Monday, March 14, 2016

The New Energies And The Changes They Bring – Part 3/5

The General Impact of the Energies

We’ve gone through so many waves of energy with names like the Tsunami of Love, the Sirian Wave, the Lion’s Gate, the Blood Moon Equinox, and so on.

The latest energetic arrival is a shower of gamma waves. These are the formal Ascension energies, the Arcturians explain, which are awakening our higher-dimensional consciousness

“Your superconscious mind is awakening, and your perceptions and translations of reality are increasingly transmuting to consciously encompass the higher frequency of gamma waves.

“In fact, now, the gamma waves are penetrating your atmosphere, your reality, and your physical body.

“Therefore, your innate gamma-wave – fifth dimensional consciousness – is coming ‘on line’ with your conscious perceptions, and is beginning to intermingle with your third-dimensional perceptions. Hence, your 3D perceptions are expanding.” (1)

 It’ll feel as if someone suddenly turned on the lights.

“This expanded awareness may feel as if someone ‘turned on the lights.’ Actually, that ‘someone’ is you. YOU have turned up the frequency. …

“As the fifth-dimensional Light continues to activate your 97% ‘junk’ DNA, your body, your consciousness, and your perceptions will begin to calibrate to a higher frequency of Light.” (2)

In her report on the Sirian-wave transmission of Feb. 2015, Celia Fenn tells us that “the Earth Councils are receiving New Templates for Higher Forms of LIfe and Consciousness on Earth.” (3)

The Pineal Gland or Eye of Horus will be activated:

“The Pineal Gland will receive the powerful Light Codes and then transmit them into the Light Body and the DNA structures of the physical body.

“Because the ‘voltage’ of the Light Codes is so high, there may be side effects such as dizziness, nausea, insomnia, muscle spasms, anxiety and bad dreams.

“These will be temporary symptoms as the Body and Light Body adjust to the new frequencies that are enabling Multi-Dimensional consciousness as a ‘real’ experience. …

“When the Eye of Horus or Pineal Gland is powerfully activated by Light transmissions from the Star system of Sirius, it means that a powerful energy of Creation and manifestation is under way.” (4)

Our symptoms will gradually yield to contentment as the energies lift us higher and higher, say the Constant Companions:

“What you as a ‘passenger’ within this amazing physical vehicle may experience as a sort of motion sickness is once again only symptoms of a huge growth spurt that will enable you all to reach those lofty heights you have so hankered for.

“Again, what may feel extremely unsettling at times, whether in a physical or in a more emotional way, are merely bumps in the road that will be more noticeable now that the speed has increased to such a degree, and even if they can be bothersome at times, they will indeed decrease as this body of yours will get better at BEing in this continuous flow of liberating light-rain.

“And so, expect to feel less like a passenger in an airplane being tossed about in the heavenly turbulence, and more as a contented one, settling in to explore the surroundings and to admire the view as it keeps whizzing by at an ever increasing speed.” (5)

Archangel Gabriel assures us that “while these energies can be somewhat uncomfortable, they are moving you forward, at a rapid rate, into all of the things that your hearts desire and wish to experience.” (6)

SanJAsKa tells us:

“Your ability to feel and radiate massive amounts of pure Light is greater than it has ever been and of course, this ability is only to increase as you find yourselves able to open up to states of consciousness and states of wellbeing that you had perhaps not expected to be able to feel at this time.” (7)

The various energetic showers are awakening our superconscious mind or Fifth-Dimensional consciousness.  The awakened Pineal Gland will send the light codes to the light body and DNA. Discomfort will yield to contentment as we open up to higher and higher states of consciousness.

Tomorrow will focus in on physical, emotional and communicational changes higher consciousness is bringing.
(Continued in Part 4.)

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