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Transcript: Jesus – The Men of the Fifth Dimension are Beings of Love

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2012 September 28
Posted by Graham Dewyea

Graham: Below is the transcript to our Heavenly Blessings show which aired on September 13, 2012, where Jesus discussed the divine masculine, the transition from the 3rd dimension, working with the ego, balance between masculine and feminine energies and how they work together, how brutality and aggressiveness was never part of the essence of the masculine, and more.

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The transcript has been trimmed to highlight key discussion areas. Thank you very much to Mary for doing the transcript. 

Transcript: Jesus – The Men of the Fifth Dimension are Beings of Love – on Heavenly Blessings

Graham Dewyea: Our guest is Jesus to talk about being 5th dimensional male and the transition from 3rd dimension and many of us are already well on our way. But it’s a topic that I personally resonate with and Linda, it’s so wonderful to be back with you, hello.

Linda Dillon: Hello, hello and hello to everybody out there, it’s great to be back. This is my favorite time of the week, so here we are.

GD: We encourage you to give us a call and join in on the conversation tonight. To speak more personally about this, we’re in the United States and there’s a western culture that has been really fostered, certainly since I’ve been young and many years prior and since, in terms of what it means to be male in this society; so not sharing feelings, not being open-hearted.

Obviously I’m being stereotypical and general, with competition and separateness is the theme as opposed to unity and togetherness and a dog-eat-dog world kind of thing and I could use other common phrases to symbolize that and certainly this is a relevant discussion as we’re moving away from the old, we’re moving away from that old paradigm and we’re coming to a place where peace and love is the theme and unity consciousness is the theme and open-hearted action is the theme and that’s for everyone.

And being male and having my primary role model, my father, who embodied that stereotypical male and me being a sensitive kid and man and talk about a square peg trying to get into a round hole, it’s been really, really challenging. So I’m really excited for this conversation tonight.

LD: I would, but I’d like even before we start, I want to ask you a personal question and I think it’s probably a personal question I’m posing to our entire audience because this show is not simply targeted for men. But Graham, growing up in that paradigm of the western male, strong, provider, getting things done, did it make you feel ‘less than’?

GD: Oh, yeah, and I would say there was a continued push and effort to meet an unrealistic expectation because, well, certainly the paradigm and the message that I got was go, go, go, drive, drive, drive and I never seemed to reach that yardstick or that benchmark and not only was it exhausting but it was deeply unfulfilling because I, of course, was trying to meet external benchmarks and external norms and expectations as opposed to really listening and connecting to my heart. I mean the idea of intuition, that didn’t even enter into my mind until my 20’s…

LD: No, that’s for women.

GD: And the idea of sharing and hugging another man and saying “I love you” and feeling comfortable with it…my father didn’t do that and he was only modeling what he was exposed to and the idea of talking and communicating openly and sharing feelings and being willing to say “You know, I feel vulnerable”, or “I feel sad”, or “I want to cry”, or “I feel so excited I want to dance with wild abandon”, I mean so all of that, it doesn’t fit the stereotype. So to your question, yeah it was very difficult.

LD: Uh huh, uh huh, so some really good food for thought and thank you for being so forthright and vulnerable with us.

Jesus Sananda: Greetings, I AM Jesus Sananda.

GD: Hello brother, welcome.

JS: And welcome to you, welcome to all of you and yes, you know me by several names, but I speak to you as Jesus Sananda, as Jesus Christ, and as Yeshua. Do not differentiate for the energy is unified and I come to you as one and I come to you this night as brother, as fellow journeyer. Yes, you are in form and that has had its challenges but also its opportunities, its rewards, its openings. We speak tonight about the masculine energy and I say to you, I have asked and received affirmation of my beloved other, Mary Magdalena, to speak to you next week about the feminine. But for our time together now in this place of the eternal now, let us speak of the masculine experience.

