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Pleiadian Starship Pi – Update By ‘The Captain’

Further to my recent update on our present Reval mission last week on Thursday, October 22, I would like to share with our readers some information about our Pleiadian Starship Pi and her future missions for the unfoldment of the Ascension process for this planet.

Although I knew innately from my ‘downloads’ earlier last year that I had a past as a Starship Commander taking part in the Sirian Migrations, and that I was to be closely involved with Disclosure, I had assumed that this latter process was to take place on board our Pleiadian mothership, the Neptune, and would involve the collection of photographic, video and interview evidence for distribution over the terrestrial mass media.

Indeed, in a couple of messages from Archangel Michael in February of 2013, this return to the Neptune by the small Disclosure team was confirmed. Later, in early June 2013, I had an ‘out of body’ visit to the Neptune where I was briefly reunited with my Twin Flame in what was for me a life-changing experience. Afterwards, however, I realised to my chagrin that I had not asked her for her name!

However, a few weeks later on August 6 2013, Archangel Michael confirmed that she was indeed my Twin Flame and gave me her name – Ellisa. Just two days later Commander Ashtar gave me some further details of this in a personal message as follows –

Dearest Elias,
Although it is not necessary that we confirm any other messages given by our beloved Brothers and Sisters of Light, since we are all One, we do confirm the information given to you. You have met your Twin Flame/Partner aboard the Neptune.

The purpose was to prepare you for your physical trip to the ship. It is one thing to come aboard during your dream time, but a completely different initial position when you arrive during your waking hours in physical form.

We have to make sure, and this is the reason why we need this introductory procedure, that you not get too overwhelmed with all the impressions impacting on you. We acclimate you step by step on your forthcoming experience. Since you are doing very well we do not foresee many more of such acclimating procedures.

Your Twin Flame/Partner will pick you up when you will finally arrive on board of the Neptune.  Indeed, it is of great importance that you have met her since it will make the whole acclimating process much smoother, as just explained. You will have so much fun aboard the Neptune and much is awaiting you.

Your role in Disclosure is not limited to this trip but forms an essential part of it. You will have much assistance in spreading all the evidences which you will record throughout your sojourn on board.

Keep positive and don’t let your Mind/Ego distract you regarding the How? When? What? questions. If these questions pop up into your head go into your heart space and remember our words and your memories of your dreams.

Rest assured that we are taking care of everything and know best when and how to pick you up.
With so very much love,

Your Brother, Ashtar (1)

In a session with Archangel Michael on September 28, 2014, Steve put a question on behalf of my Sacred Union partner in connection with her ‘Star name’. After telling us this, Archangel Michael mentioned that she was a close friend and soul friend of Ellisa and that we all worked together as crew members on the same Starship.

Archangel Michael then proceeded to enlarge on this, gave us the name and some details of the ship, and described how these Starships are crewed by, as he put it, “extended family”. I can best describe this by sharing with you the relevant part of the transcript.

Steve: Oh – what’s the connection? Have they all worked on ship, or something?
AAM: That is correct.
Steve: So they’re from the same crew?
AAM: They’re from the same crew, and if you are to understand a great deal of how the Intergalactics work, is that – in many ways, the human interpretation of that would be “extended family”. No – not ‘incestuous’ (laughs) – but third, fourth, fifth cousins, uncles, aunts etc. That is the way in which crews operate. So there is a unified ‘force field’ between them, so when one is off doing something, the entire Collective – when they choose to actually key in – are aware of it very actively and always subtly.
Steve: OK. Was Elias the … sort of, if you like, Commander of this crew?
AAM: You can think of him as the Chief, yes.

Archangel Michael then displayed his dry sense of humour in the following exchange with Steve –

Steve: Ah-ha. So now, some of the crew has come down to Earth 

AAM: Yes. You have ‘hit the nail on the head’ Dear Heart! It is that some of you have come to Earth – and yes, you are wondering why on Earth you did that!

He then continued with further details –
AAM: But you are here on very specific missions and you are anchoring the energy of your Galactic family, and you are not only laying the template for integration of your Star brothers and sisters, but the understanding – because of that subtle unified field when one is truly enmeshed in it and understanding it and working with it, that energy is transmitted to your entire crew. So when they … when it is time for them to, shall we say, land … that energy of understanding is intact.
Steve: Huh – wow!
AAM: So we’re just waiting for the rest of the humans to catch up!
Steve: Really!
AAM: Well, that and the … as you know, your Star brothers and sisters have been very involved in what we call “war” – no, not amongst themselves, but intervening with some of the violence that is taking place upon Gaia.
Steve: Right, yes. But can I ask you what the name of the Spaceship is that they’re crew of?

AAM: It is one of the ‘outer ships’ – the explorer, science, all-purpose ships – from the Neptune by the way.
Steve: OK right. And what is the name of the ship?

AAM: Well, we are trying to translate the symbols because it is a … well, let us give it to you in symbol. It starts with a ‘pi’ (π) – that is how it is known throughout – starts with a pi, then it is an inverted ‘V’ (Ʌ), a circle (O), a triangle (Δ).   π ɅO Δ
Steve: Now you say a ‘pi’ – the ‘Greek’ language is not really Greek is it, it’s an Intergalactic language,
AAM: That is correct.
Steve: Could you just take one moment to expand on that … where is it from?

