The I-Connect

Arcturian Ascension Tools Is Proud To Offer You The Ultimate Ascension Aid - The I-Connect2/Heart Companion

  By DT the ET

This newest product from Metaforms, channelled and created by master metaphysician Gregory Hoag, is designed to provide you with a full range of interactive connections to ALL of the energy grids and fields of consciousness which permeate our galaxy.

It is a frequency wave modulator that establishes a field of life-positive connections that supports and opens access to the "greater" aspect of who you are.

In opening you to increased levels of effectiveness in the quantum energy fields of the 5TH through the 12TH Dimensions, the I-Connect acts as a Galactic Modem connecting you to the Universe Wide Web of Consciousness.

As the Light levels and frequencies of Terra Gaia ramp up to Ascension Levels, manifestation increases exponentially and this intensity is frequently experienced as Chaos.

The I-Connect helps you smooth out the roller-coaster ride as you release your old reality and co-create your Dream-Come-True New Earth Experience!

Synchronicities manifest with increasing ease and grace as you co-create in Divine Order those outcomes that will most benefit yourself and All Sentient  Beings.  The I-Connect helps you access the benevolent and protective energies of the All-That-Is in the service of your Highest Good.

People are reporting heightened states of Joy, Compassion, Intuition, Peacefulness, Physical Wellbeing and Meditative stability once they attune themselves to the Toroidal Field of the I-Connect and begin using it as an Intention Amplifier.  Your Attention coupled with strong Intention activates the Linear and Quantum circuitry; you become the On/Off switch.

Magic wands are so 4D; move up to the Multi-Dimensional I-Connect and let your creative spirit soar into the Higher Dimensions.

As the world in rocking' and rollin' around you it will help you navigate your way into the Eye-Of-The-Storm where you can relax and enjoy the show!

If you're planning to graduate from Earth School this year let the I-Connect be your personal Galactic GPS; don't leave 3D without it!

In the meantime keep it with you whenever you are at your computer and let it reduce the most harmful effects of all that Electromagnetic Smog.  

In a world where our cellphones fry our brains, wireless routers scramble our onboard circuits, microwaves damage our precious DNA and the ubiquitous cloud of dis-harmonious frequencies inches us ever closer to going postal you can take refuge in your I-Connect's field of Harmonious Integration.

The I-Connect tames and harmonizes a wide range of 3D electronics by integrating their inner workings and connecting them a wider field of Higher Consciousness; you end up with a Wise and Smart Phone.  We're working on a deal with Steve Jobs to channel him in for tech support…

Sacred Geometries, the building blocks of all manifestations of form in this Universe, lie at the heart of the 5D Operating System which you I-Connect to using your little saucer-shaped base-station.  Ages ago the Higher Dimensions were our Home and as we prepare for our return  our Star Families have sent us this little "scout ship" to guide us on our journey.

Metaforms and Arcturian Ascension Tools feel so strongly about this unit that we offer a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee.  Single units are priced at $188.00 ($200 w/standard shipping) and discounts are available larger quantities.

(Before it fades into light-quanta be the first on your block to be the proud owner of a gleaming, streamlined Arcturian I-Connect!)



  1. Is there an email address I can contact you with some specific questions about this device? Thank you!

  2. Right....nothing screams fraud louder then asking large sums of loot for a supposed life saving/changing device. The most highly evolved in our Galaxy yet still need USD to build/sell thing in our dimension. No better then the CE5 protocol people. You wanna help, then help. If you are an advance race yet hide in the shadows allowing humanity to suffer so we can "raise our vibration" then you too are an enemy of humanity, no better then the rest of the psychos profiting off my people's suffering. There will come a time when we will reward/thank those who truely helped us, and punish those who sat apathetically by and did nothing.

    1. Good for you. At first I felt bad cause I can't afford it. So glad
      I read on. Keep speaking truth, it helps the world.

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