Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kryon Explains The Veil

A Full, Flying For This Insight - DTthe ET
as channelled by Lee Carroll ~

 Some of you have taken a look at the veil - that odd separator that keeps humanity at an arm's length from core spiritual truth. It's inter-dimensional, you know, since it's a piece of the fabric of God. Yet some of you have decided that the veil is either black or white. You are either on my side or your side. That's not the way it is at all. The veil is miles thick [metaphor].

Part of what the grid system is doing as it moves is to recalibrate the veil - to lift it - to make it thinner. This is so humanity in general may awaken to new prospects, especially the one that we're trying to give you this very day - an inter-dimensional message that says you can claim a reality that you don't have now - one that's divine - one that will give you an overview that's far different in energy from what you've ever experienced before.

 The veil is thick and without an actual barrier. It's not all wall. It's a cocoon - a surrounding of every molecule in 4D. It isn't a place, either. There are some of you who swim in it during your meditations. You often come back to your four- dimensional ways not remembering anything. There are pieces and parts of entities in this very thick veil that you completely and totally misunderstand. There are those who are inter-dimensional who visit - who come and go - just part of this magic veil that you cannot understand.

There are those who anchor the earth, whom you've called "the entities in the earth," who are part of this veil. The fabric of time is part of the veil. It stretches as you enter, and structures as you return. As you broach this inter-dimensional energy you've discussed between spirit and humanity, you move aside the reality that you're used to, adding a brand new flavor to it, changing it to something else.

~ Kryon, Book Nine - as channelled by Lee Carroll ~

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