Friday, October 16, 2015

Memo: Preston James’ Articles

giacomondWe post a letter from a reader on Preston James’ article. We’ve received other email as well, some thanking us and some criticizing us.

There have been other allegations that some “assassinations” used actors who were not hurt, etc. But the Boston Marathon definitely was not one of them. While it appears to have been a false flag, it did have casualties. Here is Matthew Ward on that black operation:

“The Illuminati-controlled faction of the CIA still is active in terrorism, at times in conjunction with law enforcement personnel who unwittingly are abetting rather than capturing the perpetrators. In addition to using the few remaining mind-controlled individuals whom they have programmed, the faction has a list of ‘likely’ persons to blame for their terrorist activities. They fabricate a plausible foundation around selective facts about those individuals and feed that story to the media.

“The bombing at the Boston marathon was their handiwork. The two brothers ‘alleged’ to be the bombers fit very well what the faction needed for that occasion. They had learned about the young men’s interest in simple bomb construction and, tying that to their ‘radical’ religious convictions and the older brother’s months in Chechnya and Dagestan, they created ‘suspects’ that the public would find believable.” (1)

James’s version gets no support from Matthew.

James does not use Perro, uses ad hominem arguments to work on people’s emotions, argues by labelling and repetition, and has many other features which take him outside the standards of the blog. However the thrust of where he’s going is groundbreaking and the articles are history unto themselves. They are an integral part of the massive revelation of the cabal’s activities that we know is occurring.

Another example of Veterans Today making history is Gordon Duff’s speech at the terrorism conference in Syria a year or two ago. It laid bare to attendees of global stature the true sources and causes of terrorism. VT is leading the fray, whether their articles are admirable from many standpoints or not.

I haven’t in the past excised portions of opinion pieces like these, (2) such as taking out James’ allegation that the Boston Marathon and Sandy Hook saw no victims/casualties. Usually one prints them in whole or not. I should have added a note at the beginning however.

We’ll reassess whether posting the whole of James’s articles in future does more harm than good. Or posting them at all.

We may in future, print a paragraph or two of a particularly ground-breaking article and refer readers to the VT site for the rest, with a “discernment is required” proviso, as we did today with James’ article on the Department of Homeland Security. The article itself is provocative: Calling for the disbandment of DHS puts anyone on their hit list, I’m sure.

His articles do demonstrate very clearly the difference between gathering information from “insider” sources and from channeled sources. If a channeled source wrote like this, we’d never print it and I’d never draw on it in my articles.

Just exactly what happened with James’ article is a major reason why I preferred long ago to go with channeled material. Insider material for me is often such a mixture of truth and polemics.  Generally I let others cover it.

James is not the only insider source that writes in fluorid style and doesn’t seem to pay the kind of close attention we’d like to factuality. With other insider commentators too we need to use discernment.

(1) Matthew’s Message, May 12, 2013, at
(2) With the exception of Zap’s

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