I-Connect Owner's Manual

I.Connect/Heart Connect is a tool that serves one comprehensive purpose: Connection.

Our lives are the most fulfilling when we experience and express our divine nature, feeling wholly connected with all creation. However, we live in a culture that identifies with separation and fear, seeing life in parts, rather than one dynamic whole. Each individual is born with specific gifts and challenges into a family, community and social fabric defined by belief systems and emotions. This fabric creates the context for our life and our relationships to each other and the Earth. Our environment influences the choices we make in our lives, as well as our ability to evolve. 

We all have experiences of how beautiful, serene places in nature encourage us to feel peace, joy, creativity and sense of well-being.  We seek these special places and moments, because we want to be “filled up”, rather than overcome with distractions, expectations, limiting beliefs and the “vibrational pollution” of today’s lifestyle and technologies.

We are accustomed to enjoying many conveniences and services, however we pay a big price. Studies offer evidence of the detrimental effects of cell phones, computers, the “vibe” of the many technologies that we all love. How can we live this modern lifestyle, keep our toys and maintain sustainable wellbeing?

I.Connect (I.C) is designed to fill this gap and establish essential connections that enhance conscious awareness, health and vitality. This tool provides a field of life positive connections that supports and opens access to multi-dimensional life. The Heart Connect is an enhanced, wearable version of the I-Connect.

I.C also interacts with technologies, particularly phones, computers, electronics, electrical wiring, as well as etheric technologies like Metaforms and other energetic products. It incorporates the inner workings of these tools and calibrates them to  enhance your awareness and effectiveness. This is one of the many new technologies that will influence the shift into life positive choices, ameliorating the dominating influences of common frequencies that mask out a range of necessary waves for human and environmental health.

How do you use the I.Connect?

  Start out by feeling the energy of I.C as you place it in your hands. You may notice a tingling of energy, as well as feeling love and openness as you begin to experience a broader perspective and ability to operate multi-dimensionally. This alignment is a catalyst to live more purposefully in the moment. Notice what this brings to you.

I.C opens the door to expanded levels of energy and awareness that will enable you to understand and clear limiting patterns in your life. Welcome the opportunity to clean up these aspects of your life with power and clarity. Place it over a part of your body where you feel restriction or pain and ask for clarity and support in resolving issues.

I.C is a perfect tool for strengthening your intent as well as clarifying your vision. Because the sense of knowing while using I.C is so clear, you can experience greater depth and awareness related to your purpose and service. Here is a technique to use:

Hold the I.C at your third eye (intuitive center) for 1-2 minutes while focusing on your intention, service or what you are choosing to create. (This must be in alignment with the greater good for all.) In your mind, meditate on this and notice the clarity of your vision, the passion and feelings that are being awakened. 

Next, bring the I.C and your attention to your heart. Spend the next 4-5 minutes in gratitude, feeling the joy and love of what you are accomplishing. Immerse yourself in the experience and vision of your life with this new manifestation and the good it brings to all. Allow your heart to connect with the hearts of those you are choosing to serve. 

• Like any well-designed tool, the I.C will become more valuable through conscious interaction. Learn to rely more on your intuition and enjoy the process of experimentation.

Turning on the I.Connect/Heart Companion
You will notice there is no “on/off” switch, since I.C is always “on,” awaiting interaction with you. In its natural state I.C is proving to be a very powerful tool and can be turned on to an advanced level for deeper opportunities that come with a commitment to your growth and service. A link may be formed with I.C that is unique only to you, even though others may still interact in a beneficial way with the same unit. 

Once activated, the I.C develops a special energetic relationship that will uniquely serve only one person at greater and fuller depth. Two people cannot activate a linkage to the same I.C.  When activated, this tool remains in continuous connection with you, which will provide a super highway to a higher level of being.  Sharing your activated I.C with others can in no way diminish or jeopardize your experience or the tool’s effectiveness.

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