Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wake Up Call ~ Saint Germaine: Something Behind the Scenes

Typed By Nancy Tate 2-5-14

Nancy: I was sitting at my computer checking my email, and suddenly I felt that someone was asking me to receive some information. So I tuned in; here is what I received.

St Germain, 
Yes, I would like to say that there is something taking place behind the scenes of all of the controversy that is taking place right now in the financial field. It is wise to not focus all of your attention on that, and to take in the other things that you see come up occasionally and you will see the other side of the coin.

I speak of the dangers that you have been told are in place and recurring for the landmass of earth. It is a matter of being in the know about what is being said and what is actually true. When the words come to the individuals who are spreading the news they are determining what it is that it seems to be in a 3D reality.

What is really taking place is the reformation back to the original grandeur of Gaia and what it means to all of humanity. As you know there have been some lives lost in the tumultuous goings on of the earth. These people have contracted to be the ones to give way to the earthshaking episodes. They are now safely in our arms and cheering you on in your journey of these last times before the rise of humanity. 

I suggest that you look at how it would be if all of the planet was to heave ho and capsize as a giant vessel in the ‘water’ of the universe. It would be far more than you can imagine. Whether you realize it or not, that is one of the plans that the low energy ones had in mind for this planet if they were not able to take over the planet as their own. They think that plan is still in place, however, it has been thoroughly dismantled and will not come even close to happening. What earth changes are taking place now are all geared to be of benefit to earth and her life.

I will give you one more piece of information, and it is that as these determinations of the financial system are brought forward and are set into place throughout the world, it will be to set in motion what will really progress as far as the stabilization of the financial systems and all of the aspects of earth life. When this become evident then you will all know what to do and how to go about it, because you will be able to see the directives for your moves, and the ones who will assist you in them. I am St Germain and I bring you this information in order for you not to loose your cool, and to be able to see all of what is taking place, and not concentrate on the one thing that can cause you to not see the rest of the story.

I leave you now with these words. It is a far greater word that brings the truth to the masses and it is that of Love.

Thank you dear St. Germain

Love, Nancy Tate

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