Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What Dreams May Come - Crysralline Visions From An Indigo

I was in a sleeping state and I woke up with one of the most wonderful dream I ever had. I am not going to describe my wonderful dream here I rather describe what happened after…..I started to meditate raising my love vibration using an ancient protocol described in a recent channeling. I took deep breaths and connected my heart to the crystalline heart of the Planet, and then to the crystalline heart of the Universe. My heart was in the middle and was receiving and forwarding the pure love vibration of the planet and the universe. I felt my heart expanding. A golden sphere of light forms around me and connected me to the crystalline grid around the planet. I already connected to the grid before but I always saw it as a golden path of energy but this time I saw myself floating in a liquid like environment and I saw in that liquid a golden matrix of connection net shining very brightly. And suddenly I saw all these little nodes exploding in all different directions and I saw golden number 111111111 many of them spreading in all the environment and coming towards me very powerfully penetrating my body. I felt my body absorbing and assimilating those numbers until it dissolved and became 111111111 with the same golden light. Then I felt very peaceful and calm I was just an awareness witnessing this wonderful fusion with the grid. I suddenly felt a huge sense of knowing. I felt ONE with ALL. I wanted to stay in this state. I didn’t know what to do. I asked my guides and I understood that I need to bring this transformation to the 3D and share it.

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