Thursday, March 3, 2016

UPLIFT And UNIFY Presents ~ Bless The Water

All Unity Consciousness Grids on Gaia (and I suspect throughout this universe) maintain connectivity through water molecules. It is the medium of psychic communication, as Dr Masaru Emoto so skillfully demonstrated...DT

On Saturday, March 19th at 9:00 p.m. EST, a Bless The Water Global Meditation Event will take place along with a synchronized broadcast.

Since we Humans and our beloved Gaia are mostly made up of water, I reckon when we join up to do some clearing work, it’s going to be powerful and amazing!

From the Banks of the Ganges in India, to deep in the Amazon with Yasuni people and into the Australian outback, join us on a journey of discovery into the myriad ways different cultures celebrate the Sacred nature of Water. The goal of the film ‘Water is Sacred’ is to inspire us to look at Water again and see it as it truly is: the essence of Life.

Let’s reclaim the Water’s of the World and protect them, just as indigenous custodians have done for countless generations. Together, we can shift the consciousness of the World towards Water. Together, we can restore the Waters of the World.

The full story and to register ~

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