Sunday, October 9, 2022

SG Anon Fest


Intro Courtesy Of Suzanne Maresca


Janine did a read on this fellow yesterday, and today, Dave Waterbury shared this brief, informative and very encouraging message from SG Anon, who I'm not familiar with and who doesn't even show up on the research board I follow. The system formerly known as the "EBS" has morphed into the EAS ("Emergency Alert System").

Forgive me for not recalling exactly what the cards said about him yesterday. Yo asked me what she said in her World News read, and I couldn't recall. All I took in is that he's a good guy. That's typical for me these days, but maybe that's my computer brain bypassing any extraneous data to just focus on the core issue of a thing. I'm okay with that, I think. I am, actually.

I barely feel as though I'm here most of the time, but this is where my conscious awareness is at the moment, and a message like this one brings me joy to consider that we really and truly are at the end point.

He does say Trump will be indicted, and we've seen that term so much lately that we know that it's not the same as being arrested. I do still reject entirely the thought that Trump will be arrested. No way would he put his physical person in their hands for even a minute. Just no. I don't even care for the optics of it done for show.

Anyway, this is worth a listen.

More archived reports from SG Anon FYI: 



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