Sunday, September 23, 2012

Leano Rice~ Packing Light

For This wonderful Little Gem From A Gifted Ground-Crewmember - DT the ET 

                            Packing Light

What star system are you from?

The perspective of identifying with one particular star system is a beautiful realization. I myself have noticed a repetitive connection to a particular star system.

The issue I have come to realize, is the definite conclusion aspect of this concept. Is this realization representative of All That Is? Is there a step further? If so, what comes with that extra step?

When we become certain of some things, it opens up many doors for us. Once the ceiling of those compartments have been reached, many of our perspectives can become limited by those definites, tunnels can begin to form around our perspectives, and preconceived notions can download from external perceptions that might not always be true.

As multi-dimensional beings, we exist on every plane. All incarnations of the self, from the past, present, and our future incarnations, all exist Now. They are all the One, I Am.

The diversity of All That Is, is beautiful in its infinite possibility, and has its place in space. But, we must continually remain aware of the possible limitations certain perspectives might contribute to our malleable evolution into these higher realms. How deep are you willing to go?
I am here, now. Having an Earth experience. This is my 3D perspective. I am certain of this, within this realm. Personally, this is as certain as I would like to be within this vessel. Other than that, I am certain, that I Am, You Are, and We Are all manifestations of the Source energy that is All That Is and Ever Will Be. 

Everything in between those two realities would be nice to "know", but I believe it would be akin to attempting to manufacture a Tesseract, or higher dimensional possibilities within this dense and limited reality. Possible? Always. But really, what's the rush?

I am currently experiencing incarnations on Earth, the Pleaides, Orion, Arcturis, and beyond, all right Now. Do I relate with any one of them over the other? It's possible, but it doesn't make any of the others any less real. They are all part of my infinite possibility of Now. To affiliate with only one, would be to create more than one block amongst the infinite. Source reality is the ability to inhabit infinite incarnations all at once. The past, present, and future are all linear perspectives representative of the 3D.

"I was part of the Orion Council."  You are part of the Orion Council.

"I feel a serious connection to the Pleaides." Because you are there, right Now.

"My future self is a on the High Council of the Angelic Realm." You are that Angel.

The perspectives of the 3D vibration are useful for some understanding of the incarnations of the infinite, but have many limitations on the internal reality of the connection to the Source of the Self. Dare I say, many galactic affiliations are possibly still part of the Third Dimensional ego? Only you know that answer.

To affiliate, is to doubt. We must know with the heart, tuck it in our multi-dimensional carry-on, and continue soaring into the light of All That Is. Packing Light means there's less to deal with once we get to our next destination, and more Space to enjoy the journey. Carrying only the Light of the I Am is just that, light. 

We have all we need. There's no need to rush and make things complicated. That could get in the way of experiencing the utter beauty of this infinite moment we share with each other, and Mother Gaia. Enjoy it.

The search for the Self must never stop until we reach the light. Continually removing the blocks we bare, allows for broader perspectives, sheer velocity, and uninhibited potential for creation through self realization.

Loving all incarnations of your Self,


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