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This Awareness: The Revolution Has Begun

Boy does this DT-Van-Winkle lifestyle was starting to concern my wife. The neighbors wondering aloud if my red plaid robe is some kind of new Jedi outfit, that I wear at all hours of the day.  These nightly bouts with team dark, in the not-so-pleasant Astral neighborhoods they are clinging to, have left me with some very unpleasant Kundalini Road-Rash. And my quides insistence that the itching will disappear after The Event is no consolation.  Definitely DO NOT Git Sum of this! Mork out...Nanuu Nanuu!

Channellled Via Will Berlinghof On 2-7-16

Today is the 7th of February, 2016. Will Berlinghof is the Voice of Cosmic Awareness, and Callista is the Energizer and questioner. Welcome Awareness, could you please tell us if you have a message for the general public at this time. This is a very interesting and challenging time that we are going through. What are your comments on what is happening?

That it is indeed a very interesting time, a powerful time, a time of great significance to humanity, to Mother Earth and to the unfolding of the template that is in formation, that many are tying into already, that is guiding them towards that which is an experiencing of events extraordinary, events of great magnitude and significance, and yet most do not even fully comprehend or understand this. Instead what is being generally experienced upon the planet is a time of great anxiety and angst, a time of confusion and chaos, as the world around them seems to be falling apart.

That the general public, of course, are not aware that the events that they are being focused to observe and partake in, are events of great significance and magnitude in a much deeper and older plan, an agenda that was formulated over the thousands of years, and has been moving towards this very time for completion and activation.

Activation for those who have been in power for so long, of their agenda and their plans and to this long-held agenda that this Awareness would say, that those in power, false power, illusionary power, still think that they have the upper hand, and that they are hood-winking humanity into blind observation and compliance of the events that are happening on the world, that are leading them to the conclusion, that is the conclusion those in power wish the masses to come to.

That these are dangerous times, these are fearful times, that they are victims to these times and these extraordinary events that promise to them, and this way of looking at it, only great disappointment, sadness, hopelessness and despair. Yet these times are more than that which is the false agenda being worked out and pushed forward by those in power, those in the last stages of the old regime, the old empire, the old realm of ones who were privileged, ones who were committed to the plans of others above them, beyond them.

This Awareness is of course first referring to those who are known as the Elites, the Cabal, those who are the Illuminati ones, those who have had access to power and privilege for thousands of years. These are the ones on this earthly plane, at this time, who are pushing the agenda that was formulated thousands of years ago and has been manipulated and maneuvered over the thousands of years to bring humanity to this very point, to bring Mother Earth to this very point where their plans, as they see it, and as they have pushed it, are about to come to completion. But, will they come to completion?

That this is their belief and that they have convinced many through their mind-control, through their social programming, through their controlled media, to believe in as they believe, that it will so even though they no longer have the authority to stay in power, even though their leaders above them have been deserting them.

Those who are at the top eschelon of the powers-that-be are not even those who are human, or in corporeal form. That this would be in reference to those who are known as the Archons, and their co-creation of the AI, the Artificial Intelligence, that they have been using to move events and circumstances forward, who have been dictating to the dictators what they must do, who they are serving, and how to do so.

These ones, the Archons, the AI, indeed still think that they will succeed, and this is passed down directly to their minions, their servants, those who have been advantaged over the countless centuries to serve these masters. In their perspective and in their way of seeing things, they are working indeed to complete that long-standing agenda, and they are very close as they see it to doing so. All of this is conspiring against humanity that have been the slaves to them, have been the energies that were fed upon, the sacrifices that they made, being that which has always fed these Archons.

But it is an important time now, not for the reasons just spoken of by this Awareness, that those in power at different levels, assumed to be the reason of importance. This is their false perception, it is that which they think will happen, but that is not what is unfolding at the deepest levels, at unconscious levels.

That which is unfolding is a revolution and rebellion against those in power, not by ones who hold arms, not by ones who would go and battle their enemy, those in power, but rather the many who are on this Earth plane of existence at this time because they are here to participate in the actual shift in consciousness. The revolution of Spirit that is now underway on this planet and in this realm.

Many who are here to be participant in this revolution, this Spiritual awakening, do not understand fully what is happening. It is more that they are finding that they are feeling something, they are feeling that there is change coming, and many have been dedicated towards the change that is coming all of their lives, and yet the evidence always seems to support those in power that they are still in control, they are still pulling the strings. That is why it is very important to realize at this time that this revolution in Spirit on this plane of existence is taking place.

Much that is being experienced by those who have volunteered to come here, to be part of this shift in consciousness... this paradigm shift that is underway, are having experiences at this time in their physical lives that are difficult for them, hard for them to understand, as it is so that many are still combating their own socialization, their own programming, that they have been part of and subjected to all of their lives.

Many for example, at this time, are feeling great weariness and fatigue, many are sleeping much more than they used to, many are feeling that somehow this is wrong and yet their bodies are responding to this need to rest and to sleep. The programming that they have been raised with often indicates that they should be busy and active, and not simply lying around, resting and sleeping.

Yet this Awareness says those ones who are most affected this way, who feel this exhaustion to the degree that they must rest more, sleep more, are actually participating in events beyond the physical. They are participating in astral activities which are of great significance and importance at this time, for there is an astral battle that is currently taking place between those who are here to help free up the planet herself, consciousness itself, the human collective consciousness.

That these ones are partaking in astral battles with the Archons, the AI, with the demons and the Djin of the inter-dimensional spaces that are here in large numbers. They are battling extraterrestrial ones that are the servants of the Archonic AI forces. This is a serious battle and to those many who are active at this time, feeling the effects of exhaustion in their lives, please understand that many of you are engaged, when you are asleep, in these activities where this battle is taking place.

