Sunday, March 6, 2022

Timeline 2022 ~ Convoys, Emergency Declarations, Smoke and Mirrors


Posted By Suzanne Maresca On 3-6-22

One thing we can all agree on is that no news is absolute.  The most powerful factions on Earth are battling for the hearts and minds of the rest of us, all while we’re all in the throes of a mass awakening.  And to think that we get to be here for it!

I do get how cynical that last statement might sound to some, but it wasn’t meant to be.  Whatever our individual circumstances, just being here for this is a gift beyond imagining.  Not only for the privilege of witnessing it firsthand, but for the immeasurable bump in consciousness it’s bringing that we’re helping it along…and sometimes at personal cost.  We can’t even imagine what Joy and Wonder will be in our experience once our respective missions evolve into their next phase.

It truly is a matter of perspective.  Here on purpose we are, and literally on a mission from God (Source, Infinite Knowing, Prime Creator, Universal Intelligence, the Great Mystery…you choose).  Of course, the One who designed our various assignments, which we, in turn, accepted…that One would most certainly be invested in supporting the successful completion of the unique tasks set before each of us.

With that in mind and heart, the more we embrace the fact that we’re working for and literally made of Light, the easier it is to be here for this unfolding, particularly for the attempts at capping Human Evolution.  Holding Space takes on a major role, and I know that the prayer warriors in this collective can easily imagine our beautiful blue and green marble of a bright planet entirely surrounded and fully saturated with the clearest and most exquisitely colored Light.

It’s a beautiful thing.

So…far less interesting, but still of import:

As the People’s Convoy nears its originally stated destination of U.S. Swamp HQ, Washington, D.C. 

USA First Reporting posted two days ago:

HUGE! Senate Votes To End Covid-19 Emergency Declaration

As mask mandates and social distancing restrictions continue to be lifted across the country, the Senate passed a bill to end the Covid-19 state of National Emergency today in a party line vote. The passage of the bill was made possible because of three Democratic Senators who were not present. Two Republican Senators were also not present, making it a 48-47 vote.

Politico weighs in:

Senate votes to end Covid-19 emergency declaration, Biden threatens veto

A bill by Senate Republicans to terminate the national emergency declaration for the Covid-19 pandemic passed 48 to 47 Thursday on a party-line vote.

While the legislation has a slim chance of passing the Democrat-controlled House and President Joe Biden has already threatened to veto the bill, the vote is yet another rebuke of the administration’s pandemic policies at a time it is seeking billions from Congress to keep them going for several more months.

It’s clear that team dark has it engineered into their very bones to fight to the literal death.  There’s no concern  over loss of life or personnel, nor are there thoughts of cutting losses to join forces with the winning side.  Well, some do come over, whatever their motivation.  The heavy hitters will be at it until their last breath, though, even in light of the fact that nothing can stop what’s coming.

It matters not what they choose.  Not to us, because as more of us embrace our own Light and Power and Sovereignty, knowing that we’re actually already beyond their reach, the greater will be our capacity to hold that Sacred Space for others to also leave this reality behind.

I wanted to use the word ‘escape,’ but it’s not quite like that.  It’s more a graduation.

Apparently, we’re rockin’ it!  May as well pump up the volume, eh?  Because we can.

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