Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Becoming The Solar Light - Gateway Daze

Sing it Sister Sandra!  

Channelled By Sandra Walter On 10-13-15

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
Gates are wide open for the October 14-18 influx. Cue Solar flaring and big SUNspot appearance over the limb. Let us open to receive another amplification, as best we can in this modern Resurrection phase. Honor it through your unique expression, Beloveds. Nothing is busy-ness as usual for the High-Vibe Tribe.

Take notice of the difference in light, sensations, and integration since the last passage. We shaved off a few more layers of the magnetopshere, a.k.a. the veils, which affects our Ascension process. We had several days of electron flux over 10.5, which literally creates more light in the cells. However let us take note: Have you noticed the strong expansion sensations remain, even with the dip? If so, you are Golden, Beloveds; bridging the dimensions and holding the light steadily in both spirit and form.

This is exciting to me, because it shows that the energy for re-creation of 3D/low 4D (those levels are technically gone already – please remember this as we move forward), which is set to dissolve in 2016, might drop off earlier than expected, due to our ability – and participation – in the Ascension: the conscious choice to engage in our own Evolution. Remember, Beloveds: 3D/4D is the thing that disappears, not us.

While the platform for the old paradigm dissolves, it is vital to build the new, the next. Slowly … pace your energy level. Some days are spent giggling, nearly vibing out of the skin suit. Some are spent in Service, setting the New Light forth in meditation, creation, stillness. Some days are deeply transformative, revelatory and profoundly unique to your path. Some are all of that, and it is accelerating.

Even Brothers and siSTARs who have never experienced activations before are encountering the stop-in-your-tracks expansion and sudden side-effects of Ascension. It does not matter if you feel guided to level up to something new, or serve in your current role. Some folks stay on the Ascension stair they built and help from there, some continue to create the next level. All skills are valued; honor what presents in the Now.

Gatekeepers have been deeply engaged in service, to say the least. Kindwhile, I AM taking a look at assembling the Intel notes … slowly … as I expand in this dreamy transformation. I do feel this new paradigm Resurrection phase needs to be documented somehow, as part of the legacy work.

Most of it defies description, which is why so many of us wept tears of gratitude and recognition on the last Connection call. Remember all of our thoughts, words and grounded actions assist other worlds, as well as ours.  It is challenging to sit down to the keyboard at the moment. Let’s not expect anything to be the same; it isn’t for many of us.

Float on this liquid light rush, Beloveds. ~~~ Float ~~~ Avoid clinging to safety lines, that leads to rope burn. All is incredibly well.

Kindwhile, it is noticed that many leveled up into the melancholia phase with the current energies. This 3-part series on How to Lose Your Mind Without Losing Your Mind from earlier this year may assist while I AM engaged elsewhere. I Love You, I Bless You, I Thank You.
In Love, Light and Service,

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