Wednesday, October 21, 2015

An Update On 5D Congestion


Channelled By Anarchistbanjo On 10-21-15

A couple days ago the main timeline anchored itself physically. This was followed a day later with another surge and movement of negative/dark energies moving upward, congesting in the upper astral levels with a companion energizing of the lower levels. I didn't know what to make of this so I didn't post anything. Now I realize what happened.

There has been a war taking place on which energy will be dominant from this point on, 5D or the organic lowest possible astral level of the vital life force of all living things. As this is Gaia's ascension, it is vital that the empowerment is at her level, the level of life itself. 5D, for all that people talk about it, is the realm of mental energies where awareness exists as beings created of mental energy with limited ability for emotions and physicality. We normally don't think of 5D as pure mental energy. That is the problem.

So the battle for dominance took place in 5D, the realm of mental reality. This is why lightworkers have been cautioned to live in their hearts and not in their heads. The levels below 5D are ascending with Gaia and the upper levels are as well, but 5D and above also includes those not being lifted up by Gaia. I've called the ones of higher density that are being lifted up by Gaia the New Elves and those of higher density not being lifted up by Gaia, the New Humans. So 5D, the mental realm, has been split between these two groups.

 In any case the primal timeline burst through the resistance and anchored at the lowest astral level of life force energy and Gaia and all physical life was turned on in a big way! This means those in 5D and above not aligned with this took a hit. Then a day or two later another surge along this timeline shook more dark, negative energy loose from the lower astral levels and moved them up into 5D as further congestion and conflict of mental energies.

I will try to say this in a better way. There are things we believe in that have no basis in physical reality, money, law, culture, the economy, religious dogma and politics. These all exist in the mental world of 5D, but are illusions kept alive through mass belief in them. These are the types of mental constructs that took the hit of negative energy. So there has been a major disconnect between these 5D mental energies and what we perceive as physical reality.

This is resulting in further polarization of those that are living in their heads and an increased sense of loss of control. For those in tune with Gaia, the lower organic levels remain stable and offer a solid base to weather the turbulence of the coming mental storm. There are people that are going to go crazy!

Stay in your heart!

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