Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Guides:Sovereignty vs. Systemic Abuse

Dearest Ones,
We are loving you powerfully and asking your cooperation with improving the state of your world. We remind you that you are exceptional beings who have a great deal more power than you know. This applies to every area of your life. When you apply the knowing of how powerful you are to make positive change in your life, you will improve your lives immensely and that will have a ripple effect on your world. Your world is at a tipping point.

Do you want to tip into a greater future or tip into greater fear and powerlessness? We ask you to keep this question in mind in all your endeavors moving forward. The world is what you make it through your thoughts and choices more than any other cause, reason, action, event, or circumstance. At some point, everything that exists was only a thought.

Every biological development, every chemical reaction, every invention, every circumstance is a thought manifested to create something that did not exist previously. The human race often questions why God would create this or allow that when in actuality, it is you who created those things you question through your collective thoughts, fears, perceived need to defend yourselves, and perceived need to kill or be killed whether it is a wild animal, an insect, or your fellow man.

Creator allowed you to create your own reality and you collectively over many millenia have created the exact world you live in. When you understand the truth of this and allow yourselves to begin creating a new reality for yourself and your world, you can and will create a new world through the power of your thoughts, words, and actions. This will take a great deal of undoing on your parts. That does not mean it cannot be done. What we mean by undoing is: if you were able to erase certain things from your mind, your awareness, your society, your world, what would those things be and how would you go about it?

Let us begin with child abuse. Children are completely and totally innocent until they are corrupted in some way. They are pure spiritual beings born into dense chaos and there is a period of adjustment for them to acclimate to life outside the womb. If their physical and psychological needs continue to be met they will grow healthily and continue to develop into strong beings constantly increasing their physical, emotional, and mental awareness and strength.

As this happens, in most cases, their connection with source simultaneously decreases as they begin responding more and more to their outer environment and experience the lower emotions of fear and anger in any number of ways.

If a care giver doubts their ability to care for this young one, the young one receives those thought forms in their field and can process that in a number of ways. The child might perceive that their caregiver is inadequate to care for them, that they are not worthy of being cared for, that they do not want to create hardship for their caregiver so they will simply not express a need for anything, or that they have a right to have their needs met so they will demand attention through tears, anger, or other unwanted behavior that attracts attention.

Each of these coping mechanisms have a profound effect on the personality of the child and how they perceive the world. The child learns to distinguish between those caregivers that 'know' how to care for them and those that do not. They begin to develop a system to respond to different caregivers in different ways based on what they pick up from each caregiver via their thoughts, words, actions, and most importantly, the energy they emit.

When children feel loved, safe, and nurtured, they thrive. When they feel lack, they learn to compensate for that lack in some way. They develop coping mechanisms and or strategies to get their basic needs met. If their basic needs are not met continuously, they generally feel unworthy and are constantly looking for ways to experience worthiness. They may strive to be the best student, to help their mother or the teacher in every way they can, to be the best at everything they do. Or they may feel so unworthy that they do not even try to be better than other children/students. Either way, they are responding to what the world has given them.

When they are abused, they process it according to their life experience. They may be devastated and feel that they must have done something to deserve it which further contributes to them not feeling safe in the world, not trusting themselves, their caregivers, or the world. They may feel that their abuser is 'not right' and separate themselves from the abuser in every way they can to remove themselves from association with the abuser and remove any self-responsibility.

They may justify the time with their abuser if that gives them a sense of worth - either because the abuser chose them over all the other children, or because the abuser spends time with them that no other adult does, or because they feel they are preventing the abuser from hurting another child by allowing their abuse to continue, or because they feel they are helping the abuser in some way - the abuser is sick and they are helping him or her to feel better.

In every one of these scenarios, the child holds some degree of awareness that what is happening is wrong and that they could do something to stop or prevent it but, unless they have been taught what to do if something like this happens, they do not say a word, often because the perpetrator has threatened them in a significant way that there will be consequences if they tell.

So what does this have to do with the state of your world? You are all so busy surviving, you have forgotten how to thrive. We are inviting you to becomeThrivers - to remember that you are no longer children figuring out how to cope with whatever is thrown your way. You are the masters of your universe. Create exactly what you want in your home, your life, your workplace, your community, your region, your country, your world, and your planet.

 It is not nearly as difficult as most of you think it is to improve your personal circumstances. Once you improve your circumstances, there is no way you can not effect others. When you live from a place of knowing that the universe is an abundant place for all - that there is enough for everyone to live abundantly, to thrive in every way, and to have all their needs met continuously without exception, you will let go of the 'me first' mentality that keeps you all so collectively weak and needy.

Create the world you want where everyone has food, clothing, shelter, health care, education, and the ability to choose in what way they will contribute to the world for all that the world provides for them and you create great balance.

Do not buy into any concepts that prevent you from creating this reality for all. As for your government system, why do you continue to allow things to be the way they are? Why do you collectively support poverty and war and the destruction of the Earth which increasingly diminishes your quality of life and health?

Each and every one of you has the power to create massive societal change. Any person or institution that tells you otherwise is either living in fear or perceives that they are benefiting from maintaining the status quo. The reality is, no one benefits when so many suffer. There is absolutely no reason for all of the impoverishments you experience to continue.

The only reason so many of you believe that universal housing, education, health care, and so many other things are not possible is because you have been told so by a system that is very invested in keeping you small and dis-empowered. Think about it dearest ones, doesn't it make sense that if everyone is housed, clothed, fed, and is allowed to pursue whatever education they want, that the world would be a better place? Wouldn't people feel more fulfilled? More joyful? Wouldn't there be more time to play, to create, to celebrate, to be in a state of gratitude for all the abundance?