And I speak to you as one who has been in form and, yes, I know you think or perceive of me as Ascended One, as Ascended Master, some as Son incarnate, but I have also walked as man. But we cannot begin this conversation, and I invite each of you to join in this conversation because the experience of the masculine stereotype, particularly as you have outlined it in the western world, but it is true in the eastern world as well, in the world of Judaism, in the world of Islam, in the world of Taoism, culturally defined. Many of these beliefs and stereotypes have grown out of the false paradigms of what we call ‘the old 3rd dimension’. But even, my beloved friends, before we speak of that let us speak for a moment about the Divine Masculine.

Our Father, Creator force, yes, which many think of as the silent, unmovable, unknowable, but for our purposes tonight and particularly for your understanding of what you think of as God, in your reality as Source, the Father is loving, eternal, infinite, and the primary teacher, the moving force behind the movement force of the feminine, to teach you how to create. It is not simply strength and wisdom, although it is certainly that, infinite strength and wisdom born of infinite love.

Forget the ideas of false pride, of false strength; the strength is in being genuine. Yes, you have chosen, many of you, the qualities you have chosen to incarnate as male, as masculine, as did I, also for cultural reasons as I walked the earth. And let me suggest to you in this 2000+ years, not much has changed. Yes, there have been huge advances, technologies, society, the Industrial Age, the Information Age and now you are in the Creator Age, reclaiming the truth of who you are. The masculine, because of physical prowess, in most cases, has been seen, and it is an illusion, to be the leader, to be the shower of the way, not always in equal partnership with the woman; and of course that is ridiculous beyond belief.

To be the provider, to be the protector, but that is also because the masculine cannot, in your reality, be the bearer of children, the nurturer of those children in the very beginning, the carrier of those children. But never was it intended to be restrictive, to be a hierarchy, or in some way to subjugate who you are, to put a damper on emotion, to put a damper on dreaming, to put a damper on what you think is possible for you, for your relationship and for your family, for your society, for your tribe.

Brutality, aggressiveness was never part of the fiber and the structure, the essence of the masculine. We were created to be tender and caring, that is why we protect and we provide, it is because we love and we care and it is a way for us to demonstrate that caring. As the old paradigms fall and have fallen away it is glorious to see the true paradigm, the pattern, the truth of the masculine emerging and for more and more men to truly say “I care”, “I hurt”, “I love”, “I cry”, “I embrace”. This is not simply the purview of the feminine.

The pride that a man takes in his accomplishments are not intended to be solely related to money or gain, to control or greed. Now I do not say, my beloved friends, that you should not take pride in your accomplishments of work whether it is as a carpenter or a CEO or a protector of the peace, as a physician, as a healer, all of these are honorable and it gives you a sense of accomplishment that you deserve to be proud of. But the choices of profession, of pathways, like mine, was always intended, male or female, to be in alignment with who you are; your ray, your sacred path, your sacred contract and yes, your choice, your desires, your dreams.

I have been asking you, we have been all asking you to dream big, to heal deeply, and that relates to how you act, not only in the outer world but in the inner world of your worth, of the knowing of your intrinsic value, of an acceptance of how you are loved and honored but that you are love. And if you strip away everything else, that is all you are. You are a particle, an energy, a photon, a sub-atomic particle of love and everything else is window dressing. There is not enough celebration, yes even in those of you who celebrate and embrace your masculinity.

You do not often enough look at yourself, at your totality, at this wondrous physical form that you have co-created with your guides and say: “Look at this and look at what it is capable of.” Not in an ego way but in a way of wonder and awe that this is the unique form that you have designed and not only that you have chosen and designed, but that you have chosen and designed to Ascend. So this isn’t an inconsequential lifetime that you simply came to experience what family life is like or to learn lessons of humility or the lessons of wealth, of generosity; this is the lifetime that you have come to be in a form that is going to, not only carry you, but accompany you to a new dimension.

