Thursday, February 20, 2014

Extra! Extra! Channeller Bites Listeners! Read All About It!

February Update From Lee Carroll

Dear Reader,

For me, the first two months of this year have started out with a lot of promise, and.. um… change!

There are those who are telling me that Kryon's messages are changing. They ARE! We have passed the marker, and now it's time to clean up our act and move into "mastery." It's time to start showing others what we believe, in a wise, practical way. The channellings are more direct, and they are staring to demystify some of the weirdness of the New Age.

We are already receiving letters that are negative about Kryon's new messages. YAY! The messages are "hitting home." Kryon is telling us to use the template we have inside for mastery, and start emulating the wisdom we have as old souls. Show people your BALANCE, not your conspiratorial theories. Stop spinning in the drama of the New Age subjects, come out of the esoteric closet, and look at people around you.

Love them for who they are and start showing them that you have something wonderful! You have wisdom, balance, and the kind of knowledge that can be of service to this planet. Start with your family, then your friends. Don't give them doctrine, or a Kryon book. Give them BALANCE. Some of the attributes of mastery are:
(1) slow to anger
(2) non-judgemental
(3) listen and care
(4) love the unlovable
(5) balance in all things.

Do people move away from you because of what you believe? Well… Kryon says it's time to take a look at yourself and ask why. The New Human? People will move toward you because of who you are, and they may never care about what you believe. This is our task, and it will not be that easy for many. Time to show "God inside."

Blessings to you,

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