Monday, September 18, 2017

GaiaPortal: Preliminaries Of Gaia Ascension Have Completed

Channelled By √ČirePort On 9-18-17

Preliminaries of Gaia ascension have completed.

Subsequent Higher Energies are released, and accepted by Humanity.

Fibres of intent strengthen.

Maritimes complete the mission.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Disclosure Digest 9-13-17

Happy Hump Day!

 Let's begin with the latest update from the Voices in Sheldan Nidle's head:

An update from Sedona Sandra Walter...Git Sum o 'this Good Stuff:

A lovely piece by Meg Benedicte on the Zero-Point Eclipse Energies rewiring of Gaia:
Many thanks to Steve Beckow of GAoG for this heartening archive channelling:

While we're hangin' out with Dead People let's check in with VCTR for the Buddhist View:

Here's the latest from Full Frontal Ben Fulford on the ongoing demise of Team Dark:

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Arcturian Group Report For 9-10-17

Channelled Via  Marilyn Raffaele

Dear ones, we come today to speak of love and the ramifications of its denial and suppression. Love is the cohesive energy of all things and is omnipresent, but until realized and acknowledged as such, can appear to be nonexistent. Never forget that you are creators.

The world holds a multitude of concepts regarding love, all reflective of varying belief systems. However, even the most dense and unawake state of consciousness cannot change the fact that love is and can only be all there is. Love is the energetic glue that binds all living things together within ONE whole.

This is the reason love is sought on all levels by all souls even in its most distorted forms and often through any means. Even the terrorist believes he is making the world a better place for those who agree with him. Everyone seeks the acceptance and love of oneness that lies innate within, but is only able to interpret this inner yearning according to their attained level of awareness.

Gaia is ascending along with all who are prepared for the shift into higher dimensional energy that has begun. Gaia is a living soul, consciousness, who has lovingly served all upon her with gifts of beauty, abundance, and love. Because much of mankind continues to consider Gaia to be simply dirt, with resources to be misused and abused for personal gain, she has chosen and is ready to make her own ascension.

Fires and floods are some of the ways Gaia has of clearing many layers of old dense energy reflective of spiritual ignorance. She has carried them for eons and is choosing to release them. She, as well as all upon her, cannot carry old and dense energy into that which is higher and lighter, thus the need for the releasing and clearing of cellular memory so many are experiencing at this time.

Monday, September 11, 2017

GaiaPortal: Planetary Burdens Unveil And Dissolve

Channelled By √ČirePort On 9-11-17

Planetary burdens unveil and dissolve.

Fortunates are liberated.

Presumptives come to the fore and primaries are installed.

hu-beings become Hue-Beings.

Disclosure Digest 9-11-17

 Monday, Monday, Don't Trust That Day

 Let's start with Stephanie Austin's Eco Astrology Update on the current Pisces/Virgo Full Moon:

 Here we find two very effective Buddhist practices for coping with extreme circumstances:

Bro Beckow does a nice job of putting the 9/11 False Flag attack into a planetary perspective:
Slavery in the USA never went away; it got sanitized and became part of 'business as usual":

We round off our digest with the latest from Sandra, Our Lady of Mt. Shasta:

Friday, September 8, 2017

Disclosure Digest 9-8-17

Thank Source It's Friday...

 Blossom and her Crew inching their way a bit further down the Old Metaphysical Rabbit Hole:

A fairly unimpeded look at the current Galactic display in the Heavens:

Grab some Kleenex on your way into this piece:

If The Divine Mother of All Creation isn't know ow this ends:

The saddest part about this bit of historical disclosure is that most all of it is of Truth:

WWCC of 9: Falsehoods And The Code Of Honor (Integrity, Karma And Manifestation)

Channelled and Produced

By Magenta Pixie


(This video is available on

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Disclosure Digest 9-6-17

Full Moon For Pisces


Did you really think that Wells Fargo was capable of cleaning up their act?

The good folks at GAoG could use a bump right about now:

If these Solar Magnetic Storms haven't lit you up by now, nothing will:

  Our old Lemurian family is setting up the return of their Kingdom's sovereignty:

Mira and the Pleiadians offer us their view from the threshold of New Earth, git sum:

Multiple-Mike is sounding very SaLuSa-like these days...good stuff from old friends:

 We finish today with some sage advice from Saul, my favorite Galacti-Jew:

Friday, September 1, 2017

Disclosure Digest 8-31-17


Gaia's Manifesting A New Kind Of Lightning


Here we have a new, Full Moon EM storm manifesting visual signs of the Planetary Crystalline Grid:

Now, let's get down to Earth, literally, with these all-important grounding techniques:

 Here's the latest pep-talk from Master Hilarion, courtesy of Ron Head's site:

Don't forget to call our 800 number to get your Lightbody activated! Would that it were that simple:

We leave you today with some good news from the Indigenous Hawaiians:

GaiaPortal: Striations Of Elixir Light Decorate The Heavens

Channelled By √ČirePort On 9-1-17

Striations of Elixir Light decorate the Heavens.

Hue-manity is Enlightened to all positives.

Casting off on the Nova Gaia journey, all are united.

Energies of the Higher Guides are embodied.