Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Empowering the Governing Soul Of America

In your esoteric studies you may have encountered the phrase 'White Magick', well here it is, on-the-hoof so-to-speak.  This is exactly how we co-create, en-massse, an entirely new world to live in...solving one problem at a time in the new quantum-soup reality of the 5D octave of manifestation. Ya gotta get some of this...DT

Transmission going on NOW! Help restore true democracy to the United States government and its entire nation during this pivotal election year.


We are Building the Field for Divine Governance

 Our Transmission is Starting Now.
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The rumblings of a political revolution are being felt all across the USA. Many Americans perceive stark disparity that is reflecting through the appearance of power given over to the financial elite. This, among many other issues is triggering a highly polarized emotional response.

Our transmission will help shift imbalanced political reflections by anchoring a stable field for coherent and clear conscious voting. We are building the foundation for divine governance, bolstering the greatest potential for this beautiful nation.

The highest priority is upon empowering the citizens of America to remember that THEY hold the keys to their personal and political freedom. Through our invocation to cosmic light intelligence, we are insured of affecting maximal shift for the highest good of all.

Wherever you reside, please share your energy during this month of March and throughout this critical election year in the United States of America. Together we can help change the course of history!

Preliminary voting has started in the USA
Let’s act quickly.

The 2016 elections are providing the American people with a historic opportunity to transform the perceived reflection of corruption that has gripped their nation into one of true democracy. This is why we are acting now to help bolster the field of highest support.

We are encouraging a sustained transmission focus throughout all key phases of this most important year for both the presidential and congressional elections. This includes the key primary/caucus voting session, the presidential conventions, the candidate debates and finally the main public voting in November.
Our intention is to:

* Build a field of sustaining energy that divinely qualifies and empowers all election activity and everyone involved.

* Catalyze the highest voter turnout in United States history.

The USA has just entered a four-month phase of primary elections and caucuses to nominate their candidate for November’s presidential election. Let’s send our energy starting now to guarantee the best possible outcome.
Courtesy of Children of the Sun Foundation

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