I-Connect: A Product For Our Time

What makes I.Connect/Heart Companion an important product for our time?

By Gregory Hoag

We are living in an amazing time – one of rapid change and increasing awareness as we peer out and see so much shifting moment by moment on our planet. It seems apparent that many of the structures of our social, political and economic systems are breaking down and we can feel somewhat lost without a roadmap for where we are heading. The job market is uncertain as we face a myriad of questions and concerns about the global economy. 

The nature of business is changing so fast that it is illogical to try to plan for more than 1 year at a time. Procedures that used to work are ineffective. Our environment is showing signs of significant deterioration from years of unconscious actions. Our educational system, including  university structure provides less than adequate preparation for the next generation’s future and leaves them with enormous debt. Sometimes we are fielding so much simultaneously, that we can become confused and feel a bit disconnected.  Whew!  All this can boggle our minds into overwhelm.

At the same time, we enjoy the benefits of amazing technologies. We love our computers, iPhones, iPads, internet access, high definition TVs and all other assorted plug-ins. Unfortunately, they are assimilated into a larger and larger portion of our lives, bringing a particular focus and bandwidth of frequencies to our environment – even our bedrooms.  I watch my children spending a huge amount of hours plugged into this technology, rather than playing outdoors. 

All life is meant to be absorbing a wide variation of frequencies to create a balance that supports our life – mind, body and spirit. Unfortunately, we are way over the tipping point and nowhere in balance. People who are very sensitive, show signs of this stress with environmental sensitivity disorders, while many others may just feel greater overall stress and tension. All of this is a sympton of lack of connection, that generates a sense of separation, competition, struggle and fear.

In “The Bond,” by Lynne McTaggart, she writes:
“The latest evidence from quantum physics offers the extraordinary possibility that all of life exists in a dynamic relationship of cooperation. All matter exits in a vast quantum web of connection, and a living thing at its most elemental is an energy system involved in a constant transfer of information with its environment. The world essentially operates, not through the activity of individual things, but in the connection between them – in a sense, in the space between things. Nature’s most basic impulse is not a struggle for dominion but a constant and irrepressible drive for wholeness.”

So, here we are in 2016, feeling that life really is on the verge of a big change. Some authors have stated that the evolutionary rise of this shift in energy is linked to a greater potential connection with Universal Love and Unity.  True transformation originates from connecting with the Source of all life, the root of our soul.  As spiritual beings this must be our focus in order to be joyfully supported in fulfilling our purpose and being of service.  The challenge we face is to maintain connection on all levels, fully allowing Love and consciousness into our lives.

Love and connection is what the I.Connect (I.C) is all about: to establish a field of life positive connections to enhance our vitality, health and conscious awareness. This is the most advanced technology we have come upon yet at Metaforms.

The following provides some background information from Gregory that will help you understand the technology and significance of this new product.

Three-dimensional geometry is the language of physical life that resonates with Source or the highest realms.  This is easily demonstrated by the fact that everything in the natural world ~ from the structure of molecules to the shape of plants, minerals and animals, on to planets and galaxies follow very particular mathematical and geometric patterns.  By choosing the proper forms and materials, very high dimensional energies can be stepped down in frequency (transduced) and enabled (transformed) to interact with this dimension due to vibrational resonance, like a  “C” tuning fork vibrating with a “C” tone.  Sound and light are fifth and sixth dimensional languages respectively and I use them in the activation process of the I.C.  Sacred Geometry is so important because it is our third dimensional key to higher dimensional energies.

There are multiple 3D forms represented on the face and the inside of the gold plated circuit board where electronic components and three-dimensional woven copper antenna systems are soldered.  Additional antenna systems made of fiber optic material to work with light and bioluminescence surround the center field.  One of our most powerful antennas is created on a molecular level by an electron beam in a laboratory, forming trillions of microscopic Metaforms layering three distinct forms. In the center of the I.C is an alchemical mix of unique crystals, minerals and rare earth transition metals.  Some of these metals are in critical supply because of their high demand in industry to improve the movement of energy in everything from rare earth magnets to touch screen phones and tablets.  Our present day science does not yet realize how many of our high tech devices are operating on the fringes of other dimensions due to these materials.

