I-Connect Testimonials

"It feels like Home."    

--Jan Tober: International Speaker, Healer and Facilitator, Co-author of the Best Selling Indigo Children Books from Hay House and Co-Founder of the Kryon Work.
"I'm an ex-pat Arcturian Walk-In and when I first held the I-Connect in my hand I instantly knew what it was and how strongly it  re-connected me to Home.  This little saucer-shaped base-station never leaves my side.  I feel it working to remove obstacles from my path  and even when I'm not consciously activating the field;  it's got my back!  I know it manifests that sentience typical of higher dimensional living technology so I've named mine HAL"

--Dennis Tuma (a.k.a.) DT the ET, Metaphysician

"The moment I held the I-Connect I knew I had to have one.  It felt like nothing I've ever experienced.  It has aided me in the continual connection to Source and I have felt blocks and obstacles simply fall away."

--Gregg Lauer: Nationally acclaimed visionary artist

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