Sunday, May 1, 2022

Archangel Michael Crystals


 By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

The Quantum Awakening Newsletter - April 2022

Archangel MICHAEL

Archangel Michael has been a part of my life since the 80’s when I was lecturing in body mind spirit expos. He is a no nonsense angel with only an internal sense of humor which I have never seen externally. In the old days it was very important to be on time energetically, an exact time frame was held for the Light to make itself known, it demanded your undivided attention. When I could not get the audiences undivided attention he would step in. Most times he would flicker and shut off lights, open and close doors, and raise and lower windows until everyone in the room was Gob-smacked and could not get a word out. Then the Light proceeded to give of its truths. These beautiful winged crystals come to lift your light and life to a place of Peace, safety and healing.

Archangel Michael is Commander of the Army of God  

Archangel Michael stands first and foremost for protection and assistance in times of shift and need. Archangel Michael is often pictured with a sword and shield to represent his ability to protect as well as to cut away that which is no longer serves us. There is no concern or problem that Michael cannot and will not address when he is called upon to do so. This makes Michael what I call “all purpose” Archangel as he appears when needed. No matter the situation, no matter the challenge, Michael stands ready with his sword and host of Angels to protect and serve all who call upon him for assistance. He clears the path of obstacles; he gives us strength and courage to carry on during the dark times in our lives. He fills us with hope, inspiration, and faith that the Universe is always with us.  Michael protects against negative energy of all kinds and psychic attack (intentional or abstract). This powerful angel is a no nonsense energy that demands that balance be retained. He will freely escort any darkness back into its proper place or dissolve it back into nothingness. Either way balance will be attained in this universe.

As the energies of all worlds change a new definition of light is announced.  No more sitting upon ones laurels waiting for the darkness to just go away.  Battlements of safety surround those of a peaceful heart and a holy intent.  One is asked to stand their ground of integrity no matter what is flung upon their shores.  Standing in the Gap of circumstance demands one to focus all of their energies into a fractal pattern of fearlessness.  Michael assists us in transforming our self-limitations; he brings faith and courage as well as the understanding that one is never alone. It is Michael that moves through us when we seek to right a wrong, protect the innocent and help those who ask for our assistance and support.

If you are facing a situation that seems impossible to resolve and is causing you suffering and pain, call upon Arch-Angel Michael to help you resolve the issues. Archangel Michael is the go to guy for dealing with all sorts of psychic nastiness. He will cut cords, exorcise entities, remove and destroy negative thought forms, transmute negative energy, and help confused spirits cross over. Call on him to protect your sensitive child’s dreams for he will stop nightmares. Ask him to help you shield you when you sleep and see how much more rested you feel in the morning.

Prayer to release Negative energy

Through and by the authority vested in me by the Cosmic Christ Consciousness, I deliberately call forth the energy of Archangel Michael and the Band of Mercy (a band of Angels whose job it is to move lost souls out of the astral planes) to enter the body, home, auto, and/or place of work of ________ and to remove all negative energies, entities, influences and forces. I ask that these be taken to the light for transmutation and that there be no negative side effects physically, mentally, or emotionally to _______ ‘s body. I ask that ________ ‘s body now be triple sealed  against any further intrusion of negative foresees. Thank you and Amen


Invocation to Archangel Michael

Tone Mi-ch-aël 3 times out loud

I call on you Michael mighty leader of the celestial armies, to lend me your divine blue ray of protection. Your name is the war-cry of the good angels in the battles fought in heaven against the enemy and his followers. Lord Michael please rise up, great Angel of fire, he who is the guardian of humanity, and shield me from the evil of the invisible and visible adversary. Come armored by the helmet of salvation and bring your sword! I thank you. For I know that you are already here, as I AM surrounded and covered by your radiant protection, now and forever.

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