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Extreme Weather Gradually Disappearing

By Steve Beckow On 10-24-15

I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed the changing nature of the weather these days. I can only speak for my local area, but here in Vancouver, we’re nearing the end of October and I’m still going out in just a sweater.

What’s happening to the weather? SaLuSa told us earlier this year:

“As you are aware, your weather patterns are gradually changing for the better. There will be problems created by the changes, but you will have ample time to adjust. The net result will be a more acceptable temperature without the extremes that you are used to experiencing.

“The seas will also warm up, and when you take the two together you will find that many changes will occur in nature. Species of animals will move to conditions that are more suited to their needs. All told it will all be for the better as you will enjoy a more temperate climate.” (1)

These changes in the weather will be gradual, he explained:

“The extremes that you normally experience will slowly disappear, and ultimately your weather patterns will settle down. Do not expect too much too soon, as we are informing you of what to expect in the immediate future.” (2)

Gaia emerged from long-amassed negativity on Dec. 21, 2012, Matthew tells us. The extreme events happening now are clearing the negativity that has accumulated since then.

“The intensive light that saved Earth’s life gave her the strength to start releasing negativity via powerful earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and severe storms that resulted in massive death toll and destruction.

“The last of the ‘old’ negativity was eliminated about six months ago [i.e., Dec. 2012] —that’s what enabled Earth to enter fourth density.

“‘New’ negativity caused by ongoing violence is being released through a series of earthquakes in areas where there is little, if any, loss of life or land destruction, and the same with volcanic eruptions. More is being dispersed via torrential rainstorms in some areas and wildfires in others—water and fire are Nature’s cleansing elements.” (3)

We’re now finished with the accumulation of negativity that occurred under Illuminati control, he explains.

“Never again will negativity amass on the planet and none of the predicted cataclysms will occur! The darkness that for long ages enshrouded Earth is gone, but ‘mopping up’ what was left in its wake will continue until she reaches the planes where violence doesn’t exist.

“She won’t get there next week or next month, but aided by light forces within, on and beyond Earth, she is moving toward that space at a speed that is unique in this universe and all along the way, violence will lessen and so will storms, quakes and volcanic activity.” (4)

The extremes happening today are, to use Matthew’s phrase, “the storm before the calm.” (5) The gradual settling of the weather, SaLuSa tells us, “takes place because of the higher vibrations and eventually nothing will remain of the lower ones.” (6)

Again, like everything else connected with our Ascension, climatic adjustment is slow, gradual to us on the ground, although, as Matthew attested, we’re moving “at a speed that is unique in this universe” when viewed from a cosmic perspective.

We had many years of harsh weather under the Illuminati. They used HAARP, Tesla devices, and other means of modifying the weather to produce extreme storms, tsunamis, etc., as part of their plan to sew chaos and reduce the population from its present size to a more manageable 500 million.

However some of the weather extremes that continue to manifest today are traceable to the climate change that’s part of the Divine Plan. Of that climate change, Matthew Ward tells us:

“Unusual storms, record-breaking high and low temperatures, flooding, drought, wildfires, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are cleansing Earth’s interior, surface and atmosphere, and they are leading to a moderate climate globally.” (7)

Some dangers will remain but these will be planned for, he says.

“Harsh effects of climate change will ease as Earth gets closer to attaining her once-moderate climate worldwide; if necessary, residents of sea-level island areas will be relocated in plenty of time to avert danger.” (8)

The Arcturian Group also attributed the moderation of the weather to the increase in our brotherly and sisterly love for each other.

“Gaia too is moving forward in her Ascension process and you are seeing the results of this in the violent weather many have been experiencing. However, the storms are not just about global warming or Gaia’s Ascension, but are about a spiritual leveling – neighbor talking to and assisting neighbor, strangers stepping in, and the birthing of universal compassion.

“It is about a higher sense of love and oneness emerging among all who up to now considered themselves separate in some way (racially, economically, intellectually, age etc.) from each other. This leveling process has been necessary in shifting large groups into a deeper realization of oneness.” (9)

SaLuSa looked at some of the changes that are happening and what they may call for from us.

“You are for example sometimes experiencing dramatic changes in the much colder regions. Ice packs are melting at a much faster rate and it is known that over a period of time the sea levels will rise with the consequent changes. You do however have advance warning of what the changes may entail, and have every opportunity to take suitable action.

“Prepare for the future well in advance and all areas of life will be able to cope with the changes. However, be prepared to accept that life cannot continue as it is, but if preparations are carried out well in advance you will so to say “ride out the storm”. You have the advantage of being well informed about the nature of the changes, and can prepare in good time.” (10)

So something as innocuous as being able to go out in late October with just a sweater in the temperate northern rainforest climate I live in is still an indication that global events of a transformative nature are happening.

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