The only difference between that reality and the one you are experiencing is perception. If you all perceive that you have the power to create a better world for all, you can. The resources are already there. Why does it seem natural and right to you to allow a few to hold the vast majority of wealth for all when so many of the all are suffering? The all can experience a very high level of well-being when resources are allocated for the benefit of all.

It is not anyone's God-given right to pursue and hoard wealth at the expense of others, yet that is exactly what has been allowed to proliferate and so few of you question this system. Redistributing wealth does not harm anyone at all. Even those who hold the wealth lose nothing except some paper and false perceptions. They would gain exponentially as much as those who have nothing and would be catapulted into a life of well-being that would offer them a chance to express their gratitude in a way that contributes to the world in the way only they can.

Each and every one of you has a unique purpose. How can one possibly live out their purpose when their basic needs are not being met? Do you understand what we are saying dear ones? Your government is not working. No matter what country you reside in, if you are not experiencing well-being as a community, a country, a nation, your system is not working and it is time for massive change for all, for the highest good of all.

Do not settle for less than basic human rights for all all across the globe. Do not be duped into thinking that providing basic human rights for all will infringe on what you have or are able to receive. Nothing could be further from the truth. If everyone has a roof over their head, health care, and basic education, they can improve their lives in whatever way they choose. If they are homeless or can not get health care, they will be constantly struggling.

Would you not want to see everyone in your community with housing, education, and health care? Would that hurt you in any way? Quite the opposite. The more peoples basic needs are met, the more able they are to pursue careers and make a life rather than just scrounge to exist. The more that are gainfully employed the more they have to spend on whatever goods or services you provide. It is a win-win for all.

So dear ones, it is time to break free from your abusers. Take back your power and claim the life you want, not the life your abusers are allowing you to live. Know they have groomed you from an early age to believe much of what you believe and much of that is false. Any system that promotes lack and inequality is not what Creator intended for you. You are divine beings having a human experience. You have forgotten your divinity. We remind you that living a divine life means that everything is provided for you. There is no lack, no suffering, no desire to see others suffer. There is love and all of love's divine manifestations for all.

Begin to see that the ways your life is not working and the ways the world is imbalanced are the result of massive systemic abuse. Empower yourselves to be your own divine liberator. Speak truth to power and call out the abusers for who and what they are. Create change for yourself and you pave the way for others to do the same. Speak out about what is not acceptable in your society and join forces with others to create more positive change, to discredit those who stand to gain by keeping you small, separate, dis-empowered, needy, in fear, judgmental of your fellow sisters and brothers that may not be as well off as you, and do your best to thrive in every way you desire.

Imagine health, prosperity, and fulfillment for all. Speak about it, create it to the extent you are able knowing that that will grow further and eventually proliferate for all. You CAN do anything you choose - including changing the paradigms that there will always be hunger and poverty and war. That is what your abusers want you to believe. It is only true if you allow it to be. You are sovereign beings. You have been trained in a way that prevents you from knowing that and acting from that place of personal power.

We invite you to teach your children that they are divine, they are sovereign, they do not have to believe that war, poverty, illness, suffering, and homelessness are inevitable. Your children truly have the power to change the world - more than you and your considerable power. The time is ripe for you to remember your divinity and your sovereignty and please remember the wise words, "The Lord helps them who help themselves."

Whoever or whatever you perceive as the Lord, it is in the highest good of all to know that you will receive divine assistance in breaking out of the chains that bind you into false beliefs of poverty, hunger, and war. Trust in the greater good of all, not a so-called elite few. Trust in the abundance of a benevolent Source that can and will provide for all your needs when you empower yourselves enough to ask. Ask with the knowing that the current paradigm is severely misaligned from balance, and ask in a way that encompasses the knowing that you are divine and thereby deserving of a divine inheritance of health, well-being, oneness, personal autonomy, and the freedom to pursue your own divine expression in the world. Ask with the knowing that all who are able to live meaningful lives are uniquely gifted to be able to share their gifts with others.

Know that all who live in poverty, hunger, ignorance, and fear are truly a burden to society, not so much in the ways you have been trained to believe, but in the lack of ability to offer their innate gifts to the whole. Know that some of your greatest minds, some of the most powerful beings that have ever existed are ignorant of their own gifts because of the extent that they are abused by your current systems. Their gifts are hidden behind hunger, homelessness, poverty, lack of awareness that their power is needed in the world because they are suffering in mental institutions or quarantined in some prison made for them by those who did not bother to see their gifts and what they have to offer the world.

Know that crime is a result of abuse in every single case. A great many of those who suffer from mental illness experience a powerful disconnect from what is because of what they know could and should be and is not. They are the ones who could be the forerunners of a massive societal shift toward right living for all. Instead they are imprisoned, drugged into submission or great delusions, and made to live in fear and distrust. Often their presenting symptoms are fear, distrust, and questioning of what is. From our perspective, those are all very natural responses to the level of abuse they have witnessed and experienced. Conformity is not necessarily the healthiest choice. It might be a 'safe' choice - but at what cost?

Dearest ones, think well on all we have communicated here and ask yourselves how can you personally increase your own personal well-being as well as societal well-being and your awareness of what is right for all. What can you do make the changes you wish to see in the world? What do you imagine is your divine purpose? What would you do for yourself and for others if you knew you could not fail? Would that be different from the choices you are currently making? How can you bring the choices you have made until now and the choices that reflect your personal power and divinity into greater alignment?

We are loving you powerfully and grant you the will to greater empowerment and sovereignty.
And so it is.

The Collective of Guides

Channeled by Salena Migeot             Link to Original

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