Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hilarion's Weekly Message

Channelled By Marlene Swetlishoff On 3-20-16

Beloved Ones,
We from the ascended realms of Light have been asked for a message specifically to the people of Turkey who have been experiencing frightening horrors through the events occurring in their country for the past eight months. Many souls in Turkey have been holding the Light of the higher vision of peace for their country and for the world and have been and continue to, earnestly pray for this to come into their daily living experience. They are finding it difficult to remain detached from the fear and anger that permeates the hearts of the people and the environment that they have no choice but to be a part of in their country.

There is at this time, a focus on this country by the world’s powers. There are moves and counter moves that are being played out in the political arenas. Each politician is making moves to hold on to their waning powers and this has been demonstrated in Turkey through the betrayal of their own people as these powers seek to regain control of their authority. On the higher levels, what is seen is the crumbling and decaying of the old regimes as the systems they created fall into disrepair and decay, and this is reflected outwardly in the world as chaos and destruction, as heaps of rubble and ruin.

It is so very difficult to maintain the energies of love, hope and forgiveness when this is occurring in one’s country and to one’s people. Yet this is what is asked of those who have held the space of a better life and a better way for all. Difficult as your lives are in this moment, know that sustaining and maintaining your beliefs in a higher power, a benevolent power, is what is most important to maintain. Give assistance to your sisters and brothers when you are able and pray without ceasing for a peaceful end to the violence that is so relentless in its activities. Your prayers are powerful and potent and doing more good than you can possibly know during these times.

There are many old energies coming up within people and nations that are karmic in nature, not only in Turkey, but in every country throughout the world. Before a better world for everyone can manifest, all the age old hatreds and judgements from the past must be balanced by the intent of their people as they hold love, peace, harmony and goodness within their hearts no matter what happens. This desire for peace and harmony must be the focus and intent no matter what is taking place within one’s personal world, one’s country or upon the world stage. This, Dear Ones, is why you have chosen to be in your country during these times. You have the training and the ability to maintain the higher vision. You serve a greater function that you are aware of at this time.

And so it is that you are asked to be of a forgiving heart, to be the calm in the storm of violent change as it sweeps across your land and in every nation across the planet. It is a great price that is being asked of the Lighted ones throughout the planet, sometimes requiring sacrifices that are beyond bearing. Call upon us, no matter what name you call the Creator in your lands, know that you are supported and loved by all in the higher realms where we all live, breathe and have our being in the Source of All That Is. You are not alone in your spiritual journey and growth. We ask the Lightworkers throughout the world to daily send the people and country of Turkey and all the other hot spots around the world, the cooling Violet Flame of transmutation. Together we are creating a better world for all.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

2009-2016 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana

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