Monday, August 13, 2018

Disclosure Digest 8-13-18

We're Witnessing The Birth Of Starfleet

General Mattis does an about-face and throws his support behind the new Space Command: 

Dauntless Dialogue “Breakaway” Series, Parts 1 & 2… “Tony Rodrigues, ‘Spacebound Prisoner’ and ‘Life Onboard the Dark Fleet Craft'”- proof of the Secret Space Programs our tax dollars funded:

Jordan Sather does a good job of red pilling newcomers to the reality of the SSP's; Grok Sum:

Infowars’ Alex Jones claims 5.6 million extra subscribers since being censored, so did he win?

'Saudi Arabia Crucifies Murderer In Rare Punishment'; the House of Saud needs to go down:

99% of modern scientific papers are nothing more than politically-motivated pseudoscience; Yup:

Benjamin Fulford's full frontal vacation report: The Current Balance of Power; it's Showtime:

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