Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Group Avatar Mind is Your Higher Self


Via Tiara Kumara On 10-25-15

group mind copyWe are each an individualized presence of God, a consciously coherent Greater Self… in group formation. As a collective Avatar, we selflessly think as one, feel as one and move as one while consciously connected at all times through the grid of telepathic inter-relationship.

Metaphysical law states… that every part contains the whole and the whole contains all of its parts. Each and every one of us, as human beings, is a part and a unique expression of the whole. It is thru this wholeness that we are connected to everyone and everything.

The journey of evolution is simply a return to our origin. At our particular level, we are making transition into an exciting new life matrix created through multi-dimensional perspectives.

In this grand metamorphic experience, our individuality, as we have lived it, changes greatly. This results from the recognition that our personality is impermanent; therefore, it is not real. Our thinking minds, our bodies and our emoting natures are not real, merely instruments, constantly changing.

The personality is a minuscule reflection of its inclusivity within another more expansive umbrella. The only real, lasting substance is that part of our consciousness that pristinely vibrates to an all-encompassing group tone, like the crickets who sing together in the forest. In essence, we are part of a bigger conglomerate comprised of many souls, all of who are aspects of our greater Self.

We each have a signature vibration within, what can be viewed as, an over arching soul family. This family of souls is made up of other soul families and this continually expands and expands until it reaches the one prime over arching soul, responsible for all of creation. This is of course God, the awareness of existence itself.

Essentially, we are all mere aspects of each other returning into coherence, as one greater being. Group coherence forms a grid of consciousness likened to a matrix of group mind. This enlightened collective mind is inter-related on many levels and dimensions. All of its evolving aspects naturally develop telepathy. To be in telepathic communication is to have the same vision, expressing the same message.

In this shift of perception, from separated human thinking to group consciousness, we are learning how to connect to and maneuver from our higher mind. This higher mental body is a web of awareness, comprising many souls.

In other words, your higher mind is a group mind, and this group mind is your greater aspect of Self.

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