But understand, in earlier channelings all of us, Michael, St. Germaine, the Universal Mother, the Father, we have all spoken to you about making peace with the 3rd as you transition into the 5th, 6th, 7th, wherever you wish to land. But part of that, making peace with the 3rd, is also making peace and celebrating who you are in the 3rd as you transcend into the 5th. And you are reaching back into the 3rd, you reach back as your 5th dimensional self, yes, enlightened, illuminated, aware, and the receptacle and the giver of love.

But understand what those in the 3rd reality perceive is you as you are emanating, demonstrating, manifesting in the 3rd. So if you have not reached a place where you embrace your physical, not the old paradigm, but the new and that manifestation is the embodiment of joy of your form, of your masculine traits, then that will not be communicated unless you are in that place of embrace. So it is part of making peace. Now most of you understand what I am saying and if you do not, I invite your questions.

But the masculine, the man and the men of the 5th dimension are bright agents of change and the biggest change is the anchoring and the acceptance that they are beings of love, creators of a new reality, a new Earth, and I do not suggest to you that Gaia is leaning on you or counting on you to rebuild her, she is taking care of herself. But what are you building for the future, for your eternal now, for yourselves, for your families, for your community, for that unity consciousness?

The new male knows, not thinks or believes, but knows he stands in equal partnership, not with false grids and expectations, but in the full might of his ability to be, to create, to co-create, and to fully experience physicality and inter-dimensionality. So what does that mean to be inter-dimensional?
Well, for one thing it means that you are not completely obsessed and driven by earning money, by having towers that serve no purpose, that desecrate the air or the earth or the water, that the values of what you create and contribute are what has you holding your head high, knowing that you are fulfilling, not some idealized stereotype that never has existed, never.

Look to those you point to, they are not realized beings, but you can and you are and you will be. That is the invitation, that is why you came not only to break the paradigm of a stereotype that has crippled you, it has crippled you individually and it has crippled you in every society, it has bound you up tight.
Now some of you would say to me “But Lord, I am very successful, I have money in the bank, I am admired in my community.” And I would say to thee, “Are you happy? Do you love yourself? Do you take time to love yourself? Do you take time to expose yourself to the wants, the needs, the dreams and creations of your family and community? Or do you simply keep plunging ahead? And if you are a beggar on the street and you are a male, do you feel that you have somehow failed? Or do you see that you are a teacher of humility, that you are a reminder for all to share the wealth, that each being has value regardless of where they sit, lie at night, or reside?”

This is where I want to take you. It is how I hold out my hand to you and ask you to join with me as brother. Let me help. Each of you has sacred pathways without limitation; let us begin together right now. Yes, I am ready for your questions.

GD: Thank you so much, Jesus. Tthere is just so much there that you’ve shared that deserves reflection and a revisit for sure and what is coming to my mind, I really liked how you were describing the partnership and the compliment with the male and the female energies where the male energy is the moving force behind the movement force of the feminine to create. I thought that was…I find that really encouraging and beautiful. And hear your…comment doesn’t seem to be a sufficient word, but hear your invitation, your guidance for an equal partnership as we move forward.

And I’d like to ask you, if you would, and we do have some callers I’d like to bring on, but I know there are men out there who have been hearing “OK, the key ingredient to Ascend is love and to make peace with the 3rd. And for those who have been embodying the more stereotypical male attributes where power and strength and disconnect and competition and not being in love to the extent that one is operating from the heart and not being at peace and not coming from a place of unity consciousness.

The capacity and the interest and the intent might be there, but I’m hoping you would speak to anyone that might be feeling concern that “Oh geez, I’m not going to be able to Ascend if I don’t have these attributes. I understand the concept of love but shoot I’m so far from being in my heart and being in unity consciousness and being 5th dimensional.” Could you provide some guidance and perhaps some encouragement to those might be thinking along those lines, please?