The circuit board for the I.C was made in 2008 for a product that was shelved.  A discovery I first used with the e.Pendant in 2002 was applied again here: every geometric form has three perspectives of perfect symmetry and when these three patterns are two dimensionally reproduced in raised metal on a non-conductive background and contained within a circle, they form a totality.  An antenna system is created that is capable of transducing and transforming the higher dimensional energies resonant with that three dimensional form.  Even very involved and conscious two-dimensional symbols like the Shri Yantra are unable to transduce much energy beyond the etheric dimension without the two additional perspectives needed to represent a three-dimensional form.

The nine images on the top represent three different forms: a Phi Ratio Star Tetrahedron, a Star Metatron and a Tricon with a cube blended in the middle.  None of these are traditional forms and they all have a story and a special purpose.  Only the first form is offered for sale to the public. This is the one I will describe more fully.   

The Star Tetrahedron is the essential root form for all of physical creation, being the first balanced and stable three dimensional form.  Utilizing the phi ratio (golden mean proportion) brings the energy of the form into connection with all organic matter: humans; plants and animals.  I made a twenty-foot high version of this form on an essential vortex next to my home in Colorado.  It has three nested forms at its core and was activated on a lunar eclipse in August of 2007.  This occurred about five months after I had buried a related, linked structure behind the great pyramid at Palenque in the Yucatan, also on a full moon eclipse.  I became aware of the eclipses and the greater purposes of what I was being directed to do after my actions were complete.

The initial purpose of the giant Phi Star Tetrahedron was to activate and realign the earth’s twenty-four solar vortexes as the sun plays a central role in our development and life rhythms.  In 2010, a larger activation occurred by burying a small version of the form at Uluru (Ayers Rock) Australia.  This was at the suggestion of guidance recognizing that Uluru was strongly connected to our vortex.  It later became evident that Uluru is almost on the opposite side of the planet from our original structure in Colorado. Linking the two created a world sized toroidal energy flow with Uluru as the south pole of the vortex.  The north node of a toroidal flow is where the energy enters the system, which positions our land as a critical point on the earth grid to input energy worldwide.

There are so many components in the I.C that it is a quarter of an inch thick.  The shape and outer material itself (stainless steel) is critical as it forms a toroidal field (doughnut shape) reflective of all energy flow and this alone doubles its energy output.  Even the types of internal and external glues and solders that are used are critical to its subtle energy flow. On the visible side of the circuit board are nine gold plated shapes focused on an almost invisible bindu point at the center, which is the top portion of a double toroidal vortex.  The second toroidal vortex is formed inside the piece and both are effective because of a small hole at the very bottom center of the I.C, which allows the central core vortex to flow outward.  Please do not poke or puncture the inner covering on the bottom hole, it is not a “reset button.”

I share these thoughts to give you some idea of the time and diverse activities now coming to fruition with the I.C in its faceplate construction and especially in its activation.  My wife and I have been part of setting and holding intention for the clarity and focus of all the systems to be aligned with the highest aspects of creation.  In the whole process we have been listening carefully at each juncture to make sure that we have properly created this tool and taken the appropriate steps to produce and activate it.

Activation:  The final phase of constructing the I.C involves bathing it in ultraviolet light before placing each one into an individual pouch of purple silk.  As a group, individually encased in silk, they are placed into a new form called the Sphere of Health, which is constructed of gold plated bronze, like all of the forms we use in this process.  It is an Icosadodecahedron with thirty-two sides, perfect for the energies of 2012, a thirty-two year cycle of transformation. It is the shape of the new grid of the planet and the energy field of the emerging, conscious human.

 Spinning clockwise, as seen from above, during the process, it is a powerful form for physical and emotional healing.  This form sits in the middle of a 4’ x 1’ tube wrapped with wire that has “The Divine Name” by Jonathan Goldman directed through it for the full activation period.  Spinning counterclockwise above this form within the frequency chamber is the Phi Ratio Star Tetrahedron with a Restoration Pendant, which I designed earlier in 2010, in the center.   

At the base of the tube is a Metatron’s Cube and Boji stone for grounding and creating alignment with the Divine hierarchy of the angelic kingdom.  A copper plate at the center of this tube is connected via a copper wire to the giant twenty-foot form in the vortex discussed earlier.  With everything in place, the critical time to run the first complete batch was a few minutes after midnight on January 1st, 2012 (timing being significant as well).

We feel blessed that all the parts of this puzzle are finally together to offer human beings a clear pathway to the highest, most loving, supportive energies for our Spiritual evolution and well-being through connection to Source, all that is.

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