Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Archangel Michael via Ron Head: Please Learn to Have As Much Faith and Trust in Yourselves As We Do

As Channeled by Ron Head 


Good morning, dearest friends. Our hearts feel great joy as each of you reach out and connect with us. May this day and every day be increasingly joyful and special for you, as well.

As we have told you several times now, you are experiencing a continually rising state of enhanced energies. The most appropriate words to describe this, from our viewpoint, would be unconditional love. From your third dimensional perspective, it can be seen as solar flares, photon light, and other terms, as well.

Whatever you call it, and whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, it is changing every cell, molecule, and atom in your bodies, as well as the bodies of each life form on your planet, in your solar system, and in your galaxy. Your scientists know, most of them, that all matter is interconnected.

Some have not reached the full understanding that should follow from this knowledge as yet. But understand that as one change occurs in the universe, everything else changes, also. Further, as in the often quoted “As above, so below”, this is true also of your mental and spiritual being.

Great change is occurring all around you in your solar system and galaxy. Your scientists are well aware of this. It is therefore impossible that great change should not occur to you. And as great change occurs in you, great change will be evident in all you create from this time forward. This is not a threat, nor is it a prophesy. This is an inevitable fact. Creator has decreed change. You are the instruments of change. Simple, is it not?

We are overjoyed that you have made the choice to be the ones who experience this first and to anchor it into your lives and societies. Please do not apply judgments to yourselves nor to your effectiveness nor readiness. You are where you are. You are doing what you need to do. Should you see a better way, you will choose it. That is who you are. That is what you do and have always done. That is why you are the one there and not another. Please learn to have as much faith and trust in yourselves as we do.

Please also learn to forgive yourselves for your perceptions of past failings. They are simply experiences that have helped to mold you into what you are this day. It is time now for you to stand up out of all that and look upon the vistas both of what you are creating and where you have been.

Remember that all that you have suffered through has made you the strong warriors that you are. Again and again you have returned into the fray to bring new experiences and understandings back with you.

Good job. Well done. Now let’s have a graduation party and get on with reality, shall we? All of this will soon be a distant, though useful memory.

We shall continue our discussion again soon, dear hearts. Good day.
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