Monday, October 26, 2015

Consider A Tree

A Leafy Tome from David Nova's

Consider a Tree
The Symbol of Life
One living totality of consciousness
The Oneness of being to which we all belong
Always connected, never separate or apart
The trunk as our Creator, the Source of all Life
The divine dividing branches, our soul family, our connection to source
Each individual twig, a unique soul, our higher selves
The roots below ground, invisible helpers, our guides on the other side
A vital support system providing nourishment and growth
And the leaves that bloom each spring, our human incarnations
Fragile and green, beautiful to behold, but short lived
That shed every autumn, only to be reborn anew every spring
Yet it is our destiny, our mission, our greatest purpose
As collective branches on this Tree of Life
To evolve, to be transformed, and Ascend
To become … Evergreen
Shining with an inner light
– “Consider A Tree,” by David Nova

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