That these activities demand great energy from you on that astral plane, and often it is so, that when you awaken, because of your activity in the sleep phase, in the engagement of the astral planes and the activities you are involved with at these astral planes, that upon awakening there is a sense of fatigue and tiredness because of this.

That if it is so that you are feeling on the physical plane that you should be more active and that you shouldn’t be sleeping so much, that this can be a vexation and a frustration to you. That this Awareness says therefore, to those who are feeling their great exhaustion, please understand that you are multi-dimensional beings that do not only have your existence on this physical plane, but co-exist on the astral planes, expand into levels of consciousness that are not tied in and tied up with the physical plane, the third-dimensional dualistic binary plane of existence.

You are beyond this when you are engaging in the astral levels, and especially at this time, where great conflict is taking place, the great battle for humanity and Mother Earth is currently underway. That in this battle, do not ever think or feel that it will not happen, that this transition, this shift in human consciousness will fail because it will not.

Divine Source and Spirit are behind this, but do understand that you are doing great work and are of extreme importance in this battle that is taking place beyond human perception and understanding. Yet there is a part of you that understands and says: “Well, there is a part of you that drives you forward to find new answers and new understanding, that feels this connection.” Trust this inner feeling, this inner knowing. Know that this time, this very time, is of extreme importance, especially in the unfolding events that will soon take place.

That this time is the time that Spirit has allocated as the time for the beginning of the shift, the actual beginning of the shift. For in a sense, due to the paradox, the shift has been underway for a long time already, but simultaneously is at a point where it is beginning.

Do not worry about the paradox of this. Simply hold that it is so, that you are a part of that which is a physical reality and the experiences you have during that physical time when you are awake, and simultaneously you are part of that which is non-corporeal, which exceeds that which is the physical, which puts you back into your Spirit body so that you can engage and be part of that which is being played out on the astral planes at this time.

That this Awareness is open to any questions the questioner might have of It.

Thank you Awareness, for that overview, because I think it is an overview, I really think there are a lot of questions that can be asked to go much more deeply into this situation and I ask that we have another session to answer a few questions for the membership, but at the moment, I think I might reserve my questions for that, and if you have anything else that you would like to add to what you have already said for the Public blog, would you please like to say it now?

That this Awareness has been speaking of the events that are to unfold in 2016 especially in the first quarter of 2016, especially in the middle of March 2016. That this Awareness does say that there will be an event in the middle of the month, around March 15th which is known as the Ides of March, that will be very challenging to many. That this is the time of preparation as one is experiencing already the convoluted energies on this planet, the inner, the inner connection to events on the astral, that inner knowing of things taking place beyond human comprehension.

That this time is of critical importance, this time here, now, in this month of February in preparation for the events in the time of March, in the middle of the month. It is seen that one of the plans of those in power is that which would be a false extraterrestrial invasion or false extraterrestrial contact, what is often referred to as “first contact”.

This is something that those in power have been moving towards constantly, and there are certain events of a public nature that are preparing humanity for such an event, including that which is the popular series “The X-Files”, the latest X-Files, that are trying to create a new impression of the extraterrestrials, that are trying now to suggest that men, that humans, have been behind all. The previous emphasis on the extraterrestrial ones, of dark extraterrestrial, even evil extraterrestrials are not the ones who did anything actually, but this was all part of some hidden agenda of the government, of those in power.

That this series is being presented by ones who are controlled, therefore there is a reason why this series is being presented with this message at this time: part of that which is seen by this Awareness is to lull humanity into a false assumption that those who were once blamed, are perhaps not those who are culprit, and that the ones that are responsible are your own government officials and politicians and leaders.

This is a way of setting things up, of seeming to bring things to a point where the masses can now see who was at fault, and believe that these ones are the evil ones, not any extraterrestrial ones.
This would set it up nicely, in the event a false invasion or false first contact happens, that humans would perhaps then not be as frightened. It is also a setting up of those who were once servants to be given up, to be brought into question.

There is a deep and hidden agenda here and this Awareness would ask all to simply understand that what is often presented on their television screens is not always what it seems. That there are hidden agendas always, even behind the hidden agendas that they are working with, and that as events build up, you have the choice of being fooled by these false flag events, or seeing through them, and understanding that this is that which is playing out at this time as it needs to, and that you can choose not to be fooled by the false agendas and the false flag events.

If it is so that you see these events unfolding before you, take a step back, assume neutrality, be the observer, know that things are not what they seem, and allow yourself the space to question all, to go deeper into understanding of how these ones have so long manipulated humanity and that you choose no longer to be fooled by them, or to participate in the events they are assigning you, they are assigning humanity.

It is a time of great deliverance and opportunity. Remember this as the world seems to fall apart around you as events unfold, that challenge all that you have ever known. Dig deep, go deep within yourself, find your spiritual balance and connection, and know that those events that are coming now, that could unfold in the weeks, months ahead, have a much deeper purpose.

Not the purpose of serving the corrupted ones, but rather of freeing humanity itself, and freeing Mother Earth as well, and that you are part of all of this, whether you choose to be unconscious during this or use these times and these events to awaken to a much deeper reality that lies all around you, that lies within you is the individual’s choice, is your choice. These are extraordinary times, and that this Awareness asks all to remember this as events unfold around them.

This Awareness is complete.

“The Revolution Has Begun,” channeled by Will Berlinghof, February 7, 2016, at
Source Link: Rainbow Phoenix: Rising To Ascension

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