Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Council: Spiritual Creativeness - The Law Of Attraction

In this segment William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, explains spiritual creating and they give us insight into what is truly necessary to utilize The Law of Attraction. So many of us believe that desiring something strongly enough is all that is needed. The Council elaborates:

Questioner: Our thoughts are a form of creating, is that how we create as spirit beings and is that how God creates, simply by desiring that it be created?

The Council: Well, you can only create so much of what you want. The problem with society today or the world today or the spiritual community today, they are told that simply by desiring something, simply by thinking and concentrating on what they want, they can create it. This is a half-truth.

All creation must be within the text or conditions that you exist in. In one's effort to concentrate strongly on the desire or on the situation, if all the surrounding circumstances are proper, yes, you can bring into the material manifestation your creation. You can bring it into reality. But how many people live in a condition where that is totally possible. So it may come to you in reality in something less than you had desired or hoped. Does that make any sense to you?  Questioner: Yes.

The Council: Whenever you concentrate intently, meditate or pray upon wanting something to materialize, you do not lose part of the essence of yourself, but that essence is used in forming the potential for that concept to become a reality. Do you understand that?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: The electromagnetic field that you really are is not contained in just a small area or is not permanently contained in just a small area. It can transcend or extend out beyond the normal limits of your being in order to create certain elements or things that you may want in your life or certain states of your being that you may desire, certain qualities you may wish.

Does it dissipate into the etheric and leave you? No. It is always there in that vicinity working. Again, the circumstances around you or the circumstances you are in or the purity of thought that you have, the strength of concentration, the determination, will determine how perfect that creation will be when it reaches reality.

You cannot be spiritual just by desiring it and thinking about it. You become spiritual or more evolved or more attuned or develop a stronger at-one-ment with your Creator by meditating on it, by praying on it, but also by doing those things that are required of a spiritual person.

 If you use both ends of the spectrum, the doing and the mental creation, the chances of it coming into reality are far greater because the actual physical doing gives a stronger foundation, builds greater avenues where the spiritual can open up much wider and much clearer to you.

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