JS: You are a half an inch and a millimeter away. Now let us speak to this for those who have embraced what you think of, and again as I say to you, this male stereotype is true in many cultures, not just what you think of as the west, but this striving, this need to prove, to achieve the success ratio, so much of this, if you peel your onion beloved ones, if you go back to the time of being a small boy, all of it is based on fear. Now I do not in any way wish to negate or downsize many of your accomplishments; that is not the purpose of this conversation. But much of what you have striven for, much of what you have tried to accomplish has been based on fear. If I do not measure up, if I do not become “X” what my father and mother want, what my grandfather was, if I do not advance the success ratio of my family, then perhaps I will not be loved.

It is a fear of not being loved and it is the fundamental fear in your paradigm of your lack of self worth, lack of self love; everything goes back to that. Some of you, particularly men, who will say to me “But Lord, I am a sensitive guy; I know I have feelings and I love my partner, my children, passionately.” And I say “That is wondrous and is it not a start; now, do you love yourself? Do you take the time to love yourself or do you run scared every time I ask you to go deeper into your heart and embrace that love?

Because no matter how deeply you think you love your children, your partner, your parents, your friends, you have not even begun to scratch the surface if you are not loving yourself and dear heart, I would like to pass through the airwaves a golden guarantee…you are loved and lovable, you are the essence of love. So sometimes it is fearful, it is frightening, it is terrifying when I say to you as men, “I want you to venture to this place that has been an abyss.” But my brother, I will go with you, I will hold your hand, I will guide you, my hand will be on your shoulder, it will be on your back, I will lead the way, I will do whatever it takes. And do not doubt you have this capacity, it is not simply outside of you, it is your core and it is time right now for you to embrace this. It may be fearful at first, but once you even touch it you are going to be lit up, you are going to know a sense of peace, of bliss, that you may never have known before, that you have only come close to when someone you know and trust and cherish has said to you “I love you.”

GD: Beautifully said and embodying the 5th dimensional qualities of love and self-love, it’s been a journey for me, it’s taken some time to get there, largely motivated due to feeling so unsatisfied and unfulfilled, but coming to a place of being in the heart and loving myself and embodying 5th dimensional qualities now, I tell you what my friends, it’s been a much more joyous, peaceful, fulfilling way to be. And we have all kinds of help to get there.

I’d love to bring on some callers, are you game for that?

JS: Yes, I am ready. And do not think it is just one easy step, if you falter do not worry, I will help you.

Jerry: Thank you. Thank you for taking my call. I’m going to be 100% honest; at this point in my life I need some help. I’ve hit the wall, as far as patience goes, I’ve run out of patience, so much today is soon, soon, soon. What, Jesus, can you say to those of us who are disappointed with the suffering that continues on this planet? And I guess my main question is “What is the hold-up? Why is 100% of the human race…why is it not widely understood that unconditional love is the answer to all of our problems as humans?”

GD: Great question.

JS: It is a wonderful question and yes I will answer you. And you are as disappointed in what is going on as I have been when I walked the streets of Jerusalem. So do not think I do not understand your position and do not think when you say “you hit the wall”, I have hit the wall, my friend. And we hit the wall because often what we do when we fall down, we become vulnerable, we become impatient and yes, we open our hearts and scream for help; and then, we actually let it in. So your question about why does the human race not embrace unconditional love, because that is the only kind of love there is, it is this wonderful element called ‘free choice’.

So there are those that are still operating in illusion thinking that greed and control, lack and limitation will somehow serve them. But you do not understand, it is not a hold-up because every day with every act of what you can think of as limitation, of violence, of brutality, that patience which is misplaced is simply being eliminated. You have hit the wall because you are a teacher for others, you are one who is standing up and saying, just as I have with the money lenders, “This is not acceptable, it doesn’t work, stop pretending.”

But after that you also have to be the embodiment of your true masculinity, of the wisdom of discernment. So you cannot get angry and, yes, I know what it is to get angry and fed-up, but after that, when you let that go, then, my friend, you are also reaching out your hand to the next man, the next guy who has hit the wall and said “OK, come walk with me, let us make different choices and creations, let us try something completely, completely different and new.”