AAM: It is ancient. You see, there is a need … it came out of the Intergalactic Wars, when there was need to have – and this is following and concurrent with the development of ‘Perro’ the ‘non emotional’ language … then there was need to have a … different kinds of writing, which you would think of almost as ‘cuneiform’ or ‘symbolic’ – pictograph – that would communicate again intergalactically the same thing, but were not ‘charged’.

And so, many of these symbols were developed in order to communicate, because they were the basis of a great deal of technology and science. Yes, it is ‘back to basics’ is it not – and that was part of it – it was back to basics, so there would not be any miscommunication.

Now the Greeks – oh, many of the ancient civilizations, but do not forget – from Atlantis there was a great deal of Intergalactic trade, commerce, art, culture, back and forth. Much of that transformed and transmitted into the Hathors and into the Egyptians – which is also far more ancient than many suspect. Many of those symbols migrated to Greece.
Steve: Ah OK.
AAM: So that is your little History lesson for the day! (2)

Thus were we introduced to our Starship Pi. Archangel Michael described her as an ‘outer ship’ – what we might perhaps consider a ‘deep space’ craft – and she is certainly capable of extended voyages away from her mothership, the Neptune, with her intergalactic capability.

Indeed, I understand that we have explored much of this Universe in her, and it seems that I have taken her far beyond into the Multiverse. This is what Archangel Michael told me in a personal session that I had with him on February 27, 2015 –

AAM: Yes, you are Adventurer, and you love to explore the Omniverse, the Multiverse, and every corner of your Universe! And Sweet Angel, in many ways that is exactly what you are doing, and what you have done for many, many lifetimes. (3)

Small wonder therefore that the fictional Star Trek USS Enterprise shares our mission statement which is outlined in the introduction to each episode thus –

These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise
Its 5 year mission
To explore strange new worlds
To seek out new life and new civilizations
To boldly go where no one has gone before

We have had further information about our Starship and her forthcoming missions and her role in Disclosure and more besides. During the February 27 session mentioned above, I asked Archangel Michael about the size of our Starship –

Elias: Am I anywhere near right in thinking that the size of the Pi might be perhaps about a km – a km and a half in size?
AAM: 1.1 km (0.68 miles)
Elias: Oh – not far out then …
AAM: No, not at all. (4)

In terms of the crew complement of Starship Pi, she carries a rather smaller number of crew than the figure of about 1,000 suggested for the USS Enterprise in the Star Trek second series.

On May 21, 2015, Archangel Michael told me in answer to my question about the crew complement of the Pi, “It varies according to what you are working on. It is a small crew of between 50 to 75 at any given time.”

No doubt this relatively small crew complement is a reflection of the degree of advanced Galactic technology with which she is equipped, compared to that depicted on the Star Trek Enterprise.

Here again is a comment from Archangel Michael earlier this year when I asked him if the Enterprise had been loosely based on our Pi, “There are many similarities. Of course the technology, even in its advanced state in that channelled program, was nothing compared to your Pi.

In a recent session that I had with Archangel Michael on September 30, I asked him for further details about the Pi, really to confirm my feelings about her shape. Here is the exchange between us –

Elias: While on the subject of Starship Pi, you mentioned before that she’s about 1.1 km in size. Can you give me some indication of the shape of the ship. I’ve some sense that she’s perhaps a cylindrical shaped ship, but would love to know a little bit more about her appearance, and whether she does have the four pictographic symbols comprising her name emblazoned on her hull for recognition?
AAM: Yes, she does! She is primarily cylindrical, but at the . . . what you would think of as the front quarters of the ship – the front quarters, not the rear quarters – there is what you would think of as a deck, as a dish, is the best explanation, where the Command Centre is.
Elias: Oh – a bit like the sort of ‘dish shape’ of the USS Enterprise in Star Trek, perhaps.
AAM: That is exactly correct.
Elias: Ah – thank you. It’s wonderful to have that bit of information. I’m so looking forward to getting back to her in due course.
AAM: You are back – and you are present upon planet.
Elias: I just – sometimes I just wish I could remember what I get up to at night – and particularly visiting my beloved Pi.
AAM: You are well missed – and you are well loved. So although you do not recollect this fully at the moment, make no mistake that your presence is quite notable! (5)

The subject of Starship Pi’s future role in the unfoldment of Disclosure and the Ascension process is something that I have discussed in some detail with Archangel Michael, mainly to confirm my ‘knowing’ about these missions.

I will cover this subject in subsequent articles shortly, commencing with the Disclosure World Cruise, or Operation Pi in the Sky as I have named it.

Elias on Terra En Rah
Commander, Pleiadian Starship Pi

(1) Personal message from Commander Ashtar channelled through Philipp on August 8, 2013.
(2) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon on September 28, 2014.
(3) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Elias through Linda Dillon on February 27, 2015.
(4) Loc. Cit.
(5) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Elias through Linda Dillon on September 30, 2015.

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