Sunday, March 13, 2016

The New Energies And The Changes They Bring – Part 2


Higher-Self 11Matthew Ward reminds us that “everything happening in your world is due to Earth’s Ascension into increasingly lighter energy planes wherein negatively-based activity is more quickly and emphatically running out its energetic course.” (1)

Ascension is itself being caused by “a steady stream of ever-increasing manifestations of energetic missiles being hurled at you at an ever increasing speed,” the Constant Companions say.  (2) Last article we saw that those energetic missiles were issuing from Source down through the central Suns of the universe and galaxies and by higher-density civilizations.

“These galactic gifts,” Peggy Black’s Team says, “are influencing the evolution of consciousness for humanity.” (3)  Hilarion outlines how that is.

“As the energies from the cosmos continue to flood the planet, humanity as a whole is being awakened into remembrance of their right to live their lives in peace and sovereignty.
“By integrating the greater light in the higher frequencies that surrounds them, they are opened to new perspectives that were not seen nor recognized before.

“The Light is the revolutionary catalyst that is bringing the changes that all have desired to see in their world.” (4)

The division and fragmentation inside us will collapse in the face of these energies, producing more fluidity in our lives, the Constant Companions explain.

“This period will be one of massive transformation, one where these incoming missiles of energy will interact in a most profound way with your own energetic setup, and as such, the collapse of internal division into a coherent and far more fluid system than the former fragmented one is now finally on its way.”   (5)

At a bodily level, how do the energies work their effect? We’ll look at that in more detail in a later article. The Constant Companions say it’s a cell-by-cell process:

“As all of this information enters your body, it does so in the form of energetically-charged particles, and these particles are then charging up your entire body, bit by bit, cell by single cell, and this in turn is what is raising your frequency.”  (6)

The Lighted Ones say that the “subtle yet steady increase of frequency and energy” we’re being exposed to is “designed to increase your capacity to anchor Love and Light within yourselves and upon this planet.”

“You are now equipped to handle that which is being delivered to you and it is only your intent to allow the influx of newness to continue to transform you which is required for this to occur.” (7)

According to Archangel Michael, we’re “in a process of Soul-expansion, whereby you are gaining the ability to integrate higher and higher Light frequency infusions.” (8)

Our “level of comprehension and awareness will increase with each download of higher frequency energy.” (9)  The Light is ensuring that “a whole new aspect of yourself … will emerge.”

“The process is gradual, so you may not even notice the shifts occurring, but it is important to be accepting of change in all its forms and manifestations, especially changes in your personality, character and reactions, as these will shift to be more divinely aligned first.” (10)

AA Michael cautions us that “no longer will you be allowed to stagnate or even stay at a certain level very long – time and the process of transformation are moving too rapidly.” (11)

Thus a steadily-increasing energy shower is causing humanity to evolve. It’s working its effect bit by bit and cell by cell and is causing the collective to awaken to their fuller inheritance and right to peace and happiness. There is no sitting on the fence with it any more. Things are moving too rapidly.

Tomorrow we’ll continue our look into the changes the energies are bringing.
(Continued in Part 3.)

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