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The Arcturians – Your First Interdimensional Reunion Is With Your SELF

Channelled By Suzanne Lie On 9-29-16

Your true self often begins to surface when you are an adolescent, when your changing hormones are re-directing your attention away from your “childhood fantasies” and into the reality of becoming a “grown up.”

Then your young adulthood arises, and you are on the roller coaster of “How can I live in a reality that does NOT acknowledge my true, inner Light?”

Of course, adolescence has likely made you forget much of your inner light because you were in the accelerated personal, physical, and social transformation between childhood and adulthood. However, as a teen, you did not know what you were preparing for because you were on the cusp of the “unknown.”

Unfortunately, as a young adult, you still may not know what you are preparing for. Thus, you remain on the cusp of the “Great Unknown,” for now you must complete your education, find a job, get along with your mate, and/or take care of your children.

As a young adult your responsibilities have expanded beyond that of “growing up.” Your responsibilities, whether you accept them or not, include caring for others, such as younger or older family members, people at your college and/or job, as well as those that you live with, or those who live nearby.

Gradually, or quickly for some, your “sense of self” is including caring for other people. Of course, there are many adults who avoid that responsibility, but they have limited their “sense of self” by not accepting their adult responsibilities.

Furthermore, the “weird, fun, exciting, or even a bit frightening,” inter-dimensional experiences are not just experiences. NOW, these inter-dimensional experiences are ‘INVITATIONS” to assist with the process of “Creating a Better World.”

We Arcturians are aware that many humans do not feel the need to assist the planet, or even other people. What these people did not remember is that in order to ascend, one must live with 51% “Service to Others” within their intensions, actions, and desires.

Yes, we your Galactic Family, the family that you left behind in your higher dimensional Homeworld and/or Starship, are here to remind you that the best way to expand your consciousness and fulfill your Mission is to keep your focus on “Service to Others!”

If you forget that service to others was an important component of the “Mission Statement” that YOU wrote before you took this earth vessel, you will likely fall deeply into the “Valley of Forgetfulness.”
However, do not reprimand yourself for falling into that Valley, as you will find that many other young adults are also trying to remember their SELF, so that they can find their way “HOME.”

Yes, your Multidimensional SELF made you the promise that it would assist you to “find you way back HOME.” Remembering that promise will give you the much needed hope and promise that is necessary during your early adulthood.

This is the era of your third dimensional incarnations in which you must travel via your consciousness into ALL the incarnations you have EVER taken on dear Mother Gaia. However, do NOT forget the promise that you made to your SELF, which was that you would live your life in “service to others,” rather than service to your own self.

Obviously, it is difficult for this memory to come via your third dimensional thinking of “me first,” “self blame,” “victimization,” “brave battles fought and lost,” which finally return you to the connection with your Multidimensional SELF that you always had, But Forgot.

The above process is one you will become VERY familiar with, as you progress through your young adulthood. Fortunately, you have had some very important “Inter-dimensional Experiences,” which you have likely forgotten. It is for this reason that we, your Galactic Family, are here to assist you to remember.

“But what am I supposed to remember?” you ponder again. Fortunately, there is no right or wrong answer to this question. Each of you will ask this question in your own way, and each of you will find that answer in your own personal manner.

In your search for SELF, many of you will ask others, study with a Master, and eventually leave your Master to study on your own. As a young adult, you will ask questions, seek answers, and try hard to remember.

Of course, some of you may stay deeply and safely within the third dimension during this time of inner exploration.

Most important, try to remember that when you live an “Inter-dimensional Reality” Of Service to ALL Life, THERE IS NO RIGHT WAY.  THERE IS ONLY YOUR WAY.

In order to fully participate in Gaia’s planetary transmutation from the third/fourth dimension and into the Fifth dimension and beyond—there is only YOUR Way.

You see, Dear Ascending Ones, you chose the great challenge of taking an incarnation on the planet, Gaia, who is transmuting Her Core resonance in order to transmute Her third/fourth dimensional Matrix of time/space INTO the fifth dimensional reality of HERE and NOW.

How do you prepare for this transition?

Take a long, slow, deep breath and ask your Multidimensional SELF: “Will you help me to remember?”

At first, you may only see the area around your physical body.

However, if you focus on the one to whom you are asking your question: Your OWN Higher Dimensional Expression of SELF.

Some thing will slightly shift…

NOW, smell, sense, hear, and/or see that shift in the energy field that is surrounding you…

Do you dare trust your perceptions?

Can that wavering light or soft whisper in your heart be real?

As you ask these questions, you begin to feel a warm sensation rising form the base of your spine that disappears the second that you doubt it.

In fact, you are realizing that if you doubt any part of your experience – it goes away.

Why does your experience go away if you doubt it?

Ask you own self that question.

Go back into your childhood and your adolescence to remember similar situations.

In those earlier years, were you able to believe that the:

Soft whispers,

Tingles up your spine,

The feeling of unconditional love

And boundless joy that filled your heart were REAL?

Perhaps, you hopefully ask yourself, “What is REAL?”

“Is it real because I want it so much?

Or, am I faking it, and it is “just my imagination?”

Yes, that is a good start. Your definition of “real” has a great deal to do with all your perceptions.

What you were told as a child, and tried to ignore as a teen, about what is “real” is specific to just YOU!

The difference that occurs as you enter early adulthood is that you want to find your OWN answers to your OWN questions.

However, when you ask a question and get an answer,

Is it REAL?

We the Arcturians share with you that, YOU create the definition of what you perceive.

If three people are walking down the road, side-by-side, and a huge being of LIGHT stands directly in front of them!
Person 1 may say, “Look OUT! A car with bright lights is going to hit us!”
Person 2 may say, “What is that Light? Is it coming from a Starship?”
Person 3 may say, “OM and Blessings to All That Is. I see the Higher Light and I accept, embrace and incorporate this Light into my daily reality.”

How do these different perceptions create different realities?

Person 1 would quickly move out of the way to avoid being hit and greatly harmed by the oncoming car.

Person 2 might become very frightened by the “spaceship,” OR very excited and say, “Please take me with you.” This person could visit the Ship, but would he or she remember it??

Person 3 would experience bliss, feel the Kundalini rising up the spine and have a VERY profound Interdimensional Experience.

We, your Galactic Family, wish to remind you that:
  • The reality that you CHOOSE to PERCEIVE Is the Reality that YOU choose to LIVE!
  • The greatest challenge you must learn as you transition into Early Adulthood is: “I AM the Creator of MY Reality.”
As you enter this stage of your SELF you are called upon to define your SELF: What does “I AM” mean to YOU?
 (Go inside you SELF to find this answer and write your answer if you please.)

What does “Creator” mean to YOU?
(Go inside you SELF to find this answer and write your answer if you please.)

What does “MY REALITY” mean to you?
(Go inside you SELF to find this answer and write your answer if you please.)

In closing, we the Arcturians, wish to remind you that there are NO right or wrong answers to the above questions.

Instead, there are only YOUR answers, as well as how YOU chose to live these answers in your daily “young adult life.”

Taking full responsibility for your life is the KEY to having interdimensional experiences in your adulthood.

What may have blindly loved, or what frightened you as a child, as well as what you often ignored as a teenager because being different was BAD and you would NOT be popular, takes on a new meaning when you are a young adult.

That meaning can be described in one word: RESPONSIBILITY.

We wish you blessings on your reunion with your young adult.

Please remember to give that YOU the love and acceptance that you
may not have received during that challenging age.

Blessings from The Arcturians and your Galactic Family
Our reunion with you is NOW!

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