through the heart.

Remember your unique light signature is transmitted through your right hand. This is why the native tribes of the Americas used the right-hand-up as a greeting, and why paintings of some Masters or Galactic leaders do the same. Be clear before you attempt telepathic communication. What are your intentions? What do you wish to receive? Vibration = vibration. Be sure you are operating from the highest interests of all concerned.

Here is a basic way to receive 5D telepathic communication. You are broadcasting your thoughts, so use your pure light intelligence when sending out vibrations in this way. Be clear in your intent of what you want to experience, and double-check for egoic influence. Never impose controlling, negative, egoic or emotional thoughts on another.

- State your intent out loud. What do you wish to experience and with whom?
- Place your left hand on the heart and locate your Source-Point.
- Drop the mind-level altogether and focus your consciousness in your heart.
- Breathe into the heart until you are focused in a state of pure love.
- Raise your right hand, palm facing out, and connect the two areas – heart-consciousness and unique signature in the right palm.
- Breathe. Focus all of your consciousness on these areas.
- You may feel the third eye activate as the triad of heart-pineal-light signature connect.
- Send a greeting through the heart: Blessings beloved Higher Self. Blessings beloved Higher Realms.
- Breathe into the stillness of the heart.
- Open to receive whatever is perfect for your journey in this now moment.
- Lower your hand when you desire to disconnect.

With practice, your interaction with higher forms of consciousness (Guides, Masters, Galactics, Lightship levels, etc) will be more direct and clear. The key is to communicate through the heart. Always. Be in a state of love before you open communication. This is an excellent exercise to use when you have the middle-of-the-night sleeplessness. Remember the 3am – 5pm zone is when collective thought-forms are at a minimum.You may be up because someone wants to communicate with you.

As the veils dissolve, the higher realms celebrate our journeys; they are fascinated by our experience. Treat all of your communications with honor, love and grace. Listen and receive more than you send out at first. There is much to receive.


  1. this is spot on, thank you. Just what i needed exactly when i needed

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