Sunday, February 9, 2014

Are We There Yet?


By Steve Beckow On 2-8-14

I wanted to draw attention to something SaLuSa said yesterday:

“Progress is still being made to bring you release from the many conditions and restrictions that have been placed upon you by the Cabal.” (1)

We’ve discussed numerous times in the past that the galactics and all the the “guys [and gals] in the rafters,” as Poof used to say, conduct themselves by the laws of the universe, a planet, nation, etc., and so they don’t simply sweep down and behave … well, in ways the cabal would or in ways that the cabal represents the galactics as behaving.

They live by principles such as fairness and justice, not to mention love and a lack of judgmentalness.  So we can’t project our attitudes onto them and hope to be accurate. Or expect them to handle situations the way we would.

That means that when they carry out an operation, they do it at a much slower pace (at times) than, say, a squad of Navy SEALs. They also don’t blow up the place, injure people, or create a residue of injustice and hatred.

And they may wait until they can accomplish a number of purposes at once. SaLuSa implies that here:

“For the time being it suits our purpose to let certain restrictions remain, allowing us to work towards completely releasing you from [the cabal's] control.” (2)

Why are elements of the cabal still here? Because they too have an opportunity to ascend if they change direction and can “do the work” needed.

No, they haven’t the power they once did. But they still can slow things down and make mischief, as they are on the financial scene at the present time (and being removed from office for their actions).

Now add to that what we also know: that the galactics’ operations are transpiring on a global scale, that most aspects of their operations dovetail, and that they are simultaneously:

  • managing a consciousness shift
  • counteracting and reducing some old financial, political and other structures that have kept this a prison planet for millennnia
  • protecting us from Fukushima, oil pollution, depleted uranium, chemtrails, and many other circumstances caused by the cabal
  • helping us to rebuild Nova Earth
  • coordinating events on several dimensions of consciousness, etc.
So, yes, if you’re like me, you may be squirming and grumbling, making faces and saying “Are we there yet?”  But in fact, though Gaia is there, we, the human population, are not quite there yet.

The tsunami of love will help and that’s part of the consciousness shift. It’s probably dovetailed with the release of all the prosperity programs (although I haven’t actually heard that confirmed).  But if you can get a sense of the scale and complexity of the operation that’s going on, it may help with the wait.

Can we spend a moment considering that some of the folks involved are multitasking millions of operations at once?

Archangel Michael himself says that he is in millions of places at the same time – appearing in human form briefly to us lightworkers, talking to Ashira, chatting with us on A Hour with an Angel, talking to Ronna Herman, Celia Fenn, and perhaps thirty other channels in English alone.

Did you hear what Linda said the other day about the archangels?

Caller: Does each universe have it’s own set of archangels or whatever?

Linda Dillon: No, the archangels are universal. Archangel Gabrielle is managing the multiverse, if you can visualize that, talk about multi-tasking.

C: So she’s not just the Central Administrator for our universe?

LD: It’s the universe, the omniverse. It’s a big job.  (2)

Is anyone having trouble wrapping their mind around that one? I am, for sure.  How does one manage so many things at once?

And yet at every level of existence, people like Sanat Kumara, Jesus, Buddha, St. Germain, Ashira, Ashtar, and others are also handling lesser but still amazing levels of complexity.  How many places is St. Germain of a day? Everyone who just saw him or chatted with him today, raise your hand?

This is a global Ascension, the first in a universal Ascension, and part of the Ascension of the multiverse. It isn’t even just an Ascension. It’s the opening of new octaves of existence, featuring new forms of existence, and I’ll have more to say about that in a future post.

It’s beyond the capability of our minds to grasp in any detail, even if that may change a little after the shift.

So “for the time being it suits our purpose to let certain restrictions remain.” It isn’t that the galactics and the rest of the Company of Heaven are moving slowly.  It is that the operation is massive and complex and is being managed to “completely [release] you from their control.”

So no, Steve. This is Big Steve speaking. We’re not there yet. You’re just gonna have to be patient, lad. I know you’re hungry and tired and you’ve been waiting an awful long time. But we do have a ways to go before we’re all the way there.


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