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Celestial Vision: March Eclipse/Equinox Combo Ushers Portals Of Higher Potential

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By DL Zeta On 3-21-16

We are standing inside a moment when new frequencies are riding in on the wings of powerful energies. These frequencies hasten each person into the energetic field of the new time according to their spiritual purpose, intentions and vibration.

The Pisces Solar Eclipse March 8 unleashed an unprecedented wave of inner transformation that brought us to this week’s Spring Equinox (Fall Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere), a time when the past gives way to profound new beginnings. Combined with the eclipse energies, the equinox ushers new portals of higher potential. These higher energies give rise to a future you have until now only glimpsed in dreams and waking visions.

The March 23 Lunar Eclipse in Libra will define the course of the transformation begun with the March 8 Solar Eclipse. These new energies will set the tone for the next six months and chart the way collectively into the next phase of the new time. While the days prior to and immediately after an eclipse are the most intense, the energies of an eclipse cast a strong influence for the following six months and, in some cases, beyond.

Healing Sacred Wounds with the March 8 Solar Eclipse

At the individual level the March 8 Solar Eclipse conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer, facilitated the healing of a deep wound that may have impeded your movement along the path of realizing your highest potentials. This sacred wound could be from this life or another. It represents a need to learn and grow that exists deep with you.

Many souls incarnated into this timeframe for its potential to heal cellular wounds they have carried across lifetimes. As a soul heals at a deep level, the spiritual purpose for this lifetime becomes activated, allowing that individual to step past anything that previously stood in the way of serving others on a larger scale.

Receiving the Message of your Sacred Wound

The energies of the Pisces Solar Eclipse conjunct Chiron open the way for needed healing to enter your consciousness at a deep level, eventually working its way to all levels of your being. Be willing to embrace the message of your wound and allow these insights to serve as the foundation for new levels of awakening. Set your intentions to realize your highest potentials and be alert to guidance that comes in dreams and meditation so you can receive the moment-by-moment insights needed to manifest the essence of your inner transformation into the outer world.

Over the next six months you will be asked to step past your comfort zone and have faith that your actions now will bring the experiences needed to facilitate your movement to the next level. You will be asked to adopt new templates for creating future realities. This solar eclipse signals that it’s time to stop looking to the past for what’s possible. The future that lies ahead bears no resemblance to the realities you are leaving behind. The changes taking place now are percolating deep within your soul and within collective consciousness. It is essential that you stand strong and trust that the changes initiated now will manifest with divine timing.

Affirm your readiness; maintain your focus and allow the daily synchronistic flow of actions and ideas to take place. Honor the truth of your heart and release the past as the new energies work at a deep level to heal old fear patterns and balance and clear your energy at all levels. Over coming months your attention will be drawn to anything that stands in the way of your healing including any addictions, fears, self-defeating behaviors, energy leaks, self-doubts, emotional wounds, negative thoughts, and thought viruses.

Commit to spiritual practices, a healthy diet and exercise regimen and practice gratitude and forgiveness daily. Old issues from the past may arise now to be released. Do not give them your energy, just observe and hold them in a place of love and forgiveness. Hold the door open to miracles and breakthroughs at this time and trust that new realities aligned with your dreams and visions are real and here to stay.

Manifesting with the March 23 Lunar Eclipse

The March 23 Eclipse in Libra brings deeper insights into the nature of past wounds, their meaning and purpose and the steps you can take to unlock their divine potential. If you are experiencing physical illness this eclipse beacons you to explore alternative healing techniques aimed at harmonizing body, mind, and soul. Every situation that arises in your life is a message from your higher self, encoded with insights and frequencies designed to support your movement along your spiritual path.

The March 23 eclipse begins to manifest the visions that danced through your consciousness around the time of the March 8 eclipse. In coming weeks and months the path revealed at the first of this month will bear fruit as you move further into new levels of awakening and new manifestations associated with that awakening.

Making the Most of the Eclipse/Equinox Portals

In order to make the most of this time:

One) Practice moderation at all levels. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, squares the March 8 eclipse, indicating the need to avoid excess in all areas of your life.

Two) Focus on health by adopting a new and healthier diet and exercise regimen. Health practices designed to harmonize body, mind and soul are especially supported now with Chiron conjunct the March 8 eclipse. Health consciousness will be a dominant theme the rest of this year.

Three) Embrace the inevitable chaos that accompanies transition periods. Energies now are attempting to rearrange themselves at a higher level, creating chaos and confusion on an ongoing basis. Remaining awake and alert to guidance helps you navigate times of chaos and uncertainty. Keep a dream journal to receive the messages of your subconscious and meditate and practice yoga and other forms of movement designed to harmonize all levels of your being.

Four) Accept and embrace loss. During times of change and transformation you may experience the loss of many things in your life. Careers, relationships, living arrangements and other underpinnings of your reality may fall away to make way for the new. Loss and sacrifice are common themes in transition times. Allow yourself time to grieve and express gratitude for all that has been.

Five) Create an empowering synergy by merging old and new energies. Ask aspects of your consciousness that have played a role in past realities to now support the new visions you are manifesting. Explain to these aspects how these new realities will continue the evolution of your soul, a continuation of the journey begun with past scenarios. This helps create a continuity of consciousness and allows old energy to rearrange itself at the new level.

Six) Cultivate some form of creative play. This provides you with an outlet for processing emotions as you move through times of powerful change and allows you time alone to commune with your soul.

Seven) Reflect on events unfolding in your life in 1997 as this will offer some insight into the nature of the changes taking place in your life now. Eclipses run in 19-year cycles so the March eclipses contain themes similar to eclipses in 1997.

Eight) Consider that instead of thoughtforms around “stopping” unhealthy behaviors that you are instead establishing new behaviors that feed you at all levels and lift you to a new vibration where old, self-defeating behaviors naturally phase out.

Nine) Regularly commune with your soul. Meditation, walks in nature and near water, or just sitting in silence can help strengthen the bridge to higher consciousness and help you tune into the whispers of your soul. Establishing and maintaining a strong connection with your soul allows you to stand strong even as you pass through times when darker energies seem to underlie and dominate mainstream mass realities.

Ten) Believe and trust in the higher order of the universe. During coming months energies will clash on the world’s stage playing out the transition to higher realities and their resistance from old, outdated lower-vibrational realities. Hold in awareness no matter what is before you that higher vibrations always trump lower frequencies. You can trust in the guidance of your soul at times when the world around you feels unstable and less solid and the people you encounter less worthy of your trust.

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