Friday, March 4, 2016

AAM And The Council Of Angels: The Great Awakening Is Sweeping Across Your PLanet In Epic Proportions

Message Brought Forth By Goldenlight On 3-4-16

Greetings we are the Council of Angels including Archangel Michael and today we wish to speak to you of the swiftness of energy that is surrounding your planet now. The high frequency energetic waves from the galactic central sun and the area of the universe in which your planet is passing, are far surpassing any other energetic frequencies experienced by your planet in many aeons.

Not since the time of Atlantis and Lemuria has your planet been bathed in such a strong Source Creator energy. This high frequency energy can be felt and heard by some empathically-attuned individuals, indeed the channel Goldenlight has been hearing this energetic frequency for many years now.

This energy is in fact only growing stronger. It is shifting the molecular structure of your human bodies into a higher frequency; all of your cells are adjusting and attuning to these higher vibrations. The star nations and galactic councils watching your planet are also in a process of upshifting their frequency, as are all planets and beings in your universe and in the multiverse. Upgrades and expansion are the nature of All That Is in the Cosmos and so this is all part of the natural evolution of All.

As your species continues to “migrate” into the higher dimensions via this energetic frequency upgrade of your human bodies, you will continue to evolve as a species, as a society, and as a planet. The Great Awakening is sweeping across your planet in epic proportions now, with a large percentage of the population “waking up” suddenly and oftentimes spontaneously. This waking up is all a part of the process of shifting into the higher dimensions.

The knowledge that you are a spiritual being having a human experience (yes, a cliche, we know, but true nevertheless), is one of the main components giving rise to this awakening.This awareness lends itself to many things, including the knowledge that we are all a part of Source Creator, we are all “emanations” of Source Creator, and we are all essentially free. Mankind as a species has been enslaved in one way or another for so long that they have forgotten what it feels like to truly be free.

The redistribution of wealth which is occurring in real time on your planet is part of the mass awakening going on for all beings on earth now. All recognize the need for the removal of human suffering, the healing of the planet, and the healing of humanity; the need to stop all mass extinction “programs” including germ warfare, chemical spray of the air (“chemtrails”), GMO poisoning of the food, the spread of viruses via vaccines, the “depopulation” agenda, the intentional spilling of radiation from nuclear power plants, as well as the poisoning of your oceans from oil spills, etc., etc.

Indeed the largest population of the planet now agrees that significant change of epic proportions is needed immediately to create a cathartic, lasting, and permanent change which will catapult your planet into a new Golden Era of Peace, Prosperity, and Well-Being for all.

Your planet was designed as a self-contained ecosystem with a large variety of plants, animals, minerals, and all that makes up your world. It's an experimental planet which has gone through so many changes over the aeons, and which now goes through a massive catharsis to metamorphose into a new realm.

A very large percentage of people will now be released from economic slavery through the redemption of the historic assets, including the historic bonds, the currency redemptions, and the global collateral accounts and trusts, which have been overseen for millennia by the ancient Asian families, held back until such a time that their release would be safe and directed to the proper means of creating lasting change on your planet.

© 2016 The Golden Light Channel

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