Friday, February 14, 2014

The Soulight Chakra

There's a new Chakra in town and it kinda reminds me of good 'ole California Sunshine, all orange and fiery!   DT the ET

Channelled By Soluntra King 

Extracted from her book "Light Code Activations"

A new Chakra situated between the Heart and Solar Plexus.

The color is PEACH, the element is FIRE.

The Soulight Chakra has been gifted to us for this time of union and transformation, as we spiritualise matter through our body, our Body of Light. The Chakra links us to the Inner Earth Sun as we unify and open up to other dimensions and worlds within and without, not just in the Universe but the Inner Earth. As we go deeper within ourselves, into the stillness and love, the same happens in all worlds.

The sixth dimensional Inner Earth and third dimensional outer Earth unified at the March 2006 Equinox. Then with the Eclipses and June Solstice the Light Codes and new template has been anchored through all the Earth and us. The Light Codes are now activated within the Matrix of Light, the Living Library of Light we are, from the Source within and the eternal love of the doorway of our heart. The deepening connection with the Inner Earth is our communion with our inner self, there is no separation as the worlds and dimensions merge.

The Soulight Chakra is a major catalyst and doorway into the new paradigm, the higher dimension Earth we are co-creating, as we fully integrate and anchor our divinity in our physical body on Earth. Through the union of the Sun in our Heart Chakra and the Inner Earth Sun in our Soulight Chakra we create the Earthsun Body. 

This amazing energy body connects our physical and four subtle bodies; etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual with the physical and four subtle bodies of the Earth, aligning and fine tuning us and awakening the Light Codes, being our Body of Light. This then opens us up to the Present Light Body where we unify the Central Sun and Inner Earth Sun within us, to be fully present. 

The Present Light Body is working with the New Earth, higher dimensional Earth that we are creating, and is one with the Earth, so assists to fully ground us, and attunes us to the Crystalline Matrix of Light in the Earth and within us. This light body is the one where we work in the New Earth co-creating. So the Soulight Chakra has been gifted as we are now ready to be fully present, connected through all our bodies and the Earth’s, as through our union we create Heaven on Earth.

Meditation focused within the Soulight Chakra is a pathway to accessing the Akashic Records, awakening to the holograms of our Love. As we unify inner and outer Suns, one with the Earth and Matrix of Crystalline Light we become clear and aware, wise and allowing. Through our clarity, wisdom and love we are made aware of bigger pictures, worlds within worlds and peaceful ways.

The Soulight Chakra assists with efficient energy supply to all the bodies, clearing whatever body or bodies are assimilating the new light codes. The Soulight Chakra is a doorway into the new paradigm.

On the physical level this Chakra assists to strengthen the Lymphatic System and our Immunity, as well as cleansing the blood and enriching the nutrients that feed the cells. It helps with the changes in the cellular structure as we move into the higher octaves of light, assisting us to flow with change and surrender to resistance, giving clarity in this time of chaos and confusion.


Opening up to the Inner Earth Sun and unifying with the Sun in the Heart Chakra, creating the Earthsun Body that connects all the bodies of the person with all the bodies of the Earth. This union brings with it the ability to be fully present, one with the Earth and Sun/Stars/Universe.

Integration of the emotional body and lower mental thoughts and ego control with the Heart. The Soulight makes the process of moving our emotions and mind into a compassionate, loving, allowing state. It is a bridge assisting the transition from the denser, fear based concepts and ways of being into divine love and acceptance, awakened awareness and insight.

    -Cleansing the physical body through the blood and lymphatic system.
    -Transmuting the fears of change and resistance to peace, harmony and light.
    -Brings clarity in amongst the chaos and confusion.
    -The union of Inner and Outer Suns.
    -Awareness of the holograms of your love, accessing the Akashic records.
    -Being fully present, grounded and co-creating Heaven on Earth

    -CRYSTALS that assist this Chakra: Agate, Beryl, *Coral, *Diopase, *Meteorite,

THE MANDALA IMAGE IS: The Inner Earth Sun illuminates from the center of the mandala out through all the multi-prismed worlds of the Earth and Humanity. Rainbow colored pearl essence of light and diamonds of void, gold, yellow, blue and green spiral out and in through its center.

THE SOUND is EEEEEEEE sounding like Sea or See without the S, and the E is sounded with all the out breathe.

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