Friday, February 14, 2014

Many Happy Returns of the Day!

Steve Beckow

Wave of Love 33When the first wave of the tsunami of love comes, I imagine there’ll be gradations of experience, permutations, combinations.

Many lightworkers will know what hit them. Other members of the collective may or may not.

Some among the general population will at least recognize that they feel love. Some others may not know what it is they feel.
Some will resist and perhaps even feel distress.

So we may all be in different places.

But, whatever happens, I think it’s one day to relax from our service and devote the time to ourselves and our experience.  Or at best to our experience and that of our sacred partners and circles – those people who share our perspective and aspirations.

We’re lightworkers. We’re here to serve. But this is one day when service just might mean fully taking in, imbibing, and digesting the fullest portion we can of the love the Mother is serving us.

If anyone has a particle of attention left over to give to others, the advice that I’ve heard from Archangel Michael is simply to anchor yourself in the love you’re feeling, smile broadly, and ask others, if they possibly can, to open to and enjoy the experience of the day.

This is a prelude and a preparation for Ascension. Upon Ascension, the state of bliss we’ll live in will be permanent. I’m led to believe that the love we feel when the first wave hits will definitely elevate us and be permanent as well, but will be nothing to compare with the fullness of the Ascension experience.

And Ascension, I’m told, is not that far off.  Months perhaps and not even many of those.
Apparently, not everything that’s coming our way will be completed by the time Ascension arrives.

As AAM told me in my reading the other day, our work will continue after. The building of Nova Earth goes on. The spreading of prosperity. the fashioning of our new political and economic institutions – all will continue.

But for now, the order of the day is to enjoy the experience that’s heading our way. Love is the glue. Love is the solvent. Love is the mass, the energy and the void.

Yes, we’ve lived in density since what seems like forever. But the more expanded we get, the more we come to realize that love is all there is.

We completed as many of our vasanas and core issues as we could.  Love will straighten out most of what remains. If that isn’t enough, we’ll have our remaining karma forgiven. And the more refined atmosphere of the higher dimensions will wash away the memory of life in this dense environment.

No wonder the Company of Heaven says that life will get easier and easier as we go forward.
So, if it comes today,  have a very enjoyable dip in the ocean of love. Whether you see this as Valentines Day or the Day of Love, we here at the Golden Age of Gaia wish you many happy returns of the day.

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