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Will Lightworkers Miss The Boat?

And he means "that slow boat from Hanoi, I do believe."  In these last few moments before the tsunami hits, just keep waitin' those tables...

By Blissed-Out Steve Beckow On 3-3-16

Gandhi 22I had a recent discussion with a lightholder at a meet-up who wanted to know why we were discussing money matters (the Reval) at a spiritual gathering.

Why were we not talking about enlightenment and God and spirituality?

I wanted to expand on that discussion and clarify the matter.

A lightholder is one who puts enlightenment at the forefront of attention, turns within, and detaches from the worldly round of life to seek it. In Hinduism, the lightholder path is, I believe, called raja yoga.

A lightworker is one who serves the Divine Mother’s Plan for the age, foregoing turning within to turn without and address the problems that exist in the world. In Hinduism, the lightworker’s path is, I think, called karma yoga (the yoga of action).

Spirituality is additive; it isn’t “either/or.” A lightworker can be a lightholder and vice versa. But saying one is a “lightworker” is a way of saying that one’s first and overarching commitment is service to the Divine Mother by serving the well-being of the world.

Do we miss the spiritual boat by turning towards the world? No, we don’t. The path of service is a path to God. In Hinduism it’s called seva. “Seva” means service. Lightworkers are activists, servants, and stewards;lightholders are contemplatives, saints, and sages.

 Lightworkers won’t lose out on enlightenment. You can see that I’ve experienced transformative love, bliss, ecstacy and exaltation, all in the past year. Never in my years as a lightholder have I ever been so rewarded.

And I’m so busy that I don’t have a lot of time for meditation. So much for the thought that a busy (occupied) mind cannot advance in spirituality. These outcomes demonstrate that a lightworker won’t lose out on the benefits of spirituality.

You and I have ascended in other lifetimes or we wouldn’t be here. If we hadn’t ascended, all of us would be burning with a desire for Ascension. We’d be so focused on our own spiritual practice that we’d have no time for service.

Moreover, under those circumstances, to hear from our guides, as I have, that we can visit the higher states but we can’t stay there would be a terrible blow, a grievous disappointment. But knowing what our soul contract is, our role and mission, and knowing that we return to our realms when the task is over allows us (OK, me) to accept the circumstances of our mission.

When I look at my life, there are all kinds of indications that I’ve been this route before – as have you. The ease with which I drop into meditation, the raft of spiritual experiences I had in the 70s and 80s, more recent truncated experiences that would have been full-blown enlightenment under ordinary circumstances, an intense interest in enlightenment – on and on the indications go.

And it’s the same with you, I’m sure. Most lightworkers are angelic in origin (1) and angels are transcendental. That means we’ve come from beyond the twelve dimensions of human reality.
Here’s what AAM said to me in 2011 on why I wear the blindfold, a statement which I believe includes you in its scope:

 “If you came with full capacity and meaning – yes, the vision, the hearing, the knowing, the full memory, the access, all of the above – and you were to communicate to humans, to the collective, there would be a sense of separation.  That is why you, as with so many, have been kept under cover.” (2)

We’ve been asked to come and leaven the loaf.   Or you could imagine that we came as waiters at the banquet of Ascension. The Divine Mother prepares the banquet and we serve the guests.

The lightholder at the meet-up was disconcerted by the discussion of the Reval. In his mind, we were being worldly, profit-driven. Well, of course we’re not. I don’t know anyone at that meeting who cares for money overly much, except as an instrument to end homelessness, develop new technologies, clean up pollution, etc.

We’re excited at the service to humanity we can provide as a result of participating in the Reval.
Volunteering to be pipelines for the outflow of the Mother’s wealth entails a great deal of sacrifice. I’m a monk by persuasion and handling money is a hugely-confronting thing for me. My memory is Teflon-coated these days. I forget something five minutes after I hear it and I’m going to be handling money? Give me a break.

I met with my bank manager today and was totally blissed out. I leaked information I probably should not have and acted like a person who was stoned. But I can no longer suppress the bliss. I’ve resolved to have a colleague come along with me if it ever happens again that I’m that deeply in bliss.

Sometimes I’m so deeply in bliss that I can’t walk. I certainly can’t do complicated tasks at times like that.

But I’m trusting that it’ll all work out. And the celestials have assured us it will. Here’s Archangel Michael for instance:

Archangel Michael: Not that we will allow you to go wrong – let us be very clear.  This plan has been in unfoldment for far too long for money to simply be washed down the drain by decisions that are not beneficial either for yourself or for others and for those who will benefit from the abundance programs, plural.  (3)
All the anxiety and caution will certainly be worth it if it results in financing some of the activities that help build Nova Earth.

Lightworkers serve the Divine Mother. And her mandate for us is to build a new Earth. Masters like Jesus, Sanat Kumara, Maitreya, the new Buddha (Ranjit), etc., are the lamplighters of this age. What they’ll reveal about the nature of Reality will turn us and our world upside down.

Will I drink their words in? You bet. I can’t wait. But then I’ll go back to that part of my mission that’s concerned with building Nova Earth.

(1) See “Most of Us are or Have Been Angels” at
(2) Archangel Michael to Steve Beckow in a personal reading through Linda Dillon, Feb. 11, 2011.
(3) Ibid., Aug. 6, 2013.

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