Randy: Oh, my lord. Literally, except you’d be as little children, there’s got to be some humor. This is the most inspiring thing I’ve ever heard in my life, and I’ve heard a lot of things. And I’m an inspirational speaker and I just want to thank Jesus and all of you for what you’re sharing. I just wanted to add a footnote and that is it has been my experience, my whole life trajectory has been about becoming a man, learning to make peace with my heart, with the feminine within, see what I mean? Anyway, my ultimate experience in that regard was being [?] with one I love and making love a sacred union, it’s beautiful. And talking about the male coming into the present and experiencing higher dimensions and so on…wow!

JS: Yes, and the issue of the masculine being in balance both internally, within your heart, with your feminine self and the acknowledgement and the embrace of the feminine self is vitally important, essential. And it is from that place that you are able to externalize, that you are able to embrace the feminine in ways that are equal and meaningful and sacred. The sacred union, what some call partnership or marriage, it is the balance, it is the balance in the woman of the masculine and feminine, of divinity and within the male. And it is not a contest; it is a complement. Thank you for bringing this up.

Rick: Yes. First of all I’d like to thank both of you and then express my love for you very much. My question is “I’m feeling as though I am resonating with so much compassion and love in my life, where I’m at now. I moved here from a different part of southern California to this area of California, in a small community, and I’m trying to search for my purpose. I feel that I’m giving out a lot of compassion and love to many of the people that I meet but I’m still searching for a purpose in my life and I just wanted to ask Jesus if he can feel what that might be for me?

JS: You are a way-shower and yes at this juncture you will find that many, both men and women are changing what they have thought of as their careers or their jobs, so know that as well. But you are a way-shower, you are a communicator, you are a teacher and that is where you have need particularly in working with the younger ones, might I suggest the teenagers. They need your help.

Rick: Oh my goodness. OK, OK, Jesus. Well, thank you so much for that information. The community I’m in are all seniors so it’s just kind of opposite. Would you consider seniors as teenagers, because many of them act like it?

JS: They try to act like it but, no, you are in a transition right now. And of course the seniors deserve the energy of transition as well. In many ways they have adhered to some of the old paradigms, but they have also gained wisdom and insight and laughter and ease, comfort with who they are, but many have not. But no dear heart, what I am saying is in the coming months, not immediately, but in the coming months and think of volunteer work as well, you will find yourself literally ministering to teenagers. They need your help.

Rick: Thank you, Lord. Thank you so much.

Ralph: OK. Thank you. I’m trying to find if there is some type of technique that men can use, that have been brought up in the western environment, where we can minimize our ego as we try to offer love and express love to especially other men so that it doesn’t get in the way of our work, so to speak? Any kind of techniques there?

JS: This is a good question because the ego, we do not want you to eliminate the ego the same way we do not wish you to reign in or limit your mental body or your emotional body, so it is a question of balance is it not? And the ego, one the things that you know and I do not simply speak to you, I speak to all of you, men, women, but particularly men. We know when we are acting from ego, there is an expression ‘macho’ when you are strutting your stuff or insisting on being right, on being first, on leading the way, not because it is of love or truth but simply because that is what the ego wants.

When you encounter this what I would like you to do is to embrace it, embrace it the same way you would embrace a small child because it has about a great need like a small child to be treated tenderly and lovingly. The only reason it is exerting itself in such a demonstrative manner is that it is afraid of being forgotten, overlooked, over-powered. So embrace your ego, in fact embrace your ego before you start the day and bring it, as if you are balancing your tri-flames, balance your ego, your personality, and what you think of as the embodiment within your physical self.

So reassure it and when it gets out of hand, laugh because when you become annoyed with your sacred self, when you become put out or angry or disappointed, what you are doing is feeding the ego because it says to you and it gives you the old programmed responses, “You are not good enough”, “You did not do this right”, “You have to keep striving”, “You have to measure up”. So embrace it, laugh when it tries to flex it’s muscles, bring it back into the balance into your heart and reassure it, love it, and bring it the peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 09-13-12

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