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Taryn Crimi - “The Progress Of Humanity's Evolution Can Be Measured By How YouTreat The Animal Kingdom”

This One Is For Widget And All The Other Pets I've Had To Say Goodby To...DT the ET

Channelled By Taryn Crimi                            

Today we would like to speak about the animal kingdom and the integral part that they play in your ascension process. To many of you, your animals are part of your family; they sleep in your bed, they live in your homes and you think of them as being a member of your family. We would like to focus your attention on just how much humanities views have changed over the years and why we view this as being important. It shows a huge shift in consciousness; humans are beginning to acknowledge at the animal kingdom as being the sentient beings that they really are.

The animal kingdom is ascending; their consciousness is elevating along with yours. They also are playing a key role in helping all of you to grow and shift your own consciousness. Animals are conscious beings, they feel emotion and if you listen they will communicate with you.

Many assumed that because animal’s act on instincts that they do not think, that they cannot feel any emotion. But this logic is quickly becoming outdated and no longer resonates with the elevated consciousness on your planet. After all humans act instinctively as well and you certainly have the capacity to think and feel emotion, correct?

These old beliefs are being replaced with energy of the new world. One in which each life is valued and seen for the divinity it holds within. Humans, for countless years assumed because they were at the top of the food chain that they were then given the right to do what they wanted with all other creatures that inhabit this beautiful Earth. But you are all learning that you will not have this beautiful Earth for long if you continue to treat it with such disrespect.  It shows a tremendous amount of growth and expansion of the human consciousness to see all life as one; to see all life as an integral part of the whole. As you begin to love yourselves, you are able to truly love others.

Much has changed in how humans treat and think about animals. 100 years ago, animals were considered nothing more than possessions; the property of humans. No thought was ever given as to how the animals felt. Nothing was done to prevent the suffering of animals. The owners considered their animals as possessions of wealth and relied on them for their livelihood.

Years ago humans may have allowed their pets to come inside but primarily they slept outside and ate the scraps from the dinner table or were left to fend for themselves. Then you began viewing domesticated cats and dogs differently because they provided companionship and unconditional love.

Presently, many certainly live in your homes, they sleep in your bed, they often times are treated better than you treat yourselves. We see this as being a wonderful gauge in how humanity is growing and evolving. But we are not just seeing this change amongst your “domesticated” animals but with wild life as well.

You have set up countless foundations and networks to help the animals who are in need of your care; you have created a tremendous amount of awareness for both the wild animals and the domesticated animals as well. You have set aside large amounts of land to protect the animals and their wild habitat. And this is a reflection of the massive change in thinking around your world in regards to how you view the animal kingdom.

Yes, we would agree that animals on your world are still being mistreated; they are being abused, and poached due to the incessant greed of others. However we do see a considerable amount of change. You are noticing how “out of alignment” these acts are to your elevated consciousness. These animals that have willingly agreed on a soul level to experience such tragedies are allowing humans to see what needs to change. As these beings experience such pain, it allows you to realize what you no longer want on your world. These experiences will not be able to follow you into the higher realms.

Cruelty to any being cannot with stand the higher vibrations, it cannot exist in the presence of love.

These past 100 years on your planet have seen some of the biggest changes amongst humanity in your history. Your technology has helped to bring you closer and allowed for immediate connections between humans all over your globe. But the biggest area of growth that we have observed is the amount of light your world now holds within its many members. This is true for both humans and the animals that inhabit your world. You all are able to hold much more light, “in light” of your profound willingness to change the “status quo”.

Many old souls have willingly accepted the call to help this planet and its population to ascend back into the higher realms, but we are not just speaking about people. We are also referring to the animals as well; do you really think that humans are the only being’s that are old souls? Many on your world are still under the assumption that animals do not have a soul. To this we smile, because it is quite impossible for any consciousness not to have a soul. A soul is not something that you can have or not have. That would be like saying “I don’t have a human”. You can’t not have a human, it’s what you are, not something you need to obtain. Does this make sense? All consciousness “has” a soul, or rather we should say, is a soul.

Animals in many ways have remained more connected to their divinity than humans have, in that they haven’t ever disconnected from source. You never see animals kill for sport, or just for the fun of it. They kill for survival. You never see animals display greed. Have you ever seen a polar bear kill 25 whales at one time “just in case”? No, they take what they can use at any one time because they know there will be more when they need it. They take what they need and leave the rest for others.

As you have begun to change your mind-set about animals and what role they play on this planet, their role is changing. As you are helping them, they are helping you to elevate your own consciousness and ascend into a higher vibrational realm. You are as valuable to them, as they are to all of you. They have come to play a key role in your ascension process. They ground much-needed light into your earth as these times of change heat up. If you allow them into your hearts, they will expand them much further than you can imagine. Many of you have experienced firsthand the peace that an animal’s presence can bring. Look into a cat’s eyes as they nap in the sun, they do not worry about the future, nor are they concerned about the past. Animals have an uncanny ability to live in the now moment; just as you as lightworkers are leading by setting examples for others, animals are also showing humans the true beauty of being in the divine flow of the now moment.

We would also like to point out that your pets are direct reflections of you. They reflect their human’s. Oftentimes you can look at someone’s cat or their dog and see similarities in behavior and personality. This is not by chance, rather they are acting as a mirror for you. When you see a dog that is spastic, often times the owner has a lot of pent-up energy that they are not properly allowing to flow through them. When you see a pet that is stand offish or has anxiety about being around others, this again is a reflection of their human. This is a service that your domesticated animals are performing for you. It allows you to see your beliefs and energy in action. We guarantee that as you change, your pets will change as well.

Many of your domestic pets have agreed to take on the stresses and worries of many of their humans. They do this as a service to help clear the energy and lighten your load, just as you as lightworkers have agreed to transmute the denser energies of the planet for those who will come along this path after you. Many of you are shocked and horrified when you see the mistreatment of animals that are kept in inhumane conditions and are treated unfairly. These animals are also performing a great service by allowing the human heart center to grow in compassion for others and are therefore touched and ultimately changed by the injustice of their fellow sentient beings.

Just as all of you have come in with soul contracts and “blueprints” which helped to map out some of the experiences you wanted to have, animals also have soul contracts. They have “agendas” of what they too would like to experience and contribute to the whole of this reality. You began this journey as equals and you will ascend together as equal sentient beings.

We hope that this message has served you in some way